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[YesAuto Model PK] At Sylphy’s product driving conference, the models that the manufacturer compared with Sylphy were Corolla and Sagitar. Generally, this comparison is a little bit “Wang Po selling melons and boasting”, so I don’t need to say the result. Imagine if the fans of the three models are in the audience at the same time, the host may not be able to control the scene. In the last issue, we have done a comparison between Sylphy and Corolla (Japanese new and old vs. Nissan Sylphy vs. Toyota Corolla), and the two Japanese cars had an in-fighting about comfort. Today, Sylphy ushered in a German rival-Sagitar.

The new generation of Sagitar has been controversial after its listing. I just read its listing article and found that its comments have gone straight to the 6000th floor. It is undeniable that the cost control of the new Sagitar has made the “popular control” feel very hurt. I think it adds something and reduces some at the same time, which is not interesting enough. In terms of driving pleasure and comfortable home use, the new Sagitar finally chose the latter which tends to be more marketable. Then we might as well take a look at the difference between “German” comfort and “Japanese” comfort this time?

● Appearance: Sylphy “slims down”, Sagitar becomes stable

Many people talked about the history and evolution of Sylphy and Sagitar. They can arouse intense discussion even a small change. These two models have undergone a new generation this year, and the appearance changes are equally obvious.

Many new domestic cars are now longer, longer and longer to cater to the tastes of consumers. The new Sylphy is a bit contrary to the trend. The length and height have been reduced by 55mm and 15mm respectively, but the width has increased by 60mm, and the wheelbase is still 2700mm. The new Sagitar has been fully stretched, length, width and height have been lengthened by 100mm, 28mm, and 21mm respectively. It feels like holding back for a long time and finally waiting for the chance to break out. The upgraded Sagitar has advantages in length and width, but the wheelbase is still inferior to Sylphy. Just looking at the data, the two cars fought to 2:2 in the four indicators, and did not open the distance.

The new Sylphy adopts the latest family-style front face of Dongfeng Nissan. The chrome-plated three-banner inverted trapezoidal grille is more classy and impactful. The LED daytime running lights of the high-end models are a highlight of the appearance, which is also the new Sagitar Nothing. On the whole, the more fashionable new Sylphy conforms to the aesthetic standards of the public. In contrast, everyone has mixed opinions on the changes in the front of the new Sagitar. Some like the sleek and freshness of the old model, because the new model is more atmospheric and stable but looks like the small Magotan and Passat, without characteristics at all.

Both models have been made to lose weight in different ways. Sylphy is to reduce the height and increase the width of the body, while the Sagitar is to lengthen the body. Viewed from the side, the lines of the two models are very clear, but the Sylphy's waistline is slightly ups and downs, and the Sagitar is like a sharp arrow that runs from the rear to the front of the car. It is not difficult to see that Sylphy is obviously fuller, while Sagitar is relatively slender.

The new Sylphy 1.8XV CVT Premium Edition uses Bridgestone’s Botian family RE040 tires, the size is 205/50 R17. Some people think that its low flatness is due to the short sidewall and weakened cushioning capacity, which affects comfort. This worry is a bit redundant. In the actual experience, comfort can still be used as a synonym for it. The new Sagitar uses Kumho tires with a size of 205/55 R16, which is one size smaller than Sylphy. In terms of style, Sylphy looks dynamic, while Sagitar makes people feel in line with its positioning.

It can be seen that the tail line of Sylphy is intentionally tightened to the inside at the top of the luggage compartment, making the overall look more distinct, while the Sagitar is obviously much flatter. Sylphy taillights also use LED light sources to echo the headlights, while Sagitar has already eliminated the LED taillights in the old models and adopts a symmetrical L-shape. Although this change will not affect people's car purchases, it is still bearable. Can't help but sigh.

Appearance summary:

Although Sylphy's thanklessly shortened the body length, it still has an advantage in comparison with the Cruze (4598mm), Lavida (4605mm) and Focus (4534mm) equivalent models. I believe that Dongfeng Nissan also saw this before daring to make such a transformation. . The overall appearance of the new Sylphy after adjustment is in line with the trend, adding youthful elements, and looks more fashionable than the old one. After the new Sagitar is fully stretched, its length and width are longer than those of Sylphy. Its steady and bold styling caters to most people's tastes. The sharp lines let us see the toughness of German cars.

● Interior: Sylphy Home Sagitar sports side

Both models have redesigned the interiors, of which Sylphy has been modified particularly thoroughly, incorporating modern trend elements for a natural transition. Compared with the controversial appearance, most of the interior changes of the new Sagitar have been affirmed. When they are put together, the style difference between the two is clear at a glance.

