[YesAuto Technology] The auto show, a stage for automakers, seems to be what it should be, and the giants behind them are not reconciled to “stealth” behind the scenes, even though the organizers will vacate such “one acre and three quarters of land” every time for supply Businesses do display, but most of them are in a quiet place. This year’s Shanghai Auto Show used a new exhibition center. A more reasonable venue layout (albeit large) also allowed the supply mall pavilion to be closer to the new car venue (the relationship between the upper and lower levels). All suppliers also wanted to seize this opportunity to let More people saw them. After experiencing the hustle and bustle of new car launches, our group walked through the supply mall again, and I wondered as I walked, “What should the car manufacturers do without these giants behind them?” ”

Surprise in the parts exhibition hall

When it comes to talking about technology, many people can’t help but frown. They always feel that they are not as enjoyable as looking at new cars. In fact, in the process of communicating with those technicians, I found that their ideas are better than designers, and they are making a new device. At the time, they always thought about how to make people feel the existence of technology. It is precisely because of this reason that the new car can be more confident in the design of the shape and the expression of the concept. However, in the supplier exhibition hall, there is no new car to contrast, those technical controls have shown new technical results in a way that they are good at. First of all, we want to take you to the booths where the experience session is arranged. The driving simulator is a kind of equipment they use, and the simulator here does not require coins.

Aisin Intelligent Driving Assistance System Experience

When it comes to Aisin, perhaps the gearbox you are most familiar with is the gearbox. Indeed, I have no doubts about its extremely high market share in the domestic passenger car automatic transmission market. However, if you want to talk about the stars on the Aisin booth at the Shanghai Auto Show, they are not the “iron bumps” born with “teeth”, but a demonstration of Aisin's intelligent driving assistance system that can be experienced by the audience. .

The intelligent assisted driving system can project navigation information, speed limit prompts, weather forecasts, severe weather driving assistance, AEB collision prevention and warning, etc., onto the front windshield glass through a similar head-up display. At the same time, it also has some impressive features. The warm derivative function is very interesting. Not much to say, you might as well click on the video to see how happy Mr. Zhang, who is with me, is having fun.

Jingxi Heavy Industry Variable Damping Shock Absorber Project Experience

If Aisin is still well-known in the hearts of the majority of car owners, then Jingxi Heavy Industry probably knows very few people, but if it is mentioned in the industry, it is no less famous than Aisin. As a local auto parts manufacturer in China, the acquisition of Delphi Chassis is a highlight in the company's development history, and the CDC variable damping suspension for the well-known Cadillac XTS model also comes from this. Obviously, the experience items on its booth are closely related to the variable damping shock absorber.

Of course, there are more than two parts exhibitors that provide on-site experience services. Other manufacturers are doing their best to narrow the distance with the audience and accumulate popularity for themselves. It's just that because of the different products of each company, there will naturally be differences in the form of experience. There are not only sports interactive projects similar to the above two, but also static interactive exhibits that pay more attention to principle teaching. The following two videos are also presented by Teacher Zhang in person.

Continental Group

Mainland China is a company that started from the tire business. In the next 100 years or so, the company continued to grow. Today, its business has extended to chassis systems, vehicle electronic systems, and of course, in tire technology. The company has never stopped moving forward.

New tire technology

◆ Anti-leakage technology

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◆ Mute technology

A tire with a smaller aspect ratio has a narrower sidewall, so feedback from the road surface is more direct. When the vehicle is cornering, the sidewall deforms less, which is more favorable for the vehicle's handling response. Although such tire specifications emphasize sportiness, for those high-end performance cars, it is difficult to guarantee the comfort during daily driving, and the new quiet low-profile tires from Continental can combine the two. Both states take care of it at the same time.

The polyurethane material inside the tire can block the noise transmitted from the road when the tire is rolling. The original tire manufacturer focused more on the rubber material, and this method of adding new materials is also convenient enough. ContiSilent tires can also take into account comfort without losing the tire grip performance, which is indeed a good choice for those high-end sports cars.

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Chassis control system

When it comes to active safety systems, more people will immediately think of ESP-an English abbreviation for Vehicle Stability System registered by Bosch, and in the mainland booth where we are located, there are also some ESC (English abbreviation for Vehicle Stability System Standard) ) The control unit was on display. In fact, as far as Bosch is concerned, Continental is their most direct competitor in this regard.

The MK C1 system is the latest research and development result of the mainland. It integrates the brake vacuum booster, brake master cylinder and ESC functions into one component. After the structure is simplified, whether in the layout of the whole vehicle or in the new energy vehicle And the application of the anti-collision system has become flexible.

For new energy vehicles, the lack of a vacuum environment provided by the internal combustion engine means that the braking system has been changed (relying on vacuum to provide assistance for braking), and now many manufacturers are using private vacuum pumps to replace internal combustion engines. Vacuum source, this is obviously a way to make up. After the MK C1 system integrates these key components of the brake system, the computer helps the driver to control the brake (including the speed and size of the brake pressure establishment and the traditional ESC function are all realized by this system) Just like the accelerator pedal of an electric car, what the driver steps on is only an electrical signal. You may be worried about what to do if a circuit failure occurs. Engineers have long thought of this problem. In addition to the electronic control system, mechanical control is also reserved. “Back door”, so that in the event of an accident, the driver can still control the braking.

