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[YesAuto Shopping Guide] With the development of automobile technology, the engine’s power per liter and torque are constantly improving, especially the very popular supercharged engines, whose power level can even reach or exceed those of natural suction, which is 1.5 times its own displacement. Gas engine, which also creates the possibility for medium-sized cars to use engines of 1.6L and below. Moreover, the performance of these small-displacement medium-sized cars in the power test is also good, not inferior to the traditional 2.0L and 2.4L naturally aspirated engine models.

Buick Regal 1.6T Elite Sports Edition: 8.7 seconds to prove its strength

Price: 206,900 yuan

The new Buick Regal has achieved excellent sales results since its launch. Its appearance and interior design derived from the Opel insignia model are dynamic and full of vitality, and the power options are also very rich. In addition to the 1.6T model mentioned in this article, it also There are also 2.0L and 2.4L naturally aspirated and 2.0L turbocharged engine models to choose from.

The appearance of the new Regal is basically the same as its prototype Opel Insignia, except that the central grid is changed to the Buick family’s traditional straight waterfall. The smooth lines on the side of the body and the powerful rear are the biggest highlights in the appearance. The two rows The design of the trachea is not only better-looking, but also gives people more confidence in its power.

The all-black interior of the 1.6T model is also dynamic. At first glance, it looks very similar to the 2.0T model, except for the specific configuration. The seat is well wrapped, and the seat cushion and back can provide strong lateral support. However, the leather seats on the 2.0T model have been cancelled, and the electric adjustment of the front and back of the seat and backrest has also become manual.

The power parameters of the 1.6T turbocharged engine are not inferior to the mainstream 2.4L naturally aspirated engine. Under normal conditions, the maximum power is 179 horsepower and the torque is 230 Nm. In the “super boost” mode, it can even be in 5 seconds. The maximum torque of 265 Nm broke out inside. The original imported 6-speed manual transmission with clear gears and short shifting stroke provide a strong driving pleasure.

Although the power parameters are only comparable to the mainstream 2.4L naturally aspirated engine, the wider maximum torque output range is obviously helpful. The acceleration time of 0-100 km and 8.7 seconds has also exceeded the mainstream matching 2.4L naturally aspirated engine. Medium-sized car.

Model summary:

In fact, Regal 1.6T models are more dynamic than their own 2.0L and 2.4L models, and the maintenance costs are not high. If you can add some practical configurations and introduce automatic transmission models, it has full potential. Become the main sales model of Regal.