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[YesAuto News] New cars at the auto show are absolutely indispensable, but at this year’s Paris Motor Show, there was a special car unveiled, it is the famous “Transformers”!

Of course, it is certainly not what we saw on the cartoon, this is a deformable DS car named “Totem-mobile” brought by Citroen. At the press conference held by Citroen, it went through a complete transformation process, let's take a look now!

Artist Chico Mac Murtrie is the person in charge of this exhibition. In the eyes of the manufacturer, this exhibition “symbolizes Citroen and its value”, “a perfect combination of car and art!” According to the French, it is : “Citroen really loves robots (can I call it Autobots?)!”

Citroen DS is an avant-garde work, designed by the famous artist and sculptor Flaminio Bertoni himself, and later this car has become a source of inspiration for many contemporary artists! In 1999, he won the “Most Outstanding Design Award of the 20th Century” in London in one fell swoop.

In the end, the Totem-mobile was transformed from a Citroen DS, and it became a…famous thing called by God!

Totem-mobile often appears in TV commercials. Of course, the domestic Triumph's commercials are also deformed cars, but not this one.