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[YesAuto Design Decode] I don’t know when it started, but Mercedes-Benz learned to stun its appetite. At the beginning of this year, the new interactive system MBUX Hyperscreen was released, which allowed us to see the super-large screen with three screens in one. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Today, the full picture of the interior of the flagship electric car EQS has finally been unveiled. As for the appearance, we have to wait. Ok! The release rhythm is full of routines. But who made it Mercedes-Benz? This car is heavy enough that designers from every car company will use it for research. Do not believe? Let's see.

—— Some appearance details revealed in advance

Although EQS did not fully show the appearance this time, the head of appearance design Robert Lesnik revealed some key details of the design. Overall, the mass-produced EQS continues most of the design language of the previous concept car (Vision EQS Concept).

Mercedes-Benz has rethought what new directions should be taken in the design of new cars under the pure electric platform, and how to maintain the luxury sense of Mercedes-Benz. To this end, the design team has been brewing for many years. In 2014, Mercedes-Benz launched the design of the F 015 Luxury motion concept car. The goal is to “design a large electric car with a body of more than 5 meters and a capacity of 4 people.” The body of the Mercedes-Benz EQS curved-bow design is derived from this concept car.

EQS has a body of about 5 meters. In order to pursue better internal space, it can be seen that its wheels are closer to the front and rear of the car, and the wheelbase is elongated, and the space will be more generous.

The bottom of the C-pillar of the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which is the shoulder of the car, is shaped very thickly, which can make the whole car look more powerful. Similar designs are found on many sports cars. At the same time, in order to make the whole car look more stable, the lower part of its body is designed to be wider.

In addition to the official squeezed toothpaste-like pictures of camouflage cars and sludge models, it also revealed some details of the appearance:

1. Three-point elements are designed in the headlights (this is the exclusive symbol of the “S” in the Mercedes-Benz series, and it is the same as the three LED lighting elements in the S-class headlights). For the car owner, driving an S-Class (flagship model) from a distance will bring a noble and elegant self-confidence.

2. The inspiration for the design of the taillight group is very interesting, it comes from the light bulb. Inside the EQS tail light group is a spiral luminous ribbon, which is the inspiration for the designer to see the spiral tungsten filament in the oldest incandescent lamp.

3. EQS will use low-resistance wheels, and the exterior design is very delicate, but like many pure electric models, although the shape is very beautiful, it is just a plastic outer cover.

——Interior: The MBUX Hyperscreen large screen is amazing, but you have more choices

     Just like the two front-face design routines of the Mercedes-Benz car series, the interior of the EQS also gives us two styles, one is the MBUX Hyperscreen large-screen style, and the other is the same interior style as the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

In this era, the big screens of car machines are no longer a bright spot worth showing off too much. The ideals of China's new car companies, Byton, have long put out a big screen that runs through the entire dashboard. However, the design of MBUX Hyperscreen is relatively novel. It is made of irregular curved glass with three display screens embedded in it. The overall horizontal width is up to 1.4 meters, seamlessly connecting the entire instrument panel, and even the air outlet of the air conditioner is “fused” together.

The entire screen of MBUX Hyperscreen is designed with a sense of suspension, as if floating on the dashboard, which has a sense of technology. In addition, the design of the air outlet of the air conditioner is inspired by the turbine engine.

Let's talk about its human-computer interaction design. The car-machine system of this EQS is supported by powerful “mental power” such as 8-core CPU, 24GB memory, 46.6GB/s bandwidth, etc., emphasizing the “zero-level” interaction concept. Common functions can be operated without scrolling or turning pages. Of course, you can also customize your large screen.

Mercedes-Benz claims that the Hyperscreen large screen has reached the latest screen technology level of today's mobile phones, but it is obviously easier to break compared with traditional wooden panels or slush-plastic materials, and because it is one-piece, one piece is a whole piece. The cost of maintenance and replacement is certainly not low. However, for users (fu) users (hao) who can buy models of this level, they may not care too much.

More design renderings and night effects of Mercedes-Benz EQS are as follows:

—— The key role of female designers

Mercedes-Benz attaches great importance to the color matching and acoustic research of EQS interiors. When showing this new car to the global media, it specifically set aside a lot of speech time for Color&Trim designers and acoustic designers.

A variety of instrument panel combinations were exhibited at the scene, including cold and warm tones, black emphasizing sports, brown with vertical lines, etc. The color&Trim design leader's favorite is the panel design with diamond relief. , Under different light and shadow effects, the brightness of the relief will change.

——A Mercedes that can change its voice?

If you have driven an electric car, you will find that sound design is too important. Since the electric vehicle is running without the roar of the engine, although it is quieter, it will also bring about a problem: the depth of the foot on the switch, and there is no sense of auditory feedback, so the driving pleasure is greatly reduced. Lost.

The first choice is called Silver Waves (tentative name), it is pure, simple, elegant and gentle, and it is in the same line as the design concept of Mercedes-Benz itself. In such a sound theme, there will not be too many sounds to disturb the driver, but it will give the driver a better feedback.

The second option is Vivid Flux (tentative name), which is suitable for enthusiasts of electric vehicles. Choose more synthetic sounds for this sound theme, and you will find that many of them embody a sense of the future, while also bringing a warm feeling, rather than the impression of a cold machine.

The third option is Roaring Pause (tentative name). Some users may like the surging mechanical feeling and the vigorous sense of strength, a bit like the feeling brought by a turbo engine, which will also add sounds similar to thunder and lightning.

to sum up:

EQS is the key product for the car inventor Mercedes-Benz to showcase its electric technology to the world. Its styling design is very different from traditional Mercedes-Benz fuel vehicles, but Mercedes-Benz is still a veteran in terms of creating a sense of luxury. The future trend is undoubtedly intelligent and electrified. The combination of classic materials, craftsmanship and digital technology in the interior of EQS is very important. (Xia Zhimeng, home of the car)