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[YesAuto Design Decoding] SAIC-GM-Wuling has a grand product plan in 2020, especially its new Baojun brand. It is expected that six new cars will be released this year, which is very ambitious. Today, the new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w (hereinafter referred to as RC-5 and RC-5w), which is positioned in the compact car market, was officially unveiled. When the new Baojun brand was released in 2019, the brand's proposition was to “create a new life for travel”, so what ideas did the designers inject into these two cars?

● Located in the compact car market, it has two body structures: hatchback sedan and station wagon.

The new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w is the sixth car of this brand. RC-5 and RC-5w are hatchback sedan and station wagon respectively. In the case that Chinese users generally prefer SUVs and neglect station wagons, the new Baojun We are still amazed by the launch of the station wagon, perhaps to satisfy a small number of potential consumers in need. Perhaps due to the influence of Hongguang, Rongguang and other micro-faceted models, most of SAIC-GM-Wuling's models have been labeled as “good quality and low price”. In order to let users understand that Wuling is also able to create a family car that young people love, it opened a new position of “New Baojun”, and the new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w is a compact product that focuses on the young market.

How can we attract young people? It is obviously impossible for young people to buy a car if it is more durable. One of the reasons for young people to buy a car is social needs, so good looks have become one of the necessary conditions. In 2019, SAIC-GM-Wuling created the “Interstellar Geometry” family front face for the new Baojun brand. Such a face has also become the first impression left by the new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w. In order to make the RC-5/RC-5w more eye-catching, the official future will provide five body colors to choose from, many of which are passionate red.

The horizontal chrome-plated dot matrix in the air intake grille and the silver/black trim strips above are very exaggerated. The front view looks like a grinning “smiley face”, and the shape is very exaggerated. The design of the split light group is also one of the features of the new Baojun’s “interstellar geometry” family front face. The headlights under the front of the car and the surrounding black decorations are all rectangular, which are inspired by some elements in architecture. It is different from the new Baojun RM-5.

Whether it is the hatchback RC-5 or the station wagon RC-5w, the side shape is very simple. The biggest difference between the two cars is the part behind the C-pillar. The curve transition from the rear roof to the rear of the RC-5 is smooth, while the travel version roof extends to the vicinity of the tailgate before turning sharply down. In terms of body size, the RC-5w wagon has a greater length and height, with the same width and wheelbase values.

Although the shape of the tail is very different, the style still follows the concept of simplicity and modernity. Both cars have adopted a through-type taillight, a recessed tail compartment cover and a hidden exhaust design. The tail compartment cover is also inlaid with the cartoon “BAOJUN”, which is clearly layered.

● The new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w has a comfortable and intelligent cockpit.

The cockpit of the new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w continues the style of the RM-C concept car, and visually creates a strong sense of technology. The four cockpit color themes further satisfy users' pursuit of color. In order to allow the driver to conveniently control the various functions in the car, most of the buttons on the center console are arranged within reach. At the same time, in order to facilitate the driver to read the information on the intelligent connection system, the center control screen also tells the driver The side deflected slightly.

Dual large screens have almost become a standard configuration of smart cars, and the new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w is no exception. It provides 7-inch instruments and 10.25-inch central control large screens, which not only meet the needs of human-computer interaction, but also have a sense of technology. The atmosphere is also in place. Zhilian system is the brand's main new Baojun car-link system, which is rich in functions, and also has avant-garde functions such as WeChat interaction and mobile phone Bluetooth key built-in. These two functions are rare in all Zhilian systems.

Since the new Baojun RC-5w cannot open the door for shooting, the introduction of the seat part will focus on RC-5 for the time being. Compared with the new Baojun RM-5, although the outer contours of the seats of these two cars are similar, they lack the stitching decoration and the embroidery of the word “BAOJUN” on the backrest, which is visually simpler. In order to meet the comfort requirements of most users, the padding sponge of the seat is very elastic and has a soft sitting feeling. The wings on both sides of the backrest are made very thick, which can ensure the comfort while also supporting the waist to a certain extent. Support role. The cushions of the rear seats are thicker and softer than the front seats, and the sitting feeling is closer to the sofa than the front seats.

● Article summary :

The new Baojun RC-5/RC-5w continues the family design concept of the RM-C concept car and the RM-5 mass-produced MPV. Although the exterior styling is not as bold as the RM-5, the exaggerated front face will still be impressive. profound. The body structure is also a special feature of this car. When other competitors choose to use sedan + hatchback as a common combination, New Baojun has taken a different path to the road of hatchback + station wagon, which is currently in the Chinese brand. So far it is also unique. Will this attempt, which is almost equivalent to a bet, succeed? Wait for the market test!