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[YesAuto News] The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is still under emergency control. During the epidemic, Changan Auchan launched the “Five Measures for Safe Resumption of Work” for customers, anti-epidemic heroes, and distributors, including N95-class vehicles. Welfare policies such as air protection system and free basic maintenance for medical staff when booking a car. Specifically:

Changan Auchan Automobile will be equipped with IAPS intelligent active filtration system . Changan Auchan Automobile has invested 10 million to accelerate the development and mass production of the IAPS intelligent active filtration system with N95 air protection effect. From March 10, all Changan Auchan Yunying standard models will be equipped with this system, and 2018 After the year, all models of the Yunying standard Auchan style APP certified owners will be upgraded free of charge to ensure a safe travel environment for customers.

The IAPS intelligent active filtration system of Changan Auchan Automobile reaches the N95 filtration standard. The medical-grade filtration device can effectively block the droplets and dust attached to the spread of the virus. It reaches the N95 filtration standard, that is, the filtration efficiency for particles with aerodynamic diameter ≥ 0.3 µm reaches 95. %the above.

The red envelope policy of waiting for the car will continue. Changan Auchan X7 sold 13,007 units in January 2020, and the sales volume exceeded 10,000 for two consecutive months. The hot sales situation, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, made it even more in short supply. Under the conditions of full and safe resumption of work, in order to meet the urgent needs of customers for private car travel, Changan Auchan Auto has accelerated production while continuing the expired red envelope policy for waiting cars, and promised that customers who have ordered Changan Auchan X7 but did not mention the car can rest assured to wait for the car , Continue to enjoy the 150 yuan per day waiting for the car red envelope; new car customers who fail to pick up the car for more than 30 days will enjoy the 150 yuan delivery fund per day.

Provide lifetime double-guarantee and double-free service for car purchases for front-line anti-epidemic workers. During the special period, in addition to caring for customers, Changan Auchan Motors pays tribute to the angel in white. It is grateful to the front-line war-fighting medical staff for their efforts, and provides life-long double guarantee and double exemption services for front-line anti-epidemic workers. They order Changan Auchan X7 and Changan Auchan Kosai to enjoy lifelong Auchan Style platinum membership rights, including the lifetime “double exemption”, that is, free lifetime basic maintenance and 99.9% free lifetime maintenance of parts and components.

Cars are presented as a tribute to the heroes of Jiangsu volunteers. During the epidemic period, countless car owners of Changan Auchan Automobile took the initiative to become volunteers to support the frontline of fighting the epidemic, which is touching. An old Changan Auchan Automobile owner in Jiangsu, loaded with complete vehicle support materials, drove to Wuhan to participate in voluntary services on the front line of the epidemic. Changan Auchan decided to give him the first Changan Auchan X7 that was produced after the resumption of work, as a sign of unlimited respect. At the same time, he hopes to encourage more Changan Auchan car owners to participate in voluntary service against the “epidemic”.

Give dealers zero-assessment policy support. In order to understand the operating difficulties of dealers, to reduce the “burden” for them, and work together to overcome the difficulties. Changan Auchan Automobile supports the zero-assessment policy for dealers and exempts the monthly batch sales and retail assessments. At the same time, financial support was also given to extend the repayment period. (Compile/Car Home Wang Liang)