[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] What is the relationship between the title “Never Compromise” and this article? I will explain in detail later. Before looking at the detailed evaluation content, let me review the story of Regal from my perspective:

In 2008, my current colleague Liu Tao and I went to Germany to test drive the brand new Regal that was about to be launched at that time. The moment I saw the brand new Regal for the first time in the environment of an airport in the suburbs of Germany, I understood that this car is going to be popular in China. The reason is actually very simple. At that time, the domestic common brand mid-size cars were mainly Magotan, Accord, Camry and Passat, interspersed with the newly launched Mondeo-Zhisheng, which was also newly listed but not selling well. Basically, these cars were already visually fatigued. The appearance is also quite satisfactory. The Regal, which was renewed in 2008, is completely different from their style from the not exaggerated body size to the delicate/sporty appearance, which makes people shine.

Brother Tao and I didn’t guess wrong. With the official release of the new generation Regal on December 1, 2008, users can quickly see a mid-sized car with a streamlined and sporty original design. Young people are no longer just I can choose the calm Magotan Accord Camry, and Buick is also very smart. Soon after the first release of 2.0L and 2.4L displacement, it quickly deployed 1.6T and 2.0T engines. It is rare to see a medium-sized car released 4 The advantage of this type of powertrain is that the ultra-wide price range allows users to have more choices. It is a very typical good marketing case of matching product richness and publicity richness.

In 2011, in order to continue to increase the publicity influence of the Regal model and continue to deepen the positioning of the sporty style, the manufacturer released the Chinese version of the 2011 GS model. Although the powertrain and drive format are completely different from the US version, the front face of the fangs, etc. The fierce appearance is 100% consistent with the US version, and it continues to attract the likes of young people. Of course, we understand that the purpose of the GS model is to strengthen: my Regal’s efforts and uncompromising for youth and sports, it is not for sales.

Regal’s good days lasted until 2012. The hard days came because the mid-size car products were released too much and too fast. You said you were exercising. Every ticket car looked very sporty, even the family car Kia K5. Put on a large 18-inch polished wheel; you said that your original advantage was high configuration, and your opponents at the same level Ka Ka Ka, even the seat massage of 500,000 cars configuration was moved out; you said you have strong power, the 0-100 of Volkswagen CC It can easily accelerate to 7.1 seconds. Regarding the conventional body size and interior space, it is not the area that Regal is good at. Therefore, Regal is a little hesitant.

If you want to instantly make Regal the same size as other medium-sized cars, with a giant appearance, it seems impossible. Regal can only continue to dig in the young and sporty aspects. Although this road is not easy, there is no way. The characteristic is this, you can't lose your core competitiveness. In this, GS is also shouldering the task of fully enlarging the two words of youth and sports, and it is uncompromising all the way to the black, and will never compromise. (Click here to see Liu Tao's evaluation of the 2014 Regal 2.4L top model)

Time flies to the end of 2013, the competition has become more cruel, and in the face of aggressive opponents from all walks of life in the crazy attack in 2014, Buick must come up with a mid-term redesign of Regal/GS, so there is this article, and then So everyone followed my perspective and took a look at the real situation of the 2014 Regal GS top-fitting and how it is uncompromising:

Note: In 2014, the main sales of mid-size cars should have a level. Looking at mainstream models, there will be a general psychological standard. In the following articles, I will also give each GS a rating:
1. Exceeding the level of 2014.
2. In line with the required level in 2014.
3. Lower than the level in 2014.

The text begins: Let’s start with the appearance:

The overall outline of the shape has not changed, and the line of the headlight position has changed a little. The previous L-shaped driving lights in the lamp group have been upgraded to daytime driving lights that are bright all the time. There is nothing new, and it would be wrong if there were none in 2014. The changes in the tail are also focused on the lamps. The new shape + darker taillight color enhances the sense of quality of the tail. I asked no less than 10 editorial colleagues and everyone said they liked it very much. (Assessment: Meet the required level in 2014)

Regal 2014 2.0T GS Indulgent Sports Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

29.99 million

For the rim, the tree fork-shaped wheel of the US version of GS is also used, but the size is 19 inches (the US version is 20 inches), although the size is still not as naked and fierce as the US version, but for the road conditions in China, Medium-sized cars with less than 300,000 daring to use 19-inch wheels are still rare. (Assessment: Exceeding the level in 2014)

There are so many appearance changes, no more. It seems that there is still something owed for a mid-term facelift model that will work hard in 2014-2015. Let's continue to look at the changes in the interior.


