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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] According to the calculation, Ford Yibo should be the second joint venture small SUV listed in China. Although it is a step behind Buick Enclave in terms of time, the price of 9.48-127.8 million yuan is comparable. Angkola is a lot cheaper. For more than a year since its launch, Ford Yibo has been very popular among young people, and its market performance has been rising. Today we invited three car owners to talk to them about choosing a car.

Note: Please respect the car owner, and strictly prohibit any form of personal attack or slander against the car owner. Once found, the ID will be blocked directly.

Owner: Mr. Han
Forum ID: shutup1314

●The car selection process is basically smooth

    Mr. Han was on the number in October last year, just as his wife was pregnant, and a new bite was about to be added to his family, so he put the car purchase plan on the agenda. In January this year, Mr. Han drove this Wingstroke 1.5L automatic fashion model home, which was also the first car in his life.

Mr. Han has set his car purchase budget between 100,000 and 130,000, and he prefers American cars in terms of model preference. At the beginning of the car selection, he took a fancy to Fox, Hyundai Langdong and Honda Jade, but Langdong was eventually ruled out due to the small headroom. Jed also gave up because he exceeded his budget. As you can see, Mr. Han did not pay attention to SUVs at first, but during the purchase process, Yibo has a larger space and better passability, so Mr. Han finally gave up Focus and chose this Yibo.

Mr. Han’s car purchase process went smoothly. Although there were no discounts, the 4S shop did not require other decorations. Finally, because the automatic fashion version did not have any reversing aids, Mr. Han installed a reversing radar at his own expense for 1,300 yuan.

●Mr. Han is quite satisfied with Yibo overall

    It can be seen that Mr. Han is a very rational person. He must have gone through a very careful selection when choosing a car. When it comes to satisfaction with the vehicle, he did not hesitate to list a bunch of things. No matter the exterior design or the interior layout, Mr. Han The evaluation of this car is not low.

The number of passengers in Mr. Han’s car is extreme. Most of the time, it is one or four people. Mr. Han is still very satisfied with the space in the car. There is enough space in the trunk. When loading large items, the rear seats should be replaced. It can basically be solved if it falls down. While complimenting the space, Mr. Han also said that it would be better if the floor could be flatter after the backrest was down.

There is room for optimization in details


Mr. Han’s Yibo 1.5L automatic fashion model is a mid-range model with mid-automatic transmission. Some of the more common configurations are not equipped with this car. Therefore, Mr. Han’s dissatisfaction with this car is mainly focused on the configuration. Other details of the design also made him feel unsatisfactory. On the day of the interview, Mr. Han was the first to arrive at the scene. When chatting with him, he pointed out the problem of the low beam brightness being too dark, and the need to lock the spare tire cover made him feel that the 4S shop was not doing enough. The two car owners who came later also pointed out these two shortcomings at the same time. One of the car owners has more stories, we will talk about it later.

●Mr. Han’s tolerance for power is the strongest among the three car owners

    Mr. Han usually goes to and from get off work on the ring road and high-speed, and will catch up with the congested road conditions in the evening peak, and his fuel consumption level is more than 7 liters per 100 kilometers. Speaking of fuel consumption, Mr. Han said he was very satisfied, even the problem of weak motivation that has been criticized by netizens. He also gave a high degree of tolerance. I feel that this can be regarded as true love.

About maintenance

Mr. Han did the first guarantee at about 4900 kilometers. During the maintenance process, the 4S shop suggested to do additional items for cleaning the oil circuit. Mr. Han refused, and he affirmed the 4S shop’s attitude. In the forum, Mr. Han learned that the gearboxes of other riders had oil leaks. After asking the 4S shop to check the gearboxes, the shop enthusiastically cooperated with Mr. Han and gave a car wash coupon after maintenance. .

Owner's Summary

Mr. Han scored 80 points for his Wing Fight. The score is not low. The 20 points are deducted from the lack of reversing radar and other basic configurations and weak power. Generally speaking, Mr. Han is very satisfied with his choice.

Owner: Mr. Qi
Forum ID: daqiqi

Mr. Qi works for an Internet company. He bought a top-fitting 1.5L automatic premium model in July 2013. He is the only one who chose top-fitting among the car owners who visited today, and this “little black” is due to the color It is relatively rare and attracts attention in the forum. After watching it carefully for a while, it was really cool.

