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[YesAuto News] 2020 October 22, the State Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau informed the police traffic control measures to optimize the new business environment 12, including this one: to expand the scope of exempt motor vehicles, in the following non-implementation of six 6 years On the basis of exemption from inspection for operating small and mini buses, 7 to 9 non-operating small and mini buses (except vans) within 6 years will be included in the scope of exemption.

The introduction of the New Deal undoubtedly provides more convenient vehicle conditions for 7-9-seater cars-six years before the arrival of the new car, only need to apply for the inspection mark every two years, no online inspection is required, and the money saved is second, mainly time Cost savings will arouse great comfort in consumer psychology, and 7-seater cars will surely usher in a boom in consumption. What are the 7-9 seat cars currently available for selection? Which are the most popular models? What is their reputation? What about the market outlook?

This article may help you understand the following issues:
1. Which cars are mainly benefited by the new regulations? What is the consumption trend?
2. Which 7-seater, even 8-seater, and 9-seater MPVs are selling well? Who has the better reputation?
3. What are the best-selling/potential 7-seat SUVs? How do you compare the scores of various “skills” horizontally?
4. How to break the barriers in choosing between 7-seater MPV and 7-seater SUV?

More policy details you need to know

The latest non-operating small and mini bus inspection exemption range has been expanded from the original 6 seats to less than 9 seats; the inspection cycle has also been further optimized-for non-operating small mini buses over 6 years but less than 10 years, the inspection cycle will be inspected once a year Relax to the inspection once every 2 years; for more than 10 years, the original inspection cycle will still be implemented.

Therefore, after the adjustment, non-operating small and mini buses with less than 9 seats and those with less than 10 years of use only need to be inspected twice; those with more than 10 years of use will still be implemented in accordance with the original prescribed inspection cycle-10-15 years of use , It needs to be inspected once a year, and if it has been used for more than 15 years, it is inspected once every six months.

Which cars will benefit from the new annual inspection regulations?

From the perspective of vehicle types, MPVs and 7-seat SUVs will directly benefit from this new regulation. Whether it can be covered in rain and dew, we will have a market.

◆MPV is the biggest beneficiary

Most MPVs on the market are 7-seater cars, and this part of the cars is the most direct benefit, such as the Buick GL8, Odyssey, Alison, Lingzhi, etc. that have been selling well. Some MPV models also have 8-seater and 9-seater configurations, such as Lingzhi, Vito, SAIC MAXUS G50 and G10, Kailuwei, Fengxing M6, Fengxing F600, Wuling 730, Wuling Hongguang PLUS and so on.

All MPVs will benefit from this new regulation. Six years before the arrival of new cars, just like ordinary cars, they only need to apply for Peugeot inspection every two years. This saves money and trouble, greatly improves the convenience of using cars, and has obvious benefits for consumer psychology. . In the past two years, MPV has been a hot spot for consumption, and the new regulations can be said to be more helpful. Among them, medium and large MPV will be the biggest beneficiaries.

7-seater SUV can also benefit

In terms of SUV models, mainly mid-size and above SUVs with 7 seats will benefit. There are many 7-seat SUVs on the market. The most famous one is the Highlander. There are also the 7-seat Touron and Audi Q7 standard. In addition, Qijun, Tiguan L, Mercedes-Benz GLB, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Haval H9, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Ford Edge, Cadillac XT6, BMW X7, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Angke Flag, Lincoln Aviator, Outlander, Peugeot 5008, Grand Commander, etc. And so on, there are also 7-seater models.

The 7-seater models of these SUV cars are expected to usher in consumption growth. Consumers who want to take into account commuting and large-family vehicles will be more inclined to choose 7-seater SUVs. After all, driving an SUV is not like driving an MPV like a driver. Buy a 7-seater SUV and have two extra seats to spare. It is easy for the whole family to travel, and it is not abrupt when commuting to work. Moreover, the 7-seat SUV may have an impact on the mid-size SUV market.

What is the current 7-9 seat car market like?

Therefore, the biggest beneficiaries of this new regulation must be 7-seater cars, including most MPVs on the market, and some SUVs with 7-seater versions. The growth space and momentum of the MPV market has always been a hot topic. Some people think that the growth space is large, while some people think that it is limited. We might as well make some judgments based on actual consumption data-

The domestic MPV market accounted for less than 4% of the entire passenger car market, and from the trend of the last 5 years, the market still has a downward trend. Among them, the market share of Chinese brand-based compact MPVs has declined particularly. The market share of medium and large MPVs represented by Buick GL8 has grown against the trend, while medium-sized MPVs mainly consumed by urban households have been relatively stable in recent years. This is also related to the supply side, which we will discuss later.

In fact, the current polarization trend of domestic MPV consumption is already quite obvious. The following comparison of the trend of monthly risks will make it clear at a glance-the consumption scale of compact MPVs is declining, and the growth momentum is not strong. However, the consumption of medium, medium and large MPVs has strong growth momentum. In the first nine months of this year, domestic sales of compact MPVs were 233,900, medium-sized MPVs were sold 89,400, and medium- and large-sized MPVs sold 192,600.

