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[YesAuto reveals the new car technology] In the context of the full liberalization of the “two-child” policy, many family car purchases are turning to the household 7-seater MPV market, which is bound to usher in a new round of growth in this segment. Touran is Volkswagen’s first domestic MPV model. Unlike Odyssey and Buick GL8, which are mostly MPVs for the business market, Touran is one of the first domestic MPV models for the domestic MPV market. The new Touran L (hereinafter referred to as Touran L) will be officially launched on March 18th, just in time for the 7-seat MPV boom, and will undoubtedly attract the attention of many home users. In addition to getting rid of the impression of a “van” in appearance, the new generation of Touran L has improved body size, technology content and power system. It can be said that it has undergone a complete evolution, in simple terms. “Grow up, handsome and strong”, let us take a look at the specific changes.

Since we have already had more detailed real shots before, this article will not repeat the explanation of space. Interested friends can click here to view.

■ Car history

A brief review of the history of Volkswagen Touran will allow everyone to better understand this model. The first generation Touran was born on the Volkswagen PQ35 platform in 2003. Its design concept is to take into account the comfort of a car and the versatility of an MPV. The name of the Touran is “Touring” (travel) and “Sedan” (representing a car). The combination of) shows that this is a model that can meet the needs of traveling while taking into account the comfort of a car. At that time, Shanghai Volkswagen introduced this model in 2004, offering 2.0L and 1.8T models, with 5-seater and 7-seater models at the same time, and the price range covers 198,000 to 251,800. For Touran cars, China and Europe are basically synchronized.

Touran ushered in a major upgrade in 2010. The wheelbase of the body is still 2678mm. The main change is the adoption of the new family-style front face design of Volkswagen at that time. At the same time, the power system is upgraded to a 1.4TSI engine with a 7-speed DSG gearbox or 5 -Speed manual gearbox, the price range is 149,800-200,800 yuan. By the 2015 model, the 5-seater version was standard, and the 7-seater became an optional configuration.

Touran L is the first MPV model from the MQB platform, and it is also the first domestically produced 7-seater model on the platform. The platform change from PQ35 to MQB is not only a new look, but also its chassis power, interior configuration and body materials. With substantial improvements, this is also the biggest change in the Touran car series since its release in 2003.

What does the “L” in the car name stand for?

The body size of Touran L is exactly the same as that of the overseas version. The “L” added in the name does not mean that it has been made longer, but the size has been enlarged compared with the old model and the configuration has been improved, except for the length, width and height. In addition to the increase, the increase in the wheelbase to 2791mm also significantly improves the interior space.

Appearance: high-value MPV

In the past, it was said that Volkswagen’s models were designed with a “moll” style. In fact, looking closely at the current automotive industry, family-style design is already one of the directions of automobile development. Touran L also follows Volkswagen’s traditions, adopting Volkswagen’s new generation of family-style styling and using the latest “HARMONIOUS DESIGN” design language. The designers have carefully crafted various details to make the body shape significantly older than the old. This model is more sophisticated and fashionable, without the conservative and dull impression of the past. Next, we invited Zhao Chengyan, the styling manager of SAIC Volkswagen's product engineering department, to interpret the highlights of Touran L from the perspective of a designer.

●The front face shape focuses on horizontally stretching the visual width and lowering the visual center of gravity

●The side design pays attention to the golden ratio and reduces the visual height of the car body

The side of Touran L uses a deep recessed waistline. This design is not common in previous Volkswagen models. From the effect of Touran L, it shows a tough and three-dimensional effect, which is in line with the new generation of Volkswagen. The design style of the model may also appear on future Volkswagen models.

Add Chinese elements to the tail / stronger sense of layering

Although the Touran L still has not jumped out of the framework of Volkswagen’s family-style design, this model alone has more refined styling details, which is in line with the new generation of Volkswagen’s pursuit of tough design style. It has evolved from a public-private model to Models that are more biased towards family use.

Interior continues to wrap around design

The interior design of the new car has indeed changed a lot, but our actual shooting articles have also been introduced in detail before. Today we will pay attention to the new configuration and some functional details. Compared with the old model, the new car has a significant improvement in configuration and space utilization, adding configurations such as intelligent and comfortable temperature control system, engine start-stop and energy recovery system, MIB2 multimedia system, etc., and in the seat The layout and use of it are also more user-friendly.