The interior color is still black as the main color. As a sports car, this is not difficult to understand. The biggest change is the part of the central control. First of all, the buttons are greatly simplified. I really agree with both hands and feet. The previous Buick model is that the central control operation is really complicated. There are many buttons like an airplane console, one by one. I really don’t know which button to press, and there is a more serious problem: there are too many buttons, and the central control is full of plastic buttons, which means that the central control can’t see the material, and only the plastic buttons are visible. The plastic feel is flooded in the central control.

Now the interior of the 2014 model is much simpler. The buttons are gone. Instead, they are replaced by simpler operation buttons. The user-friendliness of the central control is greatly improved in an instant. I am very satisfied. (Assessment: Meet the required level in 2014)

In terms of tactility, a bunch of newly upgraded touch buttons are not easy to use, such as the touch buttons for adjusting seat ventilation and heating. In 50% of cases, the first click is invalid, and manufacturers are expected to upgrade as soon as possible. At the same time, the newly upgraded touch pen tablet near the barrier was not a good experience, and it took a long time to get used to it. After trying for a while, I decisively clicked on the screen to complete the operation, and never used it again until I returned the car. it. (Assessment: lower than the level in 2014)

In the interior, the second biggest change is the central LCD display of the instrument panel, which is large enough, has a high resolution, and can display more items. The most extreme is that it can display even the G value for acceleration, braking and cornering. Very powerful. My editor buddies and I like it very much. (Assessment: Exceeding the level in 2014)

The steering wheel has also been upgraded, the shape is more sporty, and the leather is more delicate. Generally speaking, it has achieved a high level in terms of size, shape, and leather, which is very painful. I asked Meng Qingjia what he likes the most about the 2014 GS of the old corpse. He just talked about the steering wheel without even thinking about it, hoping to be transplanted to his Haorui… (assessment: beyond the level of 2014)

Seat space :

In terms of space, there is no change in the 2737mm wheelbase. As a result, GS has no advantage compared to its 2014 opponents with this size. However, its positioning is not to compete with the size of the living space. When placed in GS positioning, the space is not large but acceptable, but It would be embarrassing to locate Regal (non-GS) for ordinary households. (Assessment: lower than the level in 2014)

Seating: The 2014 chair type has slightly changed, but the biggest change is the chair surface material, which uses a textured leather (a bit similar to the slightly flipped feel), which has a greater friction than the previous bright leather seat Improved, and at the same time, it is obvious that the seat is harder than before. The overall feedback in the editorial department is not ideal. Maybe everyone treats him as a family car, and everyone thinks it is hard. Another advantage of changing to the new material is that the leather of the old GS seat was crushed by the buttocks after a long time of use. This is not the case with the new material. Although the chair material has changed, the standard grade on the back of the chair is not enough, it feels like a nail polish, and the grade feels down instantly. (Assessment: Meet the required level in 2014)

Security configuration:

The biggest change in the safety configuration of the 2014 GS is that the adaptive cruise system has been upgraded. At the same time, the yaw prompt and anti-collision automatic braking systems that have been upgraded based on this system have moved forward. The adaptive cruise system is rare in cars of this price category. Basically, it is only available in the new Mondeo and Volkswagen CC. In 2014, it was still a high-end configuration. (Assessment: Exceeding the level in 2014)

Sound configuration changes :

The brand of the sound system has changed from Harman Kardon to BOSE, which continues to maintain high-quality effects. As for the respective advantages and disadvantages of the two, my ears can’t tell. However, this configuration is quite advantageous at the same price and level. (Assessment: Exceeding the level in 2014)

Chassis, control part:

This time, GS upgraded the new HiPer-Strut front suspension with regard to the running mechanism. Its biggest feature is that the shock absorber sleeve no longer doubles as the steering kingpin, and the connection position of the shock absorber strut is also moved from the upper end of the steering knuckle. To the lower arm position of the front suspension. A little specific introduction:

The advantages of Hiperstrut front suspension structure compared to MacPherson structure:

◆The new connecting structure of the lower end of the steering knuckle and the shock absorber sleeve becomes an integrated frame structure. The structural strength is improved, the overall rigidity of the suspension is improved, the anti-rolling and forward tilting performance is improved, the spring force is simpler and the stability is Improved, the swing trajectory of the wheels following the suspension is also more accurate, and at the same time it can better suppress the torsion steering.

