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[YesAuto technology] At this year's Shanghai Auto Show, Shanghai General Motors, a local fighter, brought the latest large luxury sedan Cadillac CT6 from the United States, and also announced that it will start production of this flagship model in a new plant in Shanghai. Since its birth, CT6 has been considered as a new choice in addition to “BBA” in the field of large luxury cars, and we have introduced its powertrain before. In addition, what technologies does CT6 have that can make it compete with BMW 7 series, Audi A8 and other models?

Steel-aluminum hybrid body

In order to improve handling and fuel economy, strict control of the vehicle's “weight” is essential, especially for larger models such as the CT6. In order to successfully reduce the weight of the “big guy”, Cadillac engineers designed a steel-aluminum hybrid body structure for its models for the first time. While ensuring the structural strength, the body weight can be controlled within a very ideal range.

According to Cadillac's official introduction, CT6 is currently the lightest among large luxury cars. Although in terms of body size and interior space, the CT6 is comparable to the BMW 7-series with a standard wheelbase, it is even lower in “weight” than the BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. In addition, the welding process for producing a steel-aluminum hybrid car body is different from that of an ordinary steel car body. Therefore, there are many process links specially set up for CT6 in the welding workshop of GM's Detroit-Hammtruck plant.

Whether it's Lincoln Continental, Towncar, Cadillac Fleetwood and Devi, the former American luxury cars always give people a heavy and awkward feeling, while the new CT6 has made a lot of effort in lightweight. Obviously, Cadillac hopes that their latest flagship model will achieve more efficient and flexible effects through “slimming”, so as to compete with those European rivals who know this well.


Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen (John de Nysschen) once stated at the CT6 conference that CT6 will “reignite consumers’ passion for driving high-end luxury cars”. In order to achieve this goal, the lightweight body is only As part of the work, it is also important to match an excellent chassis system for the CT6.

In terms of front suspension, the official announcement is that it uses a combination of double wishbone front independent suspension + multi-link rear suspension. In the front suspension, the double-wishbone structure is broken down into two control arms of different lengths. This setting is also to enhance the driving experience of this sporty luxury flagship. The multi-link rear suspension is the standard equipment of this class of models. Together with the front suspension, a large number of lightweight aluminum alloy materials are used to reduce the unsprung mass. In addition, the future CT6 will also be equipped with a rear-wheel active steering system and MRC electromagnetic damping technology.

Similar to the body structure, the CT6 also uses a large number of lightweight aluminum alloy materials on the chassis components, and at the same time, it is more inclined to control the experience in terms of structure and form. It can be seen that the CT6 is not a luxury car that you just want to enjoy in the back row. You can feel its full value by sitting behind the steering wheel.

Driving assistance/multimedia system

-Streaming media rearview mirror

If CT6's chassis suspension and body structure are optimized and improved on the basis of existing technology, then the streaming media rearview mirror system first applied in the industry should be regarded as an innovative technology of CT6. The so-called streaming media rearview mirror is the use of real scene display technology to combine the camera function with the traditional car rearview mirror to project real-time real images behind the car on the mirror surface. The advantage of this system is that the visible range of the traditional rearview mirror is greatly increased to 80°, which is more conducive to the safety of driving and parking.

-Bose Panaray sound system

For a luxury car positioned as the brand's flagship, top-notch audio is essential. For a long time, GM Group has maintained a close cooperation relationship with the well-known American audio manufacturer Bose, and Bose has also customized car audio systems with outstanding effects for many models of Buick and Cadillac brands. Therefore, the CT6 audio system is of course still operated by Bose, and the Bose Panaray audio system it carries is also the highest-spec original car audio system in the entire brand model.

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