[YesAuto Test Drive Evaluation] Cadillac SLS Saiwei 2.0T SIDI is the first model of the Cadillac brand to be equipped with a 4-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine in a century. It not only continues Cadillac's century-old luxury and noble temperament, but also incorporates strong power and stylish atmosphere into it. Such a model is bound to attract a new generation of elites, making Cadillac SLS Saiwei 2.0T SIDI once again the focus of the luxury car market. One month after the Guangzhou Auto Show, I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the test drive of the Cadillac SLS Saiwei 2.0T SIDI executive version held by SAIC GM in the beautiful Lijiang, Yunnan.

Cadillac SLS Saiwei 2.0T SIDI has three models, namely elite, luxury and executive models. Their prices are respectively 388,800 yuan, 438,800 yuan and 488,800 yuan. What we are testing today is the top model of these three-the executive version. The launch of the 2.0T model not only expands the range of Cadillac SLS Saiwei models, but also enhances the brand's competitiveness in the market. My colleague Zheng Yu has already tested and drove the 2010 SLS Saiwei 3.6 SIDI model. I believe you must be impressed by the many luxurious features in the car. You will definitely be curious about this 2.0T model, in addition to any changes to the engine, will part of the configuration be reduced? Now let me personally solve this question for you.

Appearance: unique diamond cutting design

SLS Saiwei 2.0T SIDI follows Cadillac's unique diamond cutting concept, with strong lines and unique design. It is easy to distinguish its figure in the sea of cars. The large-area chrome-plated middle mesh looks very imposing, and the horizontal decorative strip adopts a frosted design, which shows luxury and has a stylish atmosphere.

SLS Saiwei 2.0T SIDI administrative version (hereinafter referred to as Saiwei 2.0T administrative version) is equipped with a bi-xenon lamp design, and has the adjustment function of up, down, left, and right directions, which can increase the lighting angle when turning, and can also be based on the speed of the car. Adjust the distance of the lighting to escort driving at night. For the headlight cleaning function, I don't think I need to say more, this level should have this configuration.

Saiwei 2.0T model is designed with a unique “T” logo on the side air inlet position, which is the only difference between it and other models from the side. The 18-inch wheels are made of polished aluminum alloy. In order to ensure stronger ground adhesion for the driving wheels, the rear wheels use 255/45 ZR18 tires, and the front wheels have a tire specification of 235/50 ZR18. The polished wheels are very conspicuous under the sunlight, and they seem to want to tell people that it is different.

Another difference of the Saiwei 2.0T model is the T SIDI logo on the rear. The red T sign represents sports and passion. The design of the spoiler and dual exhaust pipes further reflects the internality of the Saiwei 2.0T. Movement elements. The upright taillight design is Cadillac's classic design. It uses a full LED light source design to increase the lighting speed.

Interior: Luxury and comfort are everywhere

Saiwei 2.0T Executive Edition adopts the leather wrap design on the interior, including the upper and lower doors, and the inside of the door feels a bit hard and uncomfortable. The leather-wrapped multifunctional steering wheel feels good to grip, and the electric adjustment method is very convenient to operate. The meter uses a white self-luminous design, which looks very comfortable. The driving computer display under the speedometer can not only display instantaneous fuel consumption and comprehensive fuel consumption, but also display information such as oil life and tire pressure.

Saiwei 2.0T executive version is equipped with a large-size touch screen screen that contains functions such as audio, navigation, reversing video and DVD. The angle of the screen can also be adjusted through the switch on the center console to prevent the driver from being unable to read the information due to the reflection of the screen. When the reversing image is displayed, auxiliary lines are provided to facilitate the driver to understand the position of the vehicle, but the resolution of the display feels a little low. The air conditioning system in the car adopts a three-temperature zone design and is equipped with an AQS air quality monitoring system. This system can automatically switch between internal and external cycles according to the air quality at the front of the vehicle.

Saiwei 2.0T executive version is also equipped with a general OnStar system, which is very easy to operate. Voice navigation, car search, car condition check and collision self-help can be performed through the buttons under the rearview mirror. You may not know much about self-help in a collision: when a vehicle is hit by an accident, multiple sensors in the car will receive signals and send them to the call center, and the call center will contact the drivers and passengers in the car. If no one answers, the other party will immediately call the police and notify the emergency center. I believe most of my friends know about the OnStar system, because it is no longer a unique configuration for high-end models, and it has been adopted as a standard configuration on most models under the Buick brand.

In addition to electric adjustment and lumbar support, the front seats of Saiwei 2.0T Executive Edition also have heating and ventilation functions. The seats in the car are made of Tuscany brand high-end cowhide. The seats are comfortable to ride, and the seat cushions support the legs well. There are only two groups on the seat memory panel, which are actually used in conjunction with two remote control keys. After setting the two sets of memories, use different keys to unlock, and the seat, steering wheel and rearview mirror will be adjusted to the corresponding positions.