◆It can filter and buffer more impacts from the road surface to improve comfort;

◆A large number of aluminum parts are used to reduce inertia and improve response speed.

At the same time, the reduction of the inclination angle of the kingpin reduces the loss of the inclination of the wheels during steering, and the angle between the tire surface of the car and the ground is smaller, maintaining a better fit, and improving the pointing performance of the vehicle in the curve. It can also help reduce eccentric wear of tires and prolong tire life.

The reduction in the inclination of the kingpin reduces the wheel’s aligning force to a certain extent, and the feedback and feel of the steering wheel will correspondingly become more stable (the speed and strength of the aligning will be reduced), and the direction of the vehicle will be more important for driving. The driver's operation dependence will be higher, and the driving pleasure will be improved.

Of course, the most important thing is that the Hiper Strut suspension structure has greatly improved handling and stability than McPherson, but still maintains a compact structure and volume, does not take up more space, and does not need to be redesigned. The structure and layout of the engine compartment can be directly applied to the existing platform, saving costs and research and development costs. (In terms of suspension hardware, assessment: surpassed the level in 2014)

In the previous days, the sportiness of the Regal series models mainly came from the chassis performance, especially the precision of the control, although it is not as neurotic and sensitive as the old BMW 3 series, you can look at the same level. Opponents, rarely can achieve the exquisite and realistic handling and response speed of the Regal. The newly upgraded front suspension on the 2014 model helps GS to lead the opponents on this road by a large margin. The actual experience is also the same. I can't say how much better the 2014 GS is than the old one, but I can be quite sure that the absolute level is not lower than the old one. (Assessment: Exceeding the level in 2014)

The steering system is given a good evaluation above, but in terms of overall suspension softness and hardness, the reputation of the 2014 model changes is half-and-half. The conclusion of the actual experience is that the suspension hardness of the 2014 GS is at least 20% harder than the old one in the normal mode (with adjustable sports and comfort mode, which will be discussed later). This harder 20% makes me like this. The former owner of GS is very sensitive. Although the old GS used a sporty style, the soft and hard suspension is still comfortable in normal mode. The walking feeling is very stable and solid and the damping feeling is strong. The current 2014 model is relatively hard and over the pit. The comfort of the hurdle has dropped drastically, and it even gave me the feeling of an old car owner that the shock absorber can’t hold the spring back. This feeling is not good. However, for editors who are first exposed to GS, the general reputation is pretty good, and it is relatively hard, but it is reasonable to combine the identity of the sports car, and they can accept it.

Both the new and old GS have a body state adjustable system, which is divided into three modes: normal, sporty, and comfortable. After my long-term exploration, theoretically, the state can be divided into the following types:

Normal mode: The gearbox shift logic is normal, and the suspension is soft and hard.

Sports mode: The gearbox shift logic is aggressive and the suspension becomes stiff.

Comfort mode: The gearbox shift logic is conservative, and the suspension is softer than normal.

After long-term driving and my careful experience with the 2014 GS, here are a few questions:

1. Netizens said that this body condition adjustable system can not only adjust the gearbox and suspension, but also adjust the steering force, but unfortunately I have been driving for so many years and have repeatedly switched, including the 2014 GS. , I have never felt a change in steering strength.

2. Normally switch to sports mode. The most obvious change is the gearbox shift logic, which is indeed a lot radical in an instant, but the suspension soft and hard changes are not obvious. In addition, there can be a 10% soft and hard change, which is completely unattainable. In everyone's mind, with the push of a button, the expectation range from soft collapse to hard state in an instant.

