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[YesAuto New Energy] A few days ago, Xiaopeng Motors held an OTA briefing on the Internet, explaining in detail the major car-machine system upgrades to be released. The new system covers multiple modules such as automatic assisted driving, full-scenario voice, music cockpit, application ecology, and user car habit settings. More than 40 new functions have been added, and more than 200 user experience optimizations have been achieved. The push officially started at 8 pm on the 26th.

XPILOT automatic driving assistance system upgrade project:

●Open high-speed NGP (public beta) function

On highways and urban expressways covered by high-precision maps and completed internal calibration, vehicles can autonomously perform lane-changing, overtaking, speed adjustment, and driving assistance functions in accordance with the navigation path. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the above functions, Xiaopeng Motors also provides traffic cone recognition and avoidance, super car following on congested roads, night overtaking reminder, faulty vehicle avoidance, automatic emergency avoidance when changing lanes, large truck avoidance, and high-speed support. Roads/express roads/main roads of some cities.

In addition, as a subsidiary function of NGP, Xiaopeng Motors also added SR automatic driving environment simulation display, which integrates the driving assistance system and the Internet of Vehicles system. When the NGP is activated, the owner can see the content perceived by the system on the central control screen, including but not limited to simulation of the surrounding environment, speed limit instructions, construction reminders, etc.

●Xpeng Motors P7 Extreme Edition is optimized, and the Zhixing version opens XPILOT 2.5

The Zhixiang version and Zhizun version models optimize the ACC experience and support the activation of the adaptive cruise system when the vehicle is stationary. The adaptive cruise system is activated when the vehicle is stationary; the Zhizun version models enhance the ability of LCC lane centering to assist cornering; the Zhixiang version models open LCC Lane centering assistance; the Zhizun model optimizes the ALC automatic lane change assistance experience, and the minimum available vehicle speed is reduced from 65km/h to 45km/h.

●Open multiple active safety auxiliary functions

This system upgrade brings a number of active safety assistance functions to vehicle owners, including FCW forward collision warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, RCW backward collision warning, RCTA rear lateral oncoming warning, LDW lane departure warning, DOW door Turn on early warning and TSR traffic sign recognition.

●Automatic parking assistance experience optimization

This upgrade optimizes the automatic parking algorithm, which increases the success rate by 26%, the accuracy rate of the parking completion posture by 7%, the unrecognized rate of the side car to 88%, the parking success rate by 26%, and the addition of support for mobile phones Parking assistance (Smart Enjoy Edition, Zhizun Edition, Pengyi Edition).

Xmart OS vehicle intelligent system upgrade project:

Full scene voice experience optimization, new support for viewing or operating energy centers, cameras, Bluetooth phones, etc. through voice, more comprehensive function coverage, 20% faster response speed, high-frequency commands can be turned on by global voice, and the experience is smoother.

The newly added car usage habits setting group can help car owners to quickly find frequently used functions, set them up, and memorize them in the form of an account. This interface will store settings such as the position of the main driver's seat, the angle of the exterior mirror, door and window locks, and ambient lights.

In addition to the above upgrade items, the new system also optimizes the smart music cockpit (bring a new interface design, richer music content, enhanced search functions, and improved user experience of the collection list), optimized smart navigation (optimized self-operated charging stations Lock lifting experience), optimizing the car control module (adding memory of the air outlet angle of the air conditioner, optimizing the seat heating and ventilation control logic, etc.). For more information about Xiaopeng Motors, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up report of Autohome.