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[YesAuto Lighting Evaluation] When it comes to matrix headlights, everyone will think of the lamp factory Audi. Besides laser headlights, many people will think of BMW’s name again, but if the above two dimensions are transferred to the Chinese brand, you can still Who do you think of? With the full popularity of LED headlights and the rapid decentralization of matrix headlight technology, more and more Chinese car companies have begun to join the battle of playing lights, and today we are testing the new VV6 model under the WEY brand, which is the first Chinese brand. A model equipped with ADB matrix headlights and laser headlights at the same time, can it bring us more surprises? Let's see the truth through actual measurement! (Referred to as the new VV6 in the text)

WEY VV6 2020 2.0T Two-wheel Drive Collie Smart+

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16.80 million

1. Introduction to the function of the matrix light group

2. Measured road performance

ADB matrix headlight summary: As the first shot, it passed.

Judging from the actual driving performance, the ADB matrix headlights of the new VV6 really make us who have tested many overseas brand models brighten our eyes. We are quite a little excited. From the actual driving point of view, its performance is absolutely in line with expectations. ADB The start-up is very soft, and it is also a gradual opening with a very German flavor, and it has its own understanding of the treatment of concealment during the meeting. It is not as straightforward as the German turning tool cuts butter. It also uses overlapping beams. The idea of extinguishing gradually takes into account the perception of the eyes. It can be said that both functionality and visual perception are considered. To say “the fly in the ointment”, it may be the gradual extinguishing of the overlapping beams I mentioned, which will make you feel a bit slow in some car scenes, and there is nothing wrong with the other aspects, and the performance is competent.

Laser high beam performance summary: totem is more meaningful

It’s not that the laser high beam of the new VV6 is not good. Before that, we have tested the laser high beams of German models, including the laser headlights of the new BMW X7. In fact, from the perspective of laser high beams, no matter How far it claims to be, the meaning for the driver itself is also limited. We have also communicated with lighting companies on this point.

In the night driving scene, the visual distance of the driver is about less than 300 meters, and many laser high beams start with a range of 400 meters, and even reach 800 meters or higher. Before that, it has its own The adaptive high beam is enough to make you see very wide and clear. To put it bluntly, it has roughly surpassed the visual distance of your naked eye at night. At this time, add two more super-long beams, we have to say that it does exist. sense, but from the perspective of sight and travel demand is concerned, perhaps you can think of it as a kind of “car will remind” so far the vehicle can be predicted ahead of approaching vehicles.

3. Light test results

Editor's summary: The first step of Chinese brands in the new battlefield

In recent years, with the enthusiasm of SUVs, new energy, Internet of Vehicles, and even hardcore SUVs, Chinese brands have begun to make their voices heard in various fields, and in the field of “playing with lights” that we don’t often care about, Chinese brands have also begun to have their own As and thoughts, combined with the VV6 headlights we experienced before to look at this test, its actual performance is still satisfactory. Although it is not spire level, it can be regarded as a Chinese brand close to the people from the perspective of its pricing and positioning. The matrix headlight is No.1. What's more, it also has lasers and subsequent pixel headlights. It can be said that when Chinese brands play with lights, they have chosen to work from the people-friendly market from the beginning, rather than the out-of-reach high-end market.

Well, the lighting test of this issue is here first. I believe that after seeing the matrix headlights of the new VV6, you have a new understanding of the stage results of the Chinese brand in playing lights, and I also believe that the new VV6 is nothing more than a test of the water. With the rapid development of Chinese car companies and self-research capabilities, playing with lights will no longer be exclusive to “BBA”.