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[YesAuto Design Interpretation] Sometimes, some special symbols or badges give people a special sense of “honor”, just like the “M” logo on the body of a BMW or the “AMG” letters on the rear of a Mercedes-Benz car, even if Owners who buy non-performance models sometimes enjoy putting these letters on the rear of the car to show their recognition of brand performance and sports. Today, we turn our attention to an English word “Redline” that is not too common to everyone.

Redline is a brand-new product strategy of Chevrolet that caters to the individual needs of the current automotive market. The Chinese name is Shang·Red Series. The Redline series products first launched in China are two models of the Explorer Cruze, and then the Malibu XL and Volando Redline models were released. Where did the “Redline” come from?

In fact, the Redline series models are not a special product for China. In 2015, at the SEMA Modification Exhibition in Las Vegas, “Redline” debuted in concept form, and Chevrolet released a total of 9 Redline special edition models from pickup trucks to sedan, which is the largest special edition in the history of the brand. Model lineup.

Unlike the “Redline” created to distinguish racing cars, has the two red lines been given new meanings as the times change? We borrowed the upcoming Cruze to find some answers for everyone.

Although the shape and position of the red decorative strip on the car body is different from the red decorative strip on the car that year, this red line still follows the function of the car, which is to provide a more eye-catching recognition effect. This is a car Chevrolet car.

In addition to the Redline model, Cruze will also launch an RS version. Compared with the previous version, which is based on the design of the Corvette sports car, the RS model is inspired by another sports car, the Camaro.

Written at the end:

Chevrolet uses “life force aesthetics” to define the design direction of the new car. From the Corvette racing car half a century ago to the current Cruze, they have always had some inheritance, which is also the embodiment of Chevrolet's own vitality. Whether it is the Redline version or the RS version, their individual design is more to meet the individual needs of young customers. So, is the Redline with the racing “gene” more impressing you, or the RS with the high-performance sports car “gene”?