Some tangles in the car selection stage

This Yibo is Mr. Qi's first car. His story about choosing a car is very interesting. After waking up the number, Mr. Qi considered joint venture models within 200,000 yuan. After some screening, he locked the candidate models for Corolla and Regal. At this time, Yibo has not yet appeared in Mr. Qi's heart.

Mr. Qi initially fancyed Corolla based on his budget. Since he had just picked up the book, the driver he was looking for was also a Corolla specially used. Finally, he passed it because he felt that the brakes were soft in the early stages. Later in the process of visiting the 4S shop in the sea, Mr. Qi found the Wing Bo in the Ford showroom, and he was also attracted by the appearance. As a result, before looking at Regal, he almost believed it was it, and then compared it with Angkola. The husband thinks that the SUV is better because it is more fuel-efficient, and friends unanimously recommended the Ford model, and in the end, he drove the wing back home without a test drive.

So far, the sales situation of Yibo has been in short supply. Basically, 4S does not require decorations and it is thankful. And when Mr. Qi bought the car, he even gave away film and chassis encapsulation, which is really surprising. Later, I learned that Mr. Qi had added a bunch of items at his own expense. Now Mr. Qi's car, both in appearance and function, can tell at a glance that it is really the top option among the top accessories.

●The top is equipped with a little “tall” feeling, but there are a lot of lack of details

It can be seen that Mr. Qi is a person with very high configuration requirements. When it comes to his Yibo, he thinks that the one-click start and the SYNC system are very high-end. During the chat, Mr. Qi said that if the Yibo has Anjixing The positioning interactive service is just fine. Well, the configuration control is like this.

Regarding the interior design, Mr. Qi's point of view is more pertinent, especially the armrest of the seat. Our big colleague Xingmin of our news channel also pointed out similar problems. The current “little stick” is almost the same as nothing, and I hope manufacturers can improve.

Power meat, high fuel consumption

Mr. Qi came to our interview site for the second time and talked about his car's fuel consumption of more than 9 liters per 100 kilometers, even if he drove gently, and it coincided with the late arrival of Ms. Wang. When he exaggeratedly expressed disbelief of other car owners' low fuel consumption, the scene was very happy for a time, but such results are also related to Mr. Qi's frequent driving during the peak hours of the third ring road. Regarding the motivation, Mr. Qi could not help expressing that it was really inadequate, and the noise was so loud that it was unbearable to close the windows. I think it was a test drive when I bought the car, my psychological expectations may not be so high.

About maintenance

    Speaking of maintenance, Mr. Qi expressed satisfaction with the service of the 4S shop. At present, his car has only undergone the first warranty. During the maintenance process, the 4S shop did not require Mr. Qi to use additives or do other extra charges. After the maintenance, a bottle of glass water was given away. Recently, Mr. Qi's car jittered when it started and when it was skidding. After inspection by the 4S shop, it was found that the gearbox software needed to be upgraded. Since it is not a hardware failure and does not affect driving, 4S shops recommend that you upgrade it together during the second warranty period.

Owner's Summary

    On the 100-point scale, Mr. Qi gave his car 75 points, and the points were deducted from noise and power. Mr. Qi's evaluation reflects the aspirations of many car owners. Thinking that Mr. Qi must buy an automatic transmission when buying a car, I think if Yibo has a 1.0T automatic transmission model, Mr. Qi and many other consumers will definitely buy it without hesitation.

Owner: Ms. Wang
Forum ID: I missed that Ni

Ms. Wang is the only female car owner who visited this time. Like Mr. Han, she bought the Yibo 1.5L Auto-Fashion Edition, but Ms. Wang bought the car earlier. The car was available in May last year, and it was also at that time. As a result of winning the lottery, a new car is prepared. From a girl's point of view, whether her story of choosing a car is a little different, I have always been curious.

Car selection: nothing else, just fight!

    When choosing a car, Ms. Wang focused on an SUV within 200,000. Since she also owns a Honda Fit, she wants to change to a non-Japanese brand this time. Ms. Wang looked at Buick Angkola, and later felt that the appearance was not as good as the wing-stroke personality, so she directly eliminated it.

During the 6-month validity period after the winning of the lottery, Ms. Wang delayed some time due to personal reasons, and finally implemented the car purchase plan in the last month. In fact, what Ms. Wang wanted most was the top-of-the-line automatic distinguished model, but when the indicator was about to expire, she ran to the Ndu 4S store and only found this automatic fashion “blue fat”, and there are no other existing cars to choose from. , So that today she saw Mr. Qi's “Xiao Hei” especially greedy.

