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[YesAuto Review] Before writing this article, I have been looking through the pictures in our gallery. I want to find a car that looks more face-to-face than the LaCrosse. There are just a few familiar cars when I flip over it. What? C5, winning, CC, I have a spectrum! So I closed the page and started to concentrate on writing articles for everyone.

Today I’m talking about the LaCrosse 2.4SIDI top configuration. I mentioned earlier that the LaCross is the most attractive car for 200,000 to 300,000 miles. I think no one would dare to object to such a definition. It is too big and looks quite bluffing. It accounts for 60% of its competitiveness. The remaining 30% competitiveness comes from the internal configuration, and the dazzling variety of gadgets floods the central control. My only favorite is the ventilation of the seat. I always read the straight lines of my Han Lu articles: solve short skirts, Hot pants girl and wet leather seat, ha ha…

10% of users are concerned about the competitiveness, that is, the previous 2.4 engine. There is no bright spot. Buick is not a fool. The shortcomings will naturally be made up. Otherwise, it is always written as a face car, which is very faceless, so 2.4SIDI The engine is what must come out.

Simply speaking, this engine is a 2.4-liter naturally aspirated engine with direct injection. The biggest advantage of direct injection is that the oil mist is injected directly into the cylinder, which is more precise and more controllable on fuel consumption and power. I think my text beeping for a long time is not as convincing as the dismantling made by the brothers website Che168. I recommend you to read this first :

Is the dismantling a bit dazzling? It’s okay, let me tell you how you feel about using it:

First of all, it feels smoother at first. There is no engine noise or too much vibration. The start is very easy. It doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. The city driving and the loop driving are OK. It is suitable for such a large body. The ability at high speed is lacking. When power output is required, the book 240N·m torque and 186 horsepower to drag a 5-meter body, it seems that it is not easy to do, so let’s summarize:

1/The accelerator feels good when driving in the city, and the torque is enough
2/ The loop speed is 80 kilometers per hour, it is very comfortable, so you don't feel the presence of the engine deliberately
3/ There is a lack of power at high speed, and the body with a power of 5 meters is still a bit tired

● Acceleration

The 10.99 second result is much faster than I thought. From my driving feeling, I think this is a car that takes 11 seconds or more to 12 seconds. The feeling of full throttle is quite gentle. You can see from the data. There are no obvious fluctuations in the whole acceleration process. .

● Braking ability

If it is based on the 245mm wheels, the 42-meter brake can only be regarded as a passing grade. This is the widest original tire configuration in the medium-sized car of the joint venture brand. I think the result in the early 40-meter is correct from this 245mm. The results of the 42m are not pleasantly surprised or disappointed.

● Fuel consumption capacity

During May 1st, I drove LaCrosse 2.4SIDI to Dongying to do travel notes. The 400km highway is basically between 120-150km/h. The measured fuel consumption on the road is 10.3 liters. The fuel consumption on the highway is basically low. Everyone Understand, I estimate that the fuel consumption of the new LaCrosse 2.4SIDI in mixed road conditions is about 11 liters, which is not a surprise or disappointment.

● Conclusion

In terms of appearance and configuration, LaCrosse has a great advantage, and the whole class eats all men and women. Especially this time I went to Dongying, Shandong. There were more new LaCrosses than the sea, which shocked me. However, many mid-size car users have been brainwashed by Volkswagen turbocharging, and it seems that there is no turbocharging. Under this premise, despite the new direct injection engine, this 2.4 naturally aspirated engine is still not powerful enough. , If you ask me to recommend, I will definitely let you buy a 2.0T LaCrosse to match its face-saving 5-meter body.

As I said earlier, LaCrosse purchases competitiveness with 60% shape, 30% configuration, and 10% power. Manufacturers use direct injection to strengthen this 10% competitiveness, hoping to snatch some supercharged engine market, and the results are effective. But it's not obvious. The result that 2.4SIDI brings to us is not so obvious. It's true: no surprises or disappointments. A moderate result does not seem to change the percentage of the power part. If you like 90%, do not hesitate to shoot. If you wait and see 10% to judge whether to buy or not, I suggest you consider a supercharged engine model (picture / car home Liang Weiwen/Auto House Han Road)

● Birthday congratulations

Today is the sixth birthday of Auto House. It's really fast. I have been writing articles for six years. In the past six years, we have made some progress, but it is still slower than the speed of readers' progress. The next is a year of innovation for the editorial department of Auto House. Our topic selection, writing, and viewpoints should be closer to users and complicated. For simplicity, maximize useful information to be delivered to you! Please also supervise our changes together and provide valuable suggestions at any time!

● Specific parameters/configuration of the vehicle