In addition to electric adjustment, seat heating and ventilation, the seats on both sides of the rear row also have massage functions. On the operation panel of the center armrest, the rear passengers can also adjust the air outlet position, temperature and air volume of the air conditioner. The rear DVD display is naturally indispensable in this level. The foldable design can be stowed when not in use, reducing the possibility of screen scratches. Saiwei 2.0T executive version adopts BOSE sound system. There are 15 speakers in the whole car, and the sound effect is very shocking; the equipped remote control allows the rear passengers to have absolute dominance, and the display screens on both sides can display according to the different requirements of the passengers. Different content, in order not to disturb others, there are two sets of headphone jacks on the central armrest.

In addition to the luxurious configuration, the Saiwei 2.0T executive version is also considerate in terms of humanity. Although it is a car that focuses on business and business, it is equipped with a child seat interface. This is the case on the executive version of the model. The configuration makes me feel a little bit more, for the home user SLS Saiwei also considers carefully, it is worthy of our recognition on this point.

Space performance: The space performance of the rear row can be described as luxurious

Regarding the spatial performance of Saiwei 2.0T Executive Edition, I would like to use luxury to describe its performance. It should not be an exaggeration. The 1.68-meter experiencer sits in the front row and adjusts the seat to the lowest position. At this time, the head space is close to two punches; when sitting in the back row, the head space reaches more than one punch. As for the leg space, you Seeing this comfortable posture of our experiencer, I shouldn't need to explain it.

Power configuration: the power change of 2.0T SIDI is the key point

The Cadillac 2.0T SIDI engine uses turbocharging and in-cylinder direct injection technology, with a maximum output of 262 horsepower (193kW) and a maximum output torque of 360N·m. The power per litre has reached an astonishing 96.5kW. Compared with the supercharged engine of the same displacement in terms of power, it can definitely stand out from the crowd. A powerful engine naturally requires a suitable gearbox to exert its power. SLS Saiwei 2.0T SIDI is equipped with a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox numbered 6L45, which is the same as the 3.6-liter model.

Driving experience: solid chassis, slightly weaker starting explosive

After knowing so much, I can't bear the impulse in my heart, and letting it move is our topic today. I believe you think so too. This 2.0T SIDI engine performed very well during our test drive. It seems that the strong power of 262 horsepower is really not a single figure. However, it also has its shortcomings. At the beginning, I can feel that the 2.0T engine is not explosive enough, but when the speed exceeds 2000 rpm, a steady flow of power will follow, and the speed can be easily increased to 100. More than km/h.

This 2.0T engine is very quiet under normal use. When it is necessary to exert its strong power, as long as the speed is quickly increased to more than 2000 rpm, I can get what I want. In the process of speed increase, the intervention of the turbocharger can be clearly felt, and the sound will become more exciting with the increase of the speed. At this time, not only did it not annoy me, but it made me more excited. If I were to describe it, I think it looks mature and stable on the outside, but it actually has a young and athletic heart.

The shift shock of this 6-speed automated manual transmission is very small, and it is difficult to detect under normal driving conditions. When I stepped on the accelerator deeply, the gearbox's reaction was not very positive. It is understandable for this kind of performance. The overly aggressive driving style is not the performance that the Saiwei 2.0T executive version should have. The essence of stability is the spirit.

Saiwei 2.0T executive version four wheels are equipped with MRC active electromagnetic induction independent suspension system, the system detects the road conditions through the sensor in front of the body at a frequency of 1000 times per second, automatically adjusts the hardness of the suspension, and puts it on the road. The vibration is effectively filtered out to improve the comfort of the ride. When turning, the system automatically adjusted the support force of the outer suspension, so it did not make me feel too obvious body roll.

During the test drive, you can clearly feel that the bumps on the road are filtered out by the active suspension. For obvious changes on the road, the system can also provide timely feedback to the driver, and the feedback of the road feel is good. The overall performance of the chassis is very solid, and it passes the deceleration bumps cleanly and without unnecessary vibration. When turning, due to the adjustment of the active suspension, the roll feel is not serious.

Saiwei 2.0T administrative version is equipped with the SBZA lateral blind spot radar detection system. When a vehicle or pedestrian is in its own blind zone, a warning will be lit on the reflector; if the driver lights up the turn signal in this direction to prepare for merging, In this case, the warning prompt will flash, indicating that it is not suitable for parallel connection at this time. Such a reminder does provide us with a safer guarantee when merging, but this reminder light is designed on the mirror surface of the reflector. When encountering strong light conditions, it is easy for the driver to see clearly. If it is installed in A The effect of the position of the column should be more noticeable.