CarPlay requires optional installation

In terms of multimedia system, the entry-level model of the new car adopts the MIB1-G system, which supports external multimedia such as radio, CD and MP3/WMA. It also has SD/AUX/USB interfaces and supports Bluetooth connection. With 4 speakers and a monochrome TFT screen. The medium and high-end models use the MIB2-G system, which mainly adds a 5-inch color touch screen and supports the Mirror Link function. The MIB2-STD system is an optional configuration. It uses a 6.5-inch touch screen, supports handwriting input and proximity sensing, supports voice recognition, CarPlay (the other two versions do not support CarPlay), and reversing images. At the same time, the system comes with navigation.

●The air purification system can filter 97% of PM2.5 particles

The new car is equipped with an intelligent and comfortable temperature control system. In addition to three-zone automatic air conditioning, it also has an AQS air quality control system. This system can detect the air quality outside the car by the sensors on the air conditioning duct in the case of external circulation. When the exhaust gas outside the car exceeds the standard, it can automatically switch to the internal circulation mode to keep the air inside the car unaffected.

The principle of the Clean Air system is to filter the dust, pollen and PM2.5 and other harmful substances in the air entering the car from the outside through the filter of the car's air filter. The filtration efficiency of PM2.5 can reach 97%, which is more effective. Effectively prevent all kinds of pollen and fine dust from entering the car to achieve the purification of the air environment in the car.

●The seat configuration is flexible and practical

Panoramic sunroof takes into account both noise reduction and dust prevention

Huge electrical changes

In addition to the changes in appearance and interior design, the electrical changes are actually even greater. According to electrical engineers, almost no electrical accessories can be used universally. Let's start with the headlights of the exterior part. The headlights use xenon headlights, while the all-LED headlights used in the overseas version did not appear on the domestic version.

The headlights are equipped with the LWR function to automatically adjust the level. Because the body will be affected by factors such as the number of passengers, the weight of the luggage, and road conditions, it will tilt forward or backward slightly, causing changes in the horizontal illumination angle of the headlights, which will affect the The driver's field of vision affects. The horizontal height automatic adjustment function can automatically adjust the horizontal irradiation height of the headlights based on the information from the sensors on the suspension, ensuring the range and width of the irradiation remain unchanged, and ensuring driving safety at night. The same function also appears on the new Passat, but Touran L does not have the DLA dynamic high beam function.

●The adaptive cruise system can be used at speeds of 0-160km/h

The adaptive cruise system of the new car is combined with the front safety assist system, which can brake the own vehicle to a stop when the vehicle in front brakes to a stop, so as to achieve an adaptive cruise of 0-160km/h, while also providing forward The collision warning function is a relatively rare configuration at the same level.

Front assist system worksheet
Features Brake caliper gap pre-filling

Brake assist

Threshold adjustment

Audible alarm Automatic braking


Full braking

Medium and high-speed road conditions Low-risk road conditions ahead
The road ahead is dangerous
High-risk road conditions ahead
Low-speed city road conditions Emergency road conditions

All new cars are equipped with a start-stop system and a braking energy recovery system as standard. When the vehicle is braking, part of the kinetic energy is recovered by the generator and converted into electrical energy; when the vehicle is accelerating, the load of the generator can be reduced to ensure the acceleration performance of the vehicle . The braking energy recovery system does not add an independent motor and battery, but only adds a control module, which mainly plays an auxiliary role.

In addition, Touran L also uses an indirect tire pressure detection system RKA, which is integrated in the ESP software to determine whether a tire at a certain position is leaking by evaluating the wheel speed signal and comparing it with a reference value. Utilize existing ESP hardware, no need to add additional hardware. On the whole, Touran L has added a lot of high-tech configurations, among which the automatic parking system, adaptive cruise system and front safety assist system are all relatively advanced configurations of the same level, which improve the convenience and safety of the car.

■ Both active and passive safety are improved

    In terms of safety, all new cars are equipped with a body stabilization system as standard. In the body stabilization system, functions such as ABS Low Speed low-speed ABS, HVV rear axle full braking and MKB post-collision braking are added. Performance in terms of dynamic safety, for example, low-speed ABS can still activate the ABS function when the vehicle speed is lower than 5km/h, so that the vehicle remains stable at all times. The HVV rear axle full brake is when the front wheels of the vehicle enter the ABS state, the system will increase the braking force of the rear wheels. At the same time, the ABS system detects the rear wheels to prevent the rear wheels from slipping and obtain better braking. Dynamic effect.