Like the exterior, the center console of the new Sylphy has added lines to outline, still using dark gray as the main color. The combination of upper and lower light colors and a large number of peach wood decorations make the interior look very simple and elegant, very orthodox home style. In the new Sagitar, the old-style square and slightly rigid center console is designed to be fuller. In addition, the black and beige collocation is slightly more dynamic and younger than the Sylphy. In terms of interior materials and workmanship, both cars have shown good standards. The control panel of the new Sylphy is wrapped in soft material and has a leather texture, which is much higher than the old model. The Sagitar also has nothing to fault.

Configuration: Sagitar security configuration dominates

The Sylphy 1.8XV CVT premium version we experienced this time is the top model, while the Sagitar 1.4TSI automatic flagship version and the top model only have the difference in displacement. Therefore, it can be said that this is the ultimate PK of Sylphy and Sagitar configuration. The price difference between the two is only 8,800 yuan. Since Sagitar still has a market discount of nearly 10,000 yuan, it is reasonable to compare them together.

Sylphy is equipped with a one-key start system, which has more reversing video images, GPS navigation system, xenon headlights and headlight cleaning devices than Sagitar. However, Sylphy is stingy in terms of active safety configuration. Sagitar has a traction control system and a body. Stability control system. In addition, the lumbar support adjustment and the heating of the front seats make Sagitar not inferior to Sylphy in terms of riding comfort.

If you don't install navigation, then the biggest use of the Sagitar central control LCD screen is to cooperate with the parking assist system. Both the front and rear of the Sagitar are equipped with probes. When an obstacle is detected by the ultrasonic wave emitted by the sensor, the owner can see the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle outside the field of view through the display. My colleague even thinks this feature is better than Sylphy's reversing video The image is also practical.

Here must mention the Eco Drive energy-saving driving assistant of the new Sylphy, it can display the accelerator pedal range recommendations through the dashboard to help the car owner effectively reduce fuel consumption. So when driving the new Sylphy, you will often hear this voice reminder: “Please pay attention to driving”.

Interior/configuration summary:

    Although they are both family cars, the interior styles of Sylphy and Sagitar are quite different. Sylphy is undoubtedly more focused, focusing on the home, while Sagitar keeps a hand for itself, which can attract more young consumers. In terms of configuration, the Sagitar performance is richer than the new Sylphy. The parking assist basically offsets the disadvantage of no reversing image. The seat function is also stronger than that of the Sylphy. As for the actual riding experience, please turn to the next page.

Space: Sylphy has the advantage of riding space, and Sagitar is convenient for storage

    Now China's automobile consumer market seems to have entered an era of consolidating wheelbase and space. If the length of the body and the wheelbase are not increased by a few tens of millimeters, they will be embarrassed to say that the model will be changed. However, facing the counterattack of the new Sagitar, the wheelbase of the new Sylphy has not changed. Let's take a look at their actual spatial performance together.

Our experiencer is 175cm tall. After being adjusted to a normal sitting position, the front row of the two models has a punch in the head, and the performance is not the same. The long wheelbase allows the new Sylphy to take advantage of the comparison of the rear leg space. Although the new Sagitar is more than two punches, the new Sylphy is significantly larger. Surprisingly, the new Sylphy with a higher body is inferior to the new Sagitar in headroom.

In the previous comparison article, Corolla's flat floor design left a deep impression on us, and the user-friendly design made the passengers in the middle of the back row more comfortable. At that time, I felt that the new Sylphy was a bit unsatisfactory. Now when I look at the Sagitar, I suddenly feel that the new Sylphy is quite good, so any good and bad are relative.

The soft leather seats further enhance the comfort of Sylphy, which is also a major strength of Japanese cars. In addition, the replacement of Sylphy also added a central headrest for the rear seats. Of course, the new Sagitar is also well prepared. Although the ride feels relatively hard, the two major functions of lumbar support adjustment and front seat heating are enough to make it pull the score back.

Let's look at the storage space performance of the two models. Since Sylphy and Sagitar have no difference in the number of storage compartments, the comparison is more practical. It can be seen that on the front and rear door panels, Sagitar can hold two bottles of mineral water, while Sylphy can only hold one bottle; while the front and rear central armrests and the new Sylphy storage compartment are slightly larger and have no fixing devices, and the water bottle is placed. It is easy to shake on top. In contrast, Sagitar has to do better, and the layered design of the glove box makes people feel more attentive. To paraphrase a fashionable saying: Sagitar defeated Sylphy with a Japanese car.