Because of the excellent appearance of Yibo, Ms. Wang finally chose this car. There was no discount when picking up the car, and the 4S shop asked for a little decoration. Ms. Wang chose car window film and reversing radar, which cost more than 4,000 yuan.

Ms. Wang drove the car and spared no effort

Since I chatted with Mr. Han and learned that the 4S store does not provide a lock on the spare tire cover, we especially noticed that the spare tire cover is empty when shooting Ms. Wang’s car, so we asked her if she is not afraid of losing the spare tire, who knows the mechanism Hidden in it. Ms. Wang opened the spare tire cover and showed us the anti-theft screw she specially equipped. This method is really good. Some car owners reacted to the problem that the spare tire was locked everywhere when driving on bumpy roads, and this solved it.

The story of Ms. Wang changing the lights can be described as twists and turns. In the end, she changed back to the original lights in order to keep her car safe. After hearing three car owners respond to the brightness of the low beam headlights simultaneously, I specifically consulted three colleagues who participated in the wingstroke long test. One of them said that he could accept it, the other said sincerely that he could not see the road, and the last one. The original words are “XX! It's almost nothing!” In summary, everyone should be able to count the brightness of the car lights on the wingbeat?

●There is enough space, but the design is not a bit humane

Ms. Wang has a high demand for space, and coupled with a lovely girl, the items in the car are as special as Doraemon's pockets, which are more compact. Fortunately, Yibo uses an external spare tire, otherwise it will be stretched to put a suitcase. During the shooting, we found that Ms. Wang’s daughter was sitting directly on the back seat when riding in the car. We suggest that Ms. Wang and other parents choose a suitable safety seat for their children.

During the shooting, Ms. Wang also continued to express regret that she did not buy the top models. The sunroof and the one-key start function were all she wanted. In terms of configuration, Ms. Wang is similar to Mr. Qi, pursuing perfection, which can be felt from the pile of decorations on the car, and she is working hard everywhere.

Among the three cars, Ms. Wang’s “Blue Fat” ran the most and was the oldest, and had more problems in use. For example, the problem of dirty wipers caused her a lot of trouble, and it was repaired. It cannot be eradicated. Our long-term test car has encountered the same problem, and according to the forum, this is not an exception. The best solution is to replace the wiper. It is not cheap for a pair of about 100 yuan. It is recommended that the manufacturer as soon as possible Improve.

Low fuel consumption and weak power

    In my impression, girls do not have too much demand for power, but Ms. Wang is already an eight-year old driver. She said that the power of Wing Bo still cannot satisfy her, and she always feels like a small horse-drawn cart. Regarding the noise, Ms. Wang said that the fetal noise is too loud, but it can be tolerated. In most cases, Ms. Wang uses cars outside the Fifth Ring Road, and she drives gently most of the time. Occasionally, her husband drives violently. Her self-tested fuel consumption is about 7.1L/100km. Ms. Wang is quite satisfied with this level.

About maintenance

Ms. Wang bought her car early and drove a lot. At the time of the interview, her car was about to undergo the fifth maintenance. Except for the free first warranty, the other three maintenance items are slightly different, and the price is 500-700 yuan.

Owner's Summary

When it comes to scoring her car, Ms. Wang is very straightforward, 60, even I was surprised. When asked where the points were deducted, Ms. Wang bluntly said that these 60 points are all for appearance, and almost all deductions are lost on motivation. I understand, women, love and hate are distinct, although picking faults can pick out a bunch, but a simple little love can make them determined to buy.

Full text summary

At the end of the interview, I found that when it comes to the advantages of Yibo, the appearance of the three car owners has more or less become the reason to buy this car. In the small SUV market where the members are not large enough, Yibo and Onco Pull, Chuangku and Peugeot 2008 are all beautiful, and the external spare tire has become the benchmark feature of Wingbo. Talking about the lack of power, weak power and insufficient headlight brightness are also the most troublesome problems for the three car owners. Among the only four joint venture small SUVs currently available, Yibo is the most affordable. Therefore, to a large extent, car owners can also understand the various deficiencies of this car, but it is certain from the words of the three car owners. , Yibo still has a lot of room for improvement.