The new regulations for annual inspection will stimulate more medium-sized MPVs and above. In the past, 6-seater cars grabbed the market from 7-seater cars. A common killer was the “annual inspection”. Now everyone is the same. One more seat is more possible. Do you feel like “with grain in your hand, not panic in your heart”? However, specific to various types of MPV, there are differences.

Household medium-sized MPV: not many options

Medium-sized MPVs are the first choice for household MPVs, but the current market is limited supply of models. The three models of Lingzhi, Alysent, and Odyssey account for more than 90%. The monthly sales of these three models are at the level of 3,000 to 4,000. The monthly sales of several other models, such as Changan Auchan Coshang, Tourrio, Sharan, and Previa, are less than 200 vehicles per month. Buick and Trumpchi both launched compact MPVs on the basis of the success of medium and large MPVs, surpassing the medium market, why? Discuss later.

Both Alison and Odyssey have launched hybrid models with good fuel economy, and sales have increased significantly in recent months. Consumers seem to be “choosing one of three”, but they are often actually “choosing one of two” between Odyssey and Alison.

The Odyssey and Alison are both Honda's models. They are a bit like twin brothers. They have a good balance in all aspects such as space, ease of use, and low fuel consumption. They are also competing products with each other. Ailisent has 8 models with a guide price of 249,800 to 328,800 yuan, of which 3 are hybrids. The Odyssey has more diverse options. The entire series has launched 8 hybrid models and 7 ordinary fuel models, with a guide price of 229,800-376,800 yuan. At present, Alisson has a small win.

The price of Lingzhi under Dongfeng Fengxing is more affordable, and it is basically the only choice for the marketable crowd. In addition to providing the conventional 5, 6, and 7-seater layouts, Lingzhi also has a 2-seater version and a 9-seater version, with rich choices, rotatable seats, large enough size, and a guide price of 5.99-9.99 million yuan. , These are good reasons for Lingzhi to sell. Lingzhi also has a pure electric version of Lingzhi M5EV, with a maximum cruising range of 420 kilometers, and the price is 139,900 to 144,900 yuan after subsidies.

◆Commercial medium-to-large MPV: a dominant player, fierce competition is approaching

Medium and large-scale MPVs are mainly commercial. Representative models include Buick GL8, Trumpchi M8, Alpha, Vito, Weiran, etc. From the supply side, competition seems to be fierce, but in fact Buick GL8 is the largest and medium- and large-scale MPV. Half of the market is in its hands. The guide price of RMB 23.29-529.99 brings a wide range of consumption. In September, the sales volume of insurance companies is close to 20,000, which belongs to the state of Dugu seeking defeat.

Taking into account the commercial comfort and space requirements, the Buick GL8 currently has only 4, 6 and 7-seater models. After the new annual inspection regulations are introduced, if Buick wants to launch an 8-seater or even 9-seater configuration, it will basically be “minutes to minutes”. “It's a matter, but the 9-seat width may be more cautious. SAIC MAXUS G50 has an 8-seater configuration, and SAIC MAXUS G10 has a 9-seater configuration, but the actual sales volume is not high. Due to the limited rear space, it is only used as an institutional commuter shuttle. Due to the number of passengers, the overall demand is also limited.

The second best-selling Trumpchi M8 is the rebranded model of Trumpchi GM8. It will be launched in September. After the change, the latest design language is adopted. The front face is similar to the shape of Alpha, and the whole series is equipped with 7 Seat, the guiding price is 179,800-264,800 yuan, with high appearance and low price, making it the only Chinese brand in the mid-to-large MPV market. The monthly insurance volume is around 3,000.

The medium and large MPV market itself is a market with strong purchasing power, and the Nuggets have a bright future. Therefore, the layout of auto companies is more active. Volkswagen Weiran and Kia Ka Wah are also actively participating as new players. K. Wah Bank has introduced the domestic market and Weiran has been listed. , The guide price is 286,800-399,800 yuan, and the current monthly insurance volume is close to 2,000. Weiran’s opponent is the Buick GL8. Although it slightly loses the latter in terms of space comfort, its size is large enough, and coupled with the magical label of “Volkswagen”, the sales volume in September has ranked third. If it “beats” in the future Elfa, the sharp weapon is probably the price.

According to the word-of-mouth data of Autohome, Weiran's overall user word-of-mouth score is 4.6, which is higher than Buick GL8. Weiran has good user reviews in terms of comfort and appearance, but needs to be improved in terms of fuel consumption and interior trim. Buick GL8 is more favored by users in terms of space and appearance, but is generally evaluated in terms of fuel consumption and power. Trumpchi M8 wins with cost performance, excellent power, interior trim and controllability are not inferior to the first two.

Compact MPV: the favorite in tier 4, 5 and 6 cities

Some people say that the definition of a good MPV is: standard side sliding door + large sofa. According to this standard, the compact MPVs on the market are basically not good MPVs, because there are no side sliding doors, Wuling Hongguang PLUS does not, Buick GL6 and Trumpchi M6. Unlike medium-sized and medium-large MPVs that account for half of the sales in first- and second-tier cities, compact MPVs have a higher market share in fourth-, fifth- and sixth-tier cities, and the lack of side sliding doors is also a need for cost control.

