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[YesAuto concept car real shot] At this Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz brought a variety of electric models such as the VISION EQS concept car, the new EQV pure electric MPV, and the EQ POWER plug-in hybrid model to the outside world. The latest achievements of Mercedes-Benz in electric mobility. Among them, the VISION EQS concept car is the most dazzling, and according to Mercedes-Benz, it will directly represent the “new luxury” direction that Mercedes-Benz will practice in the future.

Edit summary:

What does the future look like? “The physical buttons will become smaller and smaller, the larger screen will quickly become the main body of the central control position, the presence of the steering wheel will also become smaller and smaller, the cabin space will also become larger and larger, and high-level driving assistance , Immersive in-depth human-computer interaction is expected to be popularized faster. In the third scene of the car, I think there will be unlimited space and possibilities for reverie.” I think this is part of the information passed to us by the VISION EQS concept car.