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[YesAuto New Energy] On April 10, last Friday, Tesla's domestic Model 3 long-life rear-drive version and Performance high-performance all-wheel drive version were officially launched. However, shortly after the official announcement, a video of the owners of the domestically-made Model 3 standard endurance rear-drive upgraded version began to circulate on the Internet. The owner didn't know when he bought the car that Tesla would soon launch a long-life rear-drive version of the domestic Model 3, and some sales even told him that it would be launched at the end of the year, so he felt that he was “cheated by Tesla.” In response to this matter, Autohome has contacted official Tesla personnel, but there is no clear answer yet.

“Internet transmission of suspected car owners and sales WeChat chat records” (picture from Dennis Pigirau)

Unlike the previous Tesla price cuts that caused some old car owners to defend their rights, the reason for this time is that some Tesla sales staff told the owners that the long-life version of the domestic Model 3 will not be launched in the near future, so this part of the owners has just made it. The decision to purchase an upgraded version of the domestic Model 3 standard battery life. However, it has only been less than a month since the car was picked up. This part of the car owners found that the long-life version of the domestic Model 3 was on the market, which was inconsistent with the salesperson's statement, so they felt that they were cheated.

More exciting videos, all in the car home video channel “Musk's interview with the media on January 7, 2019” (video from Dong Maimai)

It is worth mentioning that Tesla CEO Musk once said in an interview with the media during the construction phase of the Chinese super factory: “We will produce entry-level Model 3 and Model Y here (the Chinese super factory), but more The expensive high-performance and long-life Model 3 will still be produced in the United States. Next year (2020), the high-performance Model 3 will not suddenly drop in price.” However, in fact, not only the domestic Model 3 long-life rear-drive version this year ( 2020) It will be delivered in China in June, and the price of the domestically-produced high-performance version of Model 3 currently announced has also been significantly lower than the same period last year.

Comparison of the price of each version of the domestic Model 3
Model Domestic price (ten thousand yuan) Imported version price (ten thousand yuan) Price difference (ten thousand yuan)
Standard endurance rear drive upgraded version 29.905 (after subsidy) 36.39 6.485
Long battery life rear drive version 33.905 (after subsidy) 42.10 (after subsidy) 8.195
Long battery life all-wheel drive version Not listed 43.99 (after subsidy)
Performance high-performance all-wheel drive version 41.98 (before subsidy) 50.99 (after subsidy) 9.01
Note: If you need to purchase and install charging piles for all domestic models, you need to pay an additional 8,000 yuan, and the imported version is standard.

According to official pricing, the price of the domestic Model 3 long-life rear-drive version is 40,000 yuan higher than the upgraded version of the standard battery life. In terms of configuration, the car has an extra 220km NEDC standard pure electric cruising range. In addition, the interior configuration has also been upgraded to a premium version, with better audio performance, adding rear seat heating and front fog lights. In the article “Five Key Issues: Interpretation of the Domestic Model 3 Long-life Edition ” article, we explained in detail the historical price changes of the domestic Model 3 and other issues that are of concern to everyone. Regarding the rights protection incidents of Tesla owners, the car home will continue follow up.