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[YesAuto Model PK] In the domestic auto market, who can become another popular model after SUV? Judging from the current market, perhaps only the travel version and MPV models can take up this important task. However, considering the introduction of models and price, the soil of MPV models is more fertile, and with the development of the times, these have been safe and secure. The “nanny car” has also started to take the “sportsman” route, and the fashionable and dynamic design also makes them more acceptable to consumers.

The domestic MPV market has been able to gain such a high degree of attention, two models are indispensable, one is Kia Xinjiale, the other is Dongfeng Honda Jed, but unfortunately, we were not able to invite Jed due to time. Participate in this comparison. Next, let's take a look, in the absence of a strong enemy, whether the new generation Jiale can stand out from the Touran, Mazda 5 and Yizhi.

● Comparison of appearance and body size

From the perspective of body size, Jiale is at the same level as the three predecessors. The wheelbase of 2750mm follows Yizhi, and the length of 4525mm ranks second among the four models. On the whole, although Xinjiale is different from traditional MPV in appearance, the actual size is not much different from the former.

If your impression of MPV is still in the era of “square and upright”, then I can only say that you are “OUT”. Today, with the younger generation of consumer groups, young elements such as fashion and dynamics have also begun to appear more and more in household MPV models. Kia Jiale is one of them. Among the other three models, only Yizhi jumped out of the traditional MPV design, while Touran and Mazda 5 insisted on a relatively conservative styling.

In terms of appearance configuration, all Jiale systems come standard with roof racks and daytime running lights, while Touran can only see these two configurations at the same time only on high-end models. As for Mazda 5 and Yizhi, they cannot provide this at all. With the two configurations, Jiale still looks more “trendy” in this calculation.

Interior and workmanship comparison

It is difficult for you to describe the interiors of these four models as good or bad, you can only judge them from the style. The Touran, which has been on the market for many years, is naturally a mature and sophisticated style, which is also the consistent style of the public. In contrast, the Mazda 5 with a pure black interior is much more sporty. As for Yizhi and Jiale, both are Some are biased towards fashion, but the former is more individual and the latter more popular. In terms of workmanship, only the center console of the Mazda 5 among the four models is still in the plastic stage, which is in sharp contrast with the other three models.

● Ride space comparison

In terms of space, the gap between the four models is not large. The head space of the front row can basically achieve a punch. In the competition of the rear space, the Mazda 5, which has both head and leg space, has the upper hand. Regrettably, the Jiale we borrowed this time is a 5-seater model, so we can only ignore the third row space. I believe that if this is added, the situation will be very different.

Among the four models compared this time, the flat rear middle floor only belongs to Yizhi and Jiale. Further comparison shows that Yizhi has more advantages in longitudinal length. As for Touran and Mazda 5, although both have a certain bulge, in terms of height, Mazda 5 is slightly better.

● Skylight size comparison

Jiale is the only one equipped with a panoramic sunroof among these four models. More importantly, it is the standard equipment of the whole series. Such a configuration strategy is indeed full of temptation for domestic consumers. After seeing Jiale, I believe you are very tempted. It's hard to get much interest in Touran, Mazda 5 and Yizhi's sunroof, at best it can only be regarded as a “car window”.

● Comparison of trunk space

In the comparison of the trunk, we adopted a conservative data comparison. It can be seen from the table that Touran, Mazda 5 and Jiale are basically at the same level in the standard state, and only Yizhi appears slightly smaller. In the extreme state, as Jiale can fully tilt the passenger seat, the maximum depth can also stand out.

● Comparison of storage space in the car

The design of the side sliding door is a “double-edged sword” for the Mazda 5. On the one hand, consumers enjoy the convenience brought by the side sliding door, and on the other hand, they must also accept the design of the rear door without storage compartments. This also led to the early elimination of Mazda 5 in this comparison. For the remaining three models, Touran undoubtedly has an advantage in door storage space, followed by Yizhi and Jiale.

In the front storage space, Jiale is the most comprehensive of the four models. The rich storage compartments are not only guaranteed in size, but also relatively reasonable in design. Daily usage rates such as mobile phones, sunglasses and parking cards. Taller items can be placed within reach. In contrast, the performance of Touran and Yizhi is only slightly inferior, only the storage space of Mazda 5 is relatively tight, and the design needs to be improved.

If you don’t count the trunk, Jiale’s rear storage space is the largest of these four models, with a small table, a hidden compartment and a cup holder, and the Mazda 5 and the cup holder are arranged in sequence behind it. Yizhi and Touran. Of course, if you count the trunk storage compartment, then Touran will complete a gorgeous turn.

● Power comparison

Power system comparison
Model Touran Mazda 5 Yizhi Jiale
Displacement 1390ml 1999ml 1598ml 1798ml 1999ml
Intake form Turbocharged inhale naturally inhale naturally inhale naturally
Maximum power 98kW 106kW 90kW 103kW 112kW
Maximum power speed 5000rpm 6500rpm 6000rpm 6400rpm 6000rpm
Maximum torque 220N·m 180N·m 154N·m 173N·m 194N·m
Maximum torque speed 1750-3500rpm 4500rpm 5200rpm 4000rpm 4800rpm
Gearbox 5MT 7DCT 6MT 5AT 6MT CVT 6AT

In terms of power, among the four models, only Touran is a turbocharged model and is equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Although this is a “troublesome” partner, it is a highly efficient combination in terms of performance. Looking at the three naturally aspirated engines, Jiale has the most beautiful book data, and the 6-speed automatic manual gearbox is also ahead of its competitors.

● Maintenance comparison

As a later cost, the maintenance costs of the four models have also been included in this comparison. After referring to the information in the maintenance pages of each model, it can be seen that turbocharged models like Touran are indeed slightly more expensive in terms of maintenance. The small maintenance cost of 539 yuan is almost comparable to the major warranty cost of the other three models, or even more. many. The second-ranked Yizhi, a small insurance fee of 315 yuan is mainly expensive on the oil, and a bottle costs 285 yuan. The third and fourth-ranked Mazda 5 and Jiale are also relatively close to the people. The price of small insurance is basically around 300 yuan, and the price of large insurance does not exceed 600 yuan.

● Full text summary

     For these four home-use MPVs, riding space is their core competitiveness, but since we only borrowed five-seater models, an evenly divided matchup is a bit too plain, but if you only use five-seater models to come Look, Jiale, the rising star, is not in a slump in the face of the three big brothers. Coupled with stylish design, low maintenance prices and excellent book data, Jiale has already taken the lead in this competition, and now it needs All it did was wait quietly, waiting for an opponent named Jed. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Weilong)