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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Since its launch for more than a year, Roewe RX5 has maintained a high degree of popularity in the market. Whether it is conventional gasoline-powered, or the subsequent hybrid eRX5 and pure electric ERX5, they have achieved good results in the market. While maintaining high vehicle quality, the “Internet concept” is also a major selling point that continues to attract consumers. This time we will take a look at what three RX5 owners say about their cars.

●Mr. Zhao and his 20T two-drive Internet Smart Sharing Edition

    Mr. Zhao bought this car in August 2016, and it ran nearly 19,000 kilometers in a year. Before the RX5 was launched, Mr. Zhao noticed its Internet features and found it very innovative, and it would be good for driving on the road or going out. More convenient. It is precisely because of this that he did not look at other competing products when choosing a car, and placed an order directly.

After the listing, Mr. Zhao picked up the car as soon as possible. It is said that his car was the first red car in Beijing. However, because of the shortage of RX5 vehicles, he also added 3,500 yuan when he picked up the car.

Mr. Zhao is very satisfied with the overall appearance of the RX5, and he likes the front face and body lines the most. In use, he felt that the original halogen lamp was a bit dim, and later upgraded the Philips halogen bulb, and the brightness was improved.

Because there is a need to take the elderly to travel, Mr. Zhao mentioned that he hopes that the manufacturer can add a pedal for the RX5. After thinking about it, there are indeed very few urban SUVs with side pedals, but it is quite convenient to install them later.

Regarding the central control part of this car, Mr. Zhao believes that the design of his operation interface is relatively reasonable, in line with expectations, and nothing is difficult to use. What impressed him the most was the navigation. During the driving, the RX5's navigation can actively inform the accident and congestion ahead, allowing the driver to avoid it in advance. Finally, Mr. Zhao also specifically mentioned the voice control function of RX5. When you are fine, you can chat with it like Siri, which is very fun.

Mr. Zhao usually has 1-2 people in the car when he goes out, and 3-4 when he goes out to play. Generally speaking, the space performance of the RX5 can satisfy him, the storage space in the car is reasonable, and the trunk is also sufficient. It can also be seen from the picture that Mr. Zhao usually carries not many things, and there is still a lot of surplus space in the trunk.

In daily use, Mr. Zhao’s car had a situation where the electric tailgate did not respond once when it was pushed down, but it was just fine to turn off the engine and restart it once. The windows of the car also fell down once and could not rise, and finally healed itself.

Regarding power, Mr. Zhao feels that the overall performance of this 1.5T RX5 is quite brisk, especially the throttle is more sensitive, you need to pay attention when starting or stopping, and on the gearbox, Mr. Zhao did not mention the problem of setbacks.

At present, Mr. Zhao has maintained 3 times, and the first warranty is free, but because the free is mineral oil, he has upgraded the oil at his own expense of more than 300 yuan. The other two small maintenance prices are about 700-800 yuan. As for the price, Mr. Zhao thinks that some High, if you include the replacement of the air-conditioning filter, the price will be around 1,000.

Later, we learned that the 4S shop did not recommend other unnecessary items during maintenance. The maintenance prices of the other two owners are also in this range, which is indeed a high price. Mr. Zhao said that the service attitude of the 4S shop is still good.

Finally, on a 100-point scale, Mr. Zhao scored 98 points for his car. Regarding the manufacturer’s suggestions, he hopes that there will be free Zebra system traffic and that the manufacturer can take the lead in organizing car owners for self-driving tours and other activities.

Mr. Dong and his 20T two-wheel drive Internet Smart Sharing Edition

    Like Mr. Zhao, Mr. Dong's car is a 20T two-wheel drive Internet Smart Sharing Edition, and it is a 1.5T top-of-the-line model. Coincidentally, the booking time of the two was basically the same, in May last year. When Mr. Zhao said that his car was the first red car in Beijing, Mr. Dong also told us that his car was the first brown car in Beijing.

    Mr. Dong's car ran a lot. Since the car was picked up in August last year, it has ran nearly 44,000 kilometers. When he picked up the car, he increased the price by 3,800 yuan, and 4S installed an electric trunk. Mr. Dong felt that the money was not a loss, and he could accept it.

This RX5 is Mr. Dong’s fifth car. Prior to this, he owned QQ, Familia, Tucson, and Mazda 5. This time he changed the car because Mr. Dong missed the feeling of sitting in a high posture in an SUV. When choosing a car, he didn't look at other Chinese brand models, but looked at Qijun and Escape. After some comparison, he felt that the RX5 was well equipped and had everything he wanted, so he chose this car.

In Mr. Dong's view, it would be better if the rear of the RX5 was a little more streamlined. In addition, other designs have satisfied him, including the interior workmanship, which is very comfortable to look at and feel.

In terms of configuration, Mr. Dong likes the panoramic sunroof and voice control capabilities. When talking about the RX5 car, he also specifically mentioned the navigation system. He felt that the real-time traffic condition function was very original. In fact, I fully understand that everyone’s habits are really “accustomed” to it, just like when the mobile phone navigation directly killed the external GPS navigation, if the car’s built-in navigation can achieve the level of mobile phone navigation, everyone still prefers It is more convenient to use the original car.

Speaking of shortcomings, Mr. Dong feels that the configuration of this car is quite practical and basically has no unused functions, but he hopes that the central control system can support video playback, so it is a pity that you can’t watch movies on a big screen. of.

Mr. Dong will also encounter situations where five people travel together. In terms of riding, he believes that the space of the RX5 is very good, and traveling with multiple people will not feel cramped. During the filming process, we found that Mr. Dong’s items in the car are the most among the three owners. Even so, he thinks the storage space of the RX5 is sufficient.