The MKB post-collision braking system is a system that avoids the second collision after the collision. After the vehicle collides, the system will brake the vehicle through the body stabilization system, and try to keep the vehicle on the original route or lane to avoid another collision. The newly added functions are actually based on the expansion of the braking function of the body stabilization system, the purpose is to allow the owner to better control the vehicle and enhance the active safety performance.

Next, in terms of passive safety, Touran L has also made progress. In terms of airbags, it has added a head airbag (air curtain) with a 5-second holding function; and for the body material, through the use of ultra-high-strength steel and the use of new processes, it is guaranteed It also achieves further weight reduction while being safe.

Touran L also has improvements in the configuration of the seat belt. Among them, the driver’s seat belt is equipped with a dynamic locking tongue function. At the moment of a collision, the seat belt is locked at the mortise lock position to prevent the transmission of belt tension. To the shoulder straps, at the same time restrict the dummy from moving forward to reduce the occupant’s chest injury. This feature was previously only available on Lingdu. Touran L is SAIC Volkswagen's second model with this feature.

Explosive pre-tensioned force-limiting seat belts can be pre-tensioned at the moment of a collision to prevent drivers and passengers from rushing forward and minimize the damage to drivers and passengers caused by frontal collisions. As the collision occurs, the seat belt is properly relaxed and the human body moves forward to prevent the seat belt from being too strong and causing human discomfort.

Comprehensive power upgrade/lightweight improvement of chassis

The power improvement of Touran L is the focus of this replacement. The 1.4T engine is upgraded from the original EA111 series to the EA211 series, still matching the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox of the DQ200 model; at the same time, the third-generation EA888 series 1.8T engine is added. , Matching the latest 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox of the DQ380 model in domestic cars. The same 1.8T engine is also mounted on the new Passat, which is also one of Volkswagen's most advanced power systems in China.

There are also many improvements in the chassis system, including the use of hollow pipes for the front stabilizer bar, which reduces the weight by one-third while ensuring the strength; the steering column has a collapse stroke of 80mm, which can effectively reduce the driver’s It has better collision safety performance; the spring adopts SLM (Surface Layer Modification) new technology, the design stress can exceed the original 1280Mpa to 1350Mpa, and the weight is reduced by 11%. The spring is more lightweight.

Power and light weight are also the highlight of this upgrade. The 1.4T engine of the EA211 series is replaced, and the 1.8T engine of the third generation EA888 series is added. The overall power performance is truly “inferior” than the old model to meet household needs. Zhuo Zhuo is more than enough. Through lightweight measures in the body, chassis and materials, the new car successfully reduced 62kg, which improved fuel economy and driving experience.


The all-new Touran L has undergone a renewed evolution, with a more fashionable styling, an overall enlarged body size, and a 7-seater model. These three points will undoubtedly attract many family car users. In addition to adopting Volkswagen's latest family facial makeup, the new car adopts a more refined design on the side waistline, the inclined cut surface on both sides of the roof, and the details of the front and rear bumpers, adding a tough and sporty visual element to the appearance.

The manufacturer positions it as a high-end family car. In addition to being larger in space than the domestically produced Jed and Yizhi models at the same level, the manufacturer has also added many high-end configurations in the same level, such as automatic parking. The system, panoramic sunroof, MKB post-collision braking system, xenon headlights and a variety of driving assistance systems make it surpass the same level of performance in terms of comfort and car convenience. In terms of seating space, the 7-seater design is one of its attractive features, but the space for the third row of seats is not spacious and basically meets the standard of sufficient use, which can only meet the needs of short-distance travel.

The domestic MPV market has always been dominated by Buick GL8, Odyssey and Refine and other models that are biased towards business use. The main reason is that this type of MPV has a large size and a spacious interior. It can easily arrange 7 seats and is more suitable for use. In the public business reception. The home MPV market has been tepid. The body size of Touran L and Mazda 5 is relatively small, and the space and comfort of the third row of seats are not as good as that of Odyssey and other models, but the advantage of these models lies in their flexible control. The engine has a smaller displacement, has better fuel economy, and is more suitable for daily use for families. In general, Touran L caters to the current boom in the household MPV market, and its quality and configuration are relatively prominent in the same level. If there is a reasonable price, it is worthy of consideration for “two-child” families. For ordinary users, its five-seater model has a large and practical trunk, which is its biggest advantage compared to ordinary sedan. It is suitable for friends who pay attention to storage space and need to consider both public and private. (Photo/text/photograph by Liang Haiwen, the home of the car)