3. No matter what mode, switch to comfort mode, it seems that I can't feel the difference with normal mode.

The overall conclusion is that the adjustment range of this body state adjustable system is too small, and the biggest change is the gearbox shift logic, which is basically equal to the same sports gear, and some of it is not true to its name. (Assessment: The equipment hardware exceeds the level in 2014, but the use effect is not obvious)

Power part:

The GS throttle is always very comfortable, and Buick is very easy to adjust the early stage throttle more sensitively, so there is a strong initial feeling of power, at the same time, the adjustment of the very comfortable throttle makes the whole power output in daily driving very smooth, and the ankle All kinds of smooth acceleration without much effort, I am very satisfied with the throttle in daily driving. (Assessment: Meet the required level in 2014)

In the full-throttle power test, although the engine horsepower data is increased to 254 horsepower, the final measured 0-100 km/h result is still about 7.65 seconds. For a pure sports style car, for an engine with more than 250 horsepower book data, this result is not Ideal, and far from ideal. (Assessment: in line with the level in 2014. Note: Why is it very unsatisfactory but still given a conforming assessment? Because compared to its own positioning and horsepower figures, it is not ideal, but when viewed horizontally, the 7.65 second score is still competitive at the same level Yes, it is given a conforming assessment.)

Some people may ask, are you useless exercise mode? Don't worry, use it or not, the results are the same. We have tried repeatedly, and no matter what the mode, the computer processes the signal the same. The difference between these modes is reflected in the non-limit full throttle state.

I don’t think I can push the problem to the engine because of unsatisfactory acceleration results. The use of S6II in the gearbox is the most important problem. Although compared with the old GS, this retuned S6II gearbox has made a lot of progress, but compared to With its powerful engine and brake system configuration, the S6II gearbox is obviously not as great as it is, and it has no advantage when compared to its opponents horizontally. It is a commonplace question that GM does not have a particularly well-tuned gearbox in China. We look forward to seeing a new and even better gearbox as the horsepower numbers continue to increase. (Assessment: lower than the level in 2014)

Brake part:

The most attractive part of the 2014 GS is its generous investment in the brake system. It uses Brembo brake calipers very powerfully. As for whether the brake discs are Brembo or not, it is not known. The better braking system does not change much in daily driving. The biggest change comes from the thermal attenuation resistance and the extreme full brake test results. The 38.75m score is a good number at the same level, and it does not embarrass Brembo. , Give praise. (Assessment: Exceeding the level in 2014)

Fuel consumption test:

In terms of fuel consumption, the overall figure of 11.2 liters/100 kilometers is fairly reasonable. (Assessment: Meet the required level in 2014)


It's very quiet, and the overall value is much lower than the standard value. It is basically the same as the old test results. It does not sacrifice the noise data because of the increase in the rim. (Assessment: Exceeding the level in 2014)

in conclusion:

Let's first take a look at the scores of the 2014 GS for the level that should be done in 2014:

Overall appearance: in line with
Appearance rim size: beyond
Interior design: meet
Central control touch operation: lower than
Instrument LCD: Beyond
Steering wheel: beyond
Car space: below
Seating experience: meet
Security configuration: beyond
Audio configuration: beyond
Suspension hardware configuration: beyond
Steering control: beyond
Adjustable body state: beyond (hardware beyond but the actual use effect is not obvious)
Daily driving: meet
Accelerate with all your strength: Meet
Gearbox hardware: below
Brake: beyond
Fuel consumption: meet
Noise: beyond

It can be seen that there are 10 places that exceed the level that should be in 2014, 6 places that are up to the level that should be in 2014, and 3 places are below the level that should be in 2014.

No need to pay attention to the good places. We will pay attention to the three lower places, namely: central control touch operation, interior space, and gearbox. It doesn’t matter what the central control touch operation is, we won’t discuss it. We have to seriously discuss the remaining two points, which are seriously related to the interests of your car selection:

If this is the only car in your family and there is a possibility of having children, I advise you not to buy GS. The suspension is hard, the space in the car is not large, and the trunk has no advantage. It is always the same when you go out with children. With piles of things, GS is not up to this task. The space indicator is not the focus of a sports car, and it is also a place where it is lower than the level it should have in 2014 as mentioned above. It’s better to choose a large space with children. Of course, Buick manufacturer friends saw that I did not recommend GS to people with children, and don’t be sad. I would recommend GL8, haha, that’s really easy to use!

The second lower level than it should be in 2014 is the gearbox, a very old cliché. Change it, please.

If you think the above two points are OK and acceptable, then there is nothing to stop you from buying the 2014 GS. (Photo/Auto House Li Weilong, Li Yiwen/Auto House Han Road)