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[YesAuto Talk on Bump and Convex] Subaru, a Japanese brand with a six-star LOGO, except for the Impreza, which is famous for WRC, other models seem to come into our sight a little later. What we are going to draw today is the Subaru Outback model born out of the Legacy Travel Edition. We will interpret the concept of Crossover, the horizontally opposed engine and Subaru's new SGP platform in the video. (Video duration is 2 minutes and 49 seconds)

As early as 1995, the first-generation Outback actually came out. Specifically, it evolved from the Legacy Travel Edition. Today we are testing the fifth-generation model, and the new generation of Outback is already at the 2019 New York Auto Show. Announced on the previous release, both the SPG platform and the new EyeSight features have been upgraded.

In the interior part, the interior of the Subaru Outback is still a familiar style, basically the same as the current Legacy. But in terms of space performance, especially the trunk space, the maximum depth after the rear seats are completely flat can reach 1990mm. The length of nearly 2 meters can fit a lot of “extra-regular” for owners who like outdoor sports. Equipment, such as skis, surfboards, etc.

The new Subaru Outback released at the 2019 New York Auto Show not only has a new exterior and interior design, but also the upgrade of the platform and structure also marks Subaru's new strategic structure and product ideas. It is a cross-border model that is positioned in a relatively market segment. , Outback retains its uniqueness.