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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Nowadays, many new car companies have obviously lost their PPT car-making hat through the previous rounds of survival of the fittest, and their future is on thin ice, but their entrepreneurs seem to have long been accustomed to it and have found some ways to survive. At the 2019 Shanghai International Auto Show, various “people and horses” also gathered here, trying to use the most shining side to cover the bitterness and depression along the way. Undoubtedly, the booths of new auto companies have become an indispensable “landscape” in major domestic auto shows. Xiaopeng Motors, as one of them, released a pure electric sedan positioned as a coupe style at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. In order to perform this highlight, the founder He Xiaopeng personally provided the platform. Later, the designer of this car also came to the booth to tell the story behind its design.

Xiaopeng P7 is the second production car in Xiaopeng's lineup. The internal code name of this car is E28. We are well aware that for a new car company, they cannot wait to compress the product cycle. This is not only due to the talent pool that has become internationalized and China's technology reserves in the automotive manufacturing industry over the years. It is also inseparable from the non-stop work rhythm of the work team day and night.

From the perspective of the time point, on April 23, 2018, Xiaopeng Motors officially announced the pre-sale price after the subsidy of Xiaopeng G3, and promised that the mass-produced vehicles will be officially delivered by the end of 2018. Therefore, even the Xiaopeng P7 that was unveiled this time had already started the project at that time, and it was less than a year from the date of this release. From this point of view, the founder He Xiaopeng's “slow is fast” product launch strategy has long been strategized.

Before officially introducing the design of Xiaopeng P7, I think it is necessary to talk about the SEPA platform (Smart Electric Platform Architeture) behind this smart electric coupe, which is officially called the smart electric platform. This platform is modular, lightweight, and Features such as large variable bandwidth and high space utilization. As for more features of the Xpeng Motors SEPA platform, we need to dig deeper in the future, but in any case, this is the first time that Xpeng Motors officially announced the naming and concept of the platform to the public.

Before its debut, Xiaopeng P7 can be said to have gone through layers of tests, and finally stood out from the design proposals submitted by 16 design companies from various countries around the world. It is worth mentioning that Xiaopeng P7 comes from global bidding, and the final plan comes from Xiaopeng Motors' own design team. In less than two years, Xiaopeng Motors has continuously injected fresh blood into its design team, and it has now reached more than 60 people.

Let’s get to the point. The person who came to the Xiaopeng booth to give us an on-site explanation was Zhao Li, senior director of the Xiaopeng Automotive Modeling Design Center. The Xiaopeng G3 that has been put on the market also has his insights in the design. Now that I am an old friend, I naturally avoided the red tape after meeting and went straight to the subject.

According to the user tone of Xiaopeng G3, if Zhao Li came up to interpret the design concept of Xiaopeng P7 with youth and sports, it was my inertial thinking, but what I did not expect was that he used simplicity and technology this time. The word “charge into battle”, as the opening remarks on the design of this new pure electric coupe. Starting from the commanding heights of the brand image, whether it is an SUV or a sedan, the design team of Xiaopeng Motors still hopes to establish correlations between products to strengthen the recognition of all products. On the other hand, designers are also eager to create different product images to satisfy more segmented markets. In other words, compared to traditional car companies that are quite mature and have strong brand labels, they still have opportunities to test the waters and adjust.

The car design concept overrides the design language. The former is like domestic Mandarin and the latter is a local dialect. In contrast, local dialects seem to be able to release the history and culture of the national minorities to the greatest extent. For Xiaopeng P7, Interstellar INTERSTELLAR is the official design language, and it is the penetrating lightsaber 2.0 light source that echoes the front and back of the P7 that transforms this language into visual perception.

Compared with the popular and eye-catching multi-line and multi-angular waistline design, the waistless involute curved design adopted by Xiaopeng Motors P7 can be said to be a bold attempt, because the former style manufacturers not only show The superb skills of the automobile stamping process have indeed captured many young fans who love the design philosophy of sports concepts. Fortunately, the side of the body of the Xiaopeng P7 is not without bright spots. Through the extension of the rear door and the rear fender, a different line is created for the side of the body to create a sense of strength.

In order to highlight the streamlined and dynamic body posture, Xiaopeng P7 uses a slip-back styling design to create a sense of rhythm from beginning to end. Of course, nowadays the fastback style has become a standard feature of car design. Its appearance and popularity are the product of the younger generation of the automobile consumer group. This also makes the traditional style of the sedan tail shape must adapt to the development of the times and gradually withdraw from the stage of history. .

Editor's note: Starlight, Stardust Speed, and Starry Music are all official interpretations of the Xiaopeng P7 design language. In fact, no matter how gorgeous vocabulary is, it is better to go to the market to verify it. Whether the beauty in the eyes of consumers can coincide with the designers of Xiaopeng P7, let us wait and see. (Photo/Cao Lei, home of the car)