Mr. Dong said that when the engine speed rises and the turbo intervenes, the power performance is still very fast, and the throttle response is also very direct. In addition, he will also use manual mode and S gear in daily driving, so the power performance is still good. With regard to the gearbox, Mr. Dong mentioned the problem of setbacks, which usually appear at the start, and it will be fine after the speed rises.

Because he runs a lot, Mr. Dong has already maintained his car six or seven times this year. In addition to the first warranty, the minor maintenance is about 800, and the major maintenance is more than 1,000. Although the price is relative to his upgraded fully synthetic engine oil. Relationship, but Mr. Dong also thinks that this maintenance price is considered high among Chinese brands.

Finally, Mr. Dong also scored 98 points for his RX5, and 2 points were deducted from the central control’s inability to broadcast the video. Compared to the sudden frustration of the gearbox when it started, he values the entertainment function more.

Mr. Yang and his 30T 4WD Internet Zhizun Edition

Mr. Yang is an IT worker. This RX5 is his second car. The previous car was a Suzuki Tianyu, which has been driving for eight years. Later, because of Tianyu's old age, problems began to occur one after another, and the engine was repaired, so I thought about changing the car.

When he was about to change cars, Mr. Yang had already noticed the RX5. The longer wheelbase than rivals at the same level attracted him. During the car selection process, Mr. Yang compared the CS75, but eliminated it because he didn't like the interior of the CS75. Later, after understanding, he had not seen Bo Yue, because he did not like the rear of Bo Yue, and he did not have a cold with the Geely brand, so after the RX5 was launched, he ordered the car after a test drive.

Mr. Yang is a top-of-the-line control. The car is basically top-of-the-line. After ordering the car, this top-of-the-line RX5 finally got it after waiting for a month. The car was offered at a reasonable price, but the 4S shop bundled the window film and plating.

The advantage of buying the top accessory is that Mr. Yang got the all-LED headlights he likes, and the grade seems to be improved all at once. In terms of appearance design, he likes the rear of the RX5 the most, it looks very calm, here he specifically mentioned Boyue, the upward visual style is not to his appetite.

Mr. Yang likes the large central control screen of the RX5, and it contains a lot of functions. Among them, he specifically mentioned that the navigation system can broadcast the road conditions ahead in real time while driving, and the navigation system upgrades are free for life, which is very user-friendly. In addition, the operation of this large screen is very smooth. Although it is equipped with a voice function, Mr. Yang has basically never used it. He is still more accustomed to manual operation.

However, Mr. Yang is not 100% satisfied with the zebra system of RX5. Although it can be connected with mobile phones, the system is still too closed. Mr. Yang hopes that this system can project the screen of mobile phones so that watching movies will be more convenient. It's more convenient.

Mr. Yang's daily commute is about 10 kilometers, and most of them are traffic lights. Because these lights have a short waiting time, he simply turned off the start-stop system, feeling that it is not meaningful to turn on it.

Because it is a top-of-the-line model, Mr. Yang is quite satisfied with the other configurations in the car, such as automatic parking and electric trunks. However, he has a lot of criticisms on the window control. In addition to the one-button lift for the main driver, the other The windows are all one-click lowering. In Mr. Yang's view, the details of a car of this level should be well-defined. I still agree with this point.

Usually, Mr. Yang’s car only has 1-2 people in his car. When he goes out on weekends, there are about 3-4 people. The front and rear rows perform well. The trunk is also sufficient for him. Talking about the storage space in the car, Mr. Yang is not satisfied with the storage slot behind the electronic handbrake, which conflicts with the armrest box, magnifying things get in the way, and it is inconvenient to put small things in and out.

Regarding the power, Mr. Yang thinks that there is still no problem. Although the 2.0T engine does not run, it is no problem to overtake, especially when the S gear is engaged, it is quite sensational. In terms of gearbox, this 2.0T RX5 uses a 6-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. In terms of restraining setbacks, Mr. Yang personally feels better than the 1.5T dry dual-clutch transmission after a test drive. The automatic transmission is still not so smooth.

Usually, when driving, Mr. Yang feels that the suspension of the RX5 is a bit hard. According to our experience, the chassis adjustment of this car is quite comfortable. This result may be that Mr. Yang has high requirements for comfort, or the tire pressure may be affected. Taller.

In terms of fuel consumption, Mr. Yang's fuel consumption is around 12L/100km. According to him, traffic jams are one aspect, and he sometimes drives violently. Of course, the start-stop system has been shut down for many years.

During more than a year of use, Mr. Yang's car had abnormal noises when the sunroof was opened, and the 4S shop put some oil on it and solved it. In addition to this minor repair, Mr. Yang went to the store for maintenance twice. The first warranty was free, and the second maintenance was around 700 yuan. The oil was also upgraded.

Finally, on a 100-point scale, Mr. Yang gave his car 95 points. On the whole, it is satisfied with his car. The points are deducted from the four-window one-key lift, and the suspension is uncomfortable. A point is also deducted.

Full text summary

We can see that during this interview, the three car owners all showed their love for the car navigation system. In terms of the Internet, Roewe RX5 did show its unique side. In addition, the space of the whole car And motivation performance is also their satisfaction. At the same time, the three car owners also reflected that the maintenance price of the RX5 is too expensive, and the gearbox also has room for upgrading in restraining the setback. Of course, when scoring the car at the end, the three car owners gave high scores. In chatting with them, the words of the three car owners also revealed that they made the right choice when they bought the car a year ago.

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