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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] Have you ever done car air conditioning cleaning? How long do you think is appropriate for the replacement frequency of air-conditioning filters? These two issues are almost always questioned by colleagues, relatives, and friends, as long as they know people who have cars. What's the use of washing the air conditioner? The air conditioner filter will not be able to be used continuously. We spent 20,000 yuan to buy an answer.

My colleague Lao Yang encountered such troubles. Since he was a kid, he gave his car air conditioner a major health care. Who ever wanted to be ridiculed by his colleagues. Being pitted is a small one, and losing face is a big one. He has been depressed all afternoon. So back to the original question, what he is actually facing is the question of whether the air conditioner should be washed and the filter element needs to be replaced .

Dismantling Civic evaporator found tens of millions of “bacteria”

We commissioned a third-party testing agency to conduct bacterial and fungal testing on the self-purchased Dongfeng Honda Civic in the editorial department of Autohome. The conclusion we reached was surprising: I did not expect that the total number of bacterial colonies on the evaporator was more than that on the air-conditioning filter. At the same time, the fungus test results show that the number of fungal colonies on the evaporator is 100 times less than that on the air-conditioning filter element. Facts have proved that the air-conditioning filter has a significant interception effect on fungi. Now let me talk about the major health care of air-conditioning system in combination with the structure of the air-conditioning system and experimental conclusions.

From the air-conditioning structure and test results, the two “barriers” of the air-conditioning filter element and the evaporator can prevent bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms from entering the car and endanger the health of the drivers and passengers, but the former (air-conditioning filter element) plays a blocking role , And the latter is more of a petri dish, so is air conditioning useful for health care? The result is obvious.

What are the tricks of car companies

Affected by the epidemic in the first half of this year, car companies have also made surprises in response to health problems in the car. Some use methods of containment at the source to improve the filtering effect of air-conditioning filter elements on viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms; some add ultraviolet light above the filter elements to eliminate and kill in real time; some use the linkage between the on-board system and the mobile phone control app Created the “High Temperature Antivirus Mode”.

Judging from the common practices of car companies and after-market manufacturers, the measures for “sterilization” in the car are mainly focused on the upgrade and “elimination” of the air-conditioning filter element . At the same time, some models also have corresponding measures for the air purification in the car. However, for the “Petri Dish” evaporator we mentioned earlier, there is still no particularly effective measure. The only way to reduce the possibility of microorganisms entering the evaporator is to replace more efficient air-conditioning filter elements. necessary.

Which items are selected for air-conditioning health care?

Whether it is an e-commerce platform, a repair shop, or a 4S shop, there are various air-conditioning products and items, so how should we choose? In fact, it's very simple, just find the root.

The above four methods basically correspond to every place where the air passes (filter element, evaporator, air duct, inside the car). So someone would say, as for? Indeed, this is the last thing I want to talk to you-over-maintenance. Perhaps after the epidemic, coupled with most media propaganda, let us talk about poisonous discoloration. In fact, if you return to the car scene, the car is by no means a completely sealed body. You always have to open the doors and windows, get out of the car and get on the car. At this time, there are also a lot of particles and microorganisms in the car. We can do it in real time. Kill?

In addition, it is necessary to develop good air conditioning habits. For example, for the evaporator’s “easy physique”, we can choose to reach the destination, turn off the refrigeration in advance, let the natural wind dry the evaporator, or simply turn on the heating to evaporate The appliance is “baked” to dry. For air-conditioning major health care, it is sufficient to clean up once a year according to the car environment. If the car environment is bad (humid and hot, smoking in the car, etc., wind and sand) within the scope of the car maintenance budget, it is recommended to follow the above four parts ( (Filter element, evaporator, air duct, car interior) to replace and clean the corresponding parts .

Written at the end:

In fact, we only want to tell you the necessity of cleaning the air-conditioning evaporator through experiments and the dismantling of the air-conditioning system. At the same time, we should not blindly believe that replacing an air-conditioning filter element will do well. Regarding vehicle maintenance, we must choose maintenance items based on our own vehicle environment, and we cannot blindly deny or accept it. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)