Official data show that the luggage compartment volume of Sylphy and Sagitar are both 510L, but from the data we measured, the height and width of the luggage compartment of Sagitar have advantages, which are 10mm and 6mm more than Sylphy respectively. Putting it in the same suitcase, it is obvious that the Sagitar is deeper. In addition, the rear seats of the Sagitar can also be tilted down proportionally, which is more practical. The luggage compartment of the new Sylphy has a larger opening and a slightly higher height. In addition, the middle seat of the rear row has a channel to the luggage compartment after the armrest is lowered.

Space summary:

Sylphy takes advantage of the long wheelbase to ensure the rear seat space. In fact, the Sagitar is also sufficient, but the raised floor in the rear obviously affects the comfort of the passengers in the middle. As for the storage capacity and the comfort of the seat, the Sagitar is really impressive, and all kinds of humanized details can only make Sylphy surrender. In a comprehensive comparison, Sagitar won this round.

● Power: Sylphy can take the lead with Sagitar

I believe that some fans of the public will be eager to jump to this page, and the turbocharged Sagitar makes them full of confidence. But after a closer look, it was found that the situation was not right. People Sylphy never thought about comparing the power with you, and they simply cancelled the 2.0L displacement with excess power. Sylphy, which is well-versed in the market, has clearly understood the needs of consumers, as long as the power is sufficient.

Sylphy's is a brand-new 1.8-liter engine code-named MRA8DE. It is based on Liwei’s 1.8-liter MR18DE. It adopts an all-aluminum cylinder block with changes in bore and stroke. Both intake and exhaust have continuously variable valve timing technology. It has a maximum power of 139 horsepower and a peak torque of 174N·m/3600rpm. The Sagitar is equipped with the well-known EA111 series 1.4TSI engine with a maximum power of 131 horsepower and a peak torque of 220N·m/1750-3500rpm. From the data point of view, Sagitar is not inferior to its higher displacement Sylphy.

In other words, it is a new generation of products, even if the power is enough, you have to come up with some new technologies. The new Sylphy is equipped with the latest generation of CVT gearboxes jointly developed by Nissan and well-known manufacturers, which expands the gear ratio range while ensuring miniaturization, while the Sagitar is equipped with a powerful 7-speed DSG gearbox.

Our professional evaluation team has tested the Sylphy 1.8XV CVT model and Sagitar 1.4T model. We might as well take a look at their performance. Sylphy's 0-100km/h acceleration score is 10.68 seconds, which is enough for daily use, and its braking performance is surprising. The 40.02m score is excellent in the same level. In this link, Sagitar’s advantage is obvious. Its 0-100km/h acceleration score is 9.42 seconds, which is at the same level as the Golf 6's 9.22 seconds. The 100km/h-0 braking distance fluctuates up and down 41 meters, because the test car is a new car. , And the distance can be shortened after running in. .

Finally, let’s talk about the chassis of the two models. The most tangled part of the new Sagitar is that the rear suspension is replaced with a cheaper torsion beam type, although it is difficult to experience that it is compared with the old model in daily driving. It's not enough, but a series of reductions have really chilled many public fans. If you only look at the suspension type, the new Sylphy rear suspension adopts the same torsion beam type as the old one, but it is better than the Sagitar because it does not give consumers a psychological gap.

Full text summary:

    Sylphy is superior to Sagitar in terms of riding space, and in terms of configuration and power performance, the new Sagitar has certain advantages compared with the new Sylphy or other rivals of the same level. But why are so many people angry after the listing? This has something to do with its cost control under the banner of “practical” in recent years. Although the appearance is more atmospheric and the space is larger, consumers are just staring at what you haven't done well. On the contrary, New Sylphy has done a good job at this point, and all upgrades seem to evolve naturally along the mainstream.

    As two powerful models in the family car market, Sylphy and Sagitar can be said to be the representatives of Japanese and German compact cars. From the perspective of styling and interior design style, Sylphy is a model for those friends who drag their homes and pursue comfort first. Of course, we have also seen many fashion elements from the new Sylphy, and undoubtedly it does not want to set its own position so deadly. The new Sagitar will make itself more stable to cater to the tastes of more home users. Nevertheless, if you want to pursue a little driving pleasure, then Sagitar is undoubtedly more suitable for you. This is quite an interesting phenomenon. One (Xuan Yi) wants to “sell cute” and the other (Sagitar) pretends to be mature.

After reading the comparison, have you become more interested in them? If you are interested in ordering a car, you can click on the following link (click here for Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy, click here for FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar), and there will be 4S stores later The staff will contact you in time. If you want to know more about the discount information of the 4S store, please click here for Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy, and for FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar, please click here.

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