[YesAuto Car Race] Peugeot recently launched a new Dakar race car called 3008 DKR, which replaced the 2008 DKR race car in Dakar.

The vehicle still uses rear-wheel drive. The 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged diesel engine has reduced the intake air flow limit from 39mm to 38mm, reducing the maximum power by approximately 20 horsepower.

The engineer then shifted the adjustment direction to improve the vehicle's low-torque performance to compensate for the power loss. The suspension is upgraded and adjusted based on past experience. For the competition, the advantage of the chassis is the key to victory.

The cab environment has also been improved. By optimizing the air conditioning system, the temperature inside the car can be improved, so that the owner does not have to drive at high temperatures, which can reduce the driver's physical consumption and better complete the long distance race.

In the following early October, the driver Sainz will drive this car to participate in the Moroccan cross-country rally to test the car.