SAIC-GM-Wuling still has an accumulated advantage in the compact MPV market. Baojun 730 has long-term sales volume, and the monthly sales volume of Wuling Hongguang PLUS, a PLUS version of the “Autumn Mountain Car God”, has a trend of lower monthly sales this year, but its advantage lies in its low price and energy efficiency. It is not expensive to wear and skin, and it is not expensive to maintain.

Trumpchi M6, Jiaji and Song MAX are also best-selling models in this market. Trumpchi M6 is a rebranded model of Trumpchi GM6. It has been officially launched in September. The new car has launched 6 models with a price range of RMB 10.98-15.98, with 6-seater version and 7-seater version. The sales volume of Trumpchi M6 showed very good growth dynamics. The sales volume in September has been close to 4,000 units, and Buick GL6 is far worse than that.

Why Buick and GAC Trumpchi went beyond the medium-sized MPV and developed the compact MPV directly. The reason is that the medium-sized MPV is a bit embarrassing in the domestic market, and it is not big enough. It is not as good as the medium and large MPV in terms of riding space and comfort, but in terms of driving. Sexual handling is not as good as an SUV-this is the SUV.

Seven-seater SUV: a new force in the mid-size MPV market

The seven-seater SUV is a direct beneficiary model of the new annual inspection regulations. It integrates space, ride, and driving control, and will compete with the medium-sized MPV to seize the target consumer market. In fact, among the 7-seater SUVs, in addition to the Highlander, the 7-seater versions of the Touron, Explorer, and Cadillac XT6 are also selling well. Highlander is selling 9 models, 8 with 7-seater configuration, and only one with 5-seater configuration, which is the highest-selling 7-seater SUV on the market; Tourang is equipped with 7-seater standard, which is close to Highlander's PK; Cadillac XT6 is selling 9 models of 7-seater version and 7 models of 6-seater version.

According to the big data of Autohome’s reputation, the above-mentioned 7-seater SUVs are also competing products that consumers often compare with each other. From the various scores, Highlander does not stand out, but Highlander is in the world. The reputation established over the years is not to be underestimated. The Tuon has the best space. The Explorer’s scores in terms of power, handling and fuel consumption are superior to other models, following the driveability of the Ford family; the Onco flag is in the interior and comfort Sexuality is favored by consumers.

In stark contrast to the deliberate or unintentional “ignorance” of medium-sized MPVs, a large wave of 7-seat SUVs is coming-Hyundai Paris, Chery Tiggo 8 PLUS, Jetta X90, etc. The current average monthly sales of 7-seat SUVs It is higher than the medium-sized MPV and has a strong consumption base.

Choose MPV or SUV for family 7-seater car?

Just looking at the family car, whether to choose an SUV or an MPV for the 7-seater is a “difficult problem” for many people. How to break it? First, you really need a 7-seater car, and then, start making choices.

MPV has the advantages of vehicle length and wheelbase. Most MPVs have a 2+2+3 front, middle and rear seat layout. The second row of seats is luxurious and comfortable. The third row of seating space is more spacious than similar SUVs. The rear door With a large opening, if there is a side sliding door configuration, it will be very friendly to the third row of passengers getting on and off. In addition, the trunk space of the MPV is also relatively sufficient.

The length and wheelbase of the SUV are not equal to the MPV, and the internal space is not the same as that of the MPV. The front, middle and rear seat layout is usually 2+3+2, and the third row has a small space. Adults have poor sitting comfort, plus the rear door. The ordinary 5-seater door size is not friendly for the third row of passengers to get on and off the car, and basically can only use the way of climbing.

Therefore, if in most cases there are more than 5 passengers in the car and the family travel frequency is high, then the MPV is preferred, the space is large enough, all members have comfortable riding space, and the happiness index soars. If you always want to go out in the wild, and the third row is only used occasionally, then give priority to SUVs. SUVs have high ground clearance. Many of them are four-wheel drive vehicles. They have good passability and better off-road and driving capabilities.

In addition, the trunk space of a 7-seater MPV is also more sufficient than that of a 7-seat SUV. If you often have to pack more luggage, MPV has an advantage in this regard.

Edit summary:

For MPVs, the common 7-seat models will usher in a wave of growth, but medium-sized MPVs will be impacted by 7-seat SUVs. In terms of commercial vehicles, 8-seater and 9-seater MPVs may become a new trend in the promotion of MPV models, especially the development of 8-seater cars. For many car companies, 8-seaters can be achieved on the basis of existing MPV products. It's easy. Therefore, it is not ruled out that the supply of 8-seater cars on the market will increase, and 8-seater and 9-seater MPVs for private users may enter the private car rental market more. For most families, 8-seater, After all, there are not many when there are 9 seats. When it is used, the supply can be allocated through the leasing company, which is a more cost-effective way. So the question is, who has more opportunities for a 7-seater MPV or a 7-seater SUV? 7-seater cars are free from inspection. Is there any chance for 6-seater cars? Use your little hands to complete the voting at the end of the article, so that your voice will be “see”.