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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Recently, Jaguar and British watch manufacturer Bremont jointly announced that they will launch the world premiere of two new models in March 2015 to celebrate the return of Jaguar E-Type.

Previously, Bremont had designed 6 limited watches for Jaguar’s 6 E-Type lightweight replica models. This time the two British brands decided to cooperate again. Jaguar’s global design director Mr. Ian Callum and the Bremont design team will E-Type's dashboard is inspired to create the new Bremont MKI and MKII watches.

Both MKI and MKII will use the 1960s-style porous “racing” strap, and will come with a spare traditional leather strap. The case of the MKI watch is made of lightweight stainless steel. The small dial inspired by the tachometer is designed with an off-center small stopwatch and a striking “red zone” between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock. This watch also has a date display function. Through the sapphire transparent bottom cover with a 43mm diameter on the back, you can see the BWC/01 self-winding movement and the self-winding oscillating weight in the shape of a Jaguar E-Type three-spoke steering wheel.

The case of the MKII watch uses Trip-Tick processing technology in the production process, and its hardness is 7 times that of an ordinary steel case. The design adopts the classic layout of two small dials at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, and a “red zone” at 12 o'clock. At 6 o'clock on the black dial, the Jaguar logo is present. In addition, the design style of all figures is consistent with the style of the E-Type dashboard of the year, in order to pay tribute to the classic design of the Jaguar E-Type. Under the sapphire crystal bottom cover on the back is a customized BE-50AE automatic movement and a “steering wheel” automatic winding rotor with the same style as MKI. On its “tread” manual winding crown, it is also engraved with the Jaguar logo.

The Jaguar E-Type was designed by former aircraft designer Malcolm Sayer and was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on March 15, 1961. It was the fastest sports car of the year and was once called “the most beautiful thing in the world” by Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari. The price of the Jaguar E-Type is relatively low. At that time, the convertible version sold for 2,098 pounds, and the two-door version sold for 2,197 pounds, which was only half the price of Ferrari and Aston Martin sports cars at that time. During its 14-year production period, Jaguar manufactured 72,000 E-Types, of which 12,000 were sold in the United Kingdom, and most of the rest were sold in the United States.