Power technology

Long life toothed belt

We have mentioned this kind of long-life belt more than once. When the original timing system is evolving from a belt to a chain, the main reason is the durability of the chain. On this basis, we continue to work on quietness. Work hard. Now, the belt life problem has been solved. It seems that it is time to bring the rubber belt back.

The long-life belt developed by Continental is superior to the chain in many indicators for measuring the transmission performance of the timing system, especially the quietness. No matter the chain is designed through various optimizations, it is the contact between metal and metal. The mute effect is certainly far less than the contact between rubber and metal. What is rare is that the cost of such a belt is not as high as imagined.

BMW 1.5T aluminum volute turbocharger

Engine downsizing is a trend, and in order to ensure the power output level, adding a turbocharger is a relatively common solution, and in order to be consistent with the overall development direction of the engine, the turbocharger itself should also be lightened. The turbocharger provided by Continental to BMW is exactly the same.

I have to admit that it is difficult for turbocharging technology to make a big breakthrough in the future development. In the foreseeable future, this concept like the one launched by the mainland may be popularized. Another part that may change is the bearing. The current floating Although bearings can meet the demand, durability is a problem. With the maturity of material technology, ball bearings are expected to replace them. what? You say bearings? That can be Schaeffler's best technology.

Schaeffler Group

Schaeffler has played a huge role in promoting the development of the entire automotive industry. This family company from Germany has become a solid technical backing for automotive manufacturers in the fields of ball bearings, engine technology, transmission systems, chassis technology and other auxiliary devices. The three brands of INA, FAG and LuK often appear in the packaging of auto parts that we come into contact with every day.

Let’s take a look at the engine first. Under normal circumstances, the anatomical model of the engine is more likely to appear in the booth of the auto manufacturer, especially the new engine. Let the new technology help the model products increase the degree of attention, but in the booth of Schaeffler Two newest engines from Volkswagen and BMW were presented-the third-generation EA888 2.0T engine and the BMW B38 1.5T three-cylinder engine.

Volkswagen EA888 2.0T engine

The third-generation EA888 of Volkswagen is a topic that we have discussed more recently. We have also done dismantling and technical interpretation articles before, so I won’t repeat them here. Let’s take a look at what Schaeffler provides for the public. What technical support is it?

Bearings are also one of Schaeffler’s best areas. It can be seen from the unplaning model that almost all the bearing components supporting the rotating parts of this engine are provided by Schaeffler. The INA and FAG mentioned above are all Bearing brand, LuK has been dedicated to the research and development and production of clutches since its establishment in 1965. Now, 1 out of every 4 vehicles in the world are equipped with clutches provided by LuK.

BMW B38 1.5T engine

This is a small-displacement turbocharged engine launched by BMW, with a displacement of 1.5L, a three-cylinder structure, and a turbocharger with an aluminum casing (provided by Continental). In addition to the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and MINI using this engine, BMW i8 also chooses to use it to charge the electric system and supply power other than electricity, which shows the strategic position of this engine in the BMW camp.

Other parts display

Like the mainland booth, the focus is on the long-life toothed belts in the timing system. However, the belts are not produced by Schaeffler, but the two companies jointly provide a complete set of Timing system solutions.

In terms of the contribution of the variable timing system, Schaeffler is more focused on the development of VVT regulators. We all know that most of the current variable timing systems are based on electro-hydraulic control, and in the future it may be more flexible. , The development of motor control with a more rapid response speed. Now Mazda’s Chuangchi Blue Sky engine is equipped with an electric regulator provided by Denso. As a giant supplier, they also have a reserve of electronic control technology. It is only in European cars. According to the company, the existing market is not enough to absorb the technical cost brought by this technology.

Control display of dual-clutch gearbox and manual gearbox

Chassis control technology

We all know that the characteristics of the anti-roll bar determine the handling characteristics of the vehicle to a certain extent, and in the adjustment of comfort and handling, it is often faced with the problem of how to balance or choose. Schaeffler's adaptive adjustment The anti-roll bar can adjust its own characteristics according to driving needs.

Whether it is at an auto show or an industry exhibition dedicated to suppliers, Schaeffler’s booth usually has a booth with a large area in a prominent position in the venue. On the one hand, it shows its position in the industry, and on the other On the one hand, if the booth is too small, they really can't hold down their product results. Next time you meet this company's booth, you should really go inside.


BorgWarner is a supplier brand that we often see when introducing engine turbochargers and four-wheel drive systems. In addition, in the field of timing chains, they are also working hard to optimize work. In this way, Keep the chain in the engine as much time as possible, although Schaeffler and Continental agree that long-life belts are the trend.

Timing Chain


Conventional turbochargers have not attracted our attention, because the structural technology of single-stage turbochargers is difficult to make breakthroughs. It is more about improving the performance of turbochargers in software calibration and electronic control. With the rise of small-displacement engines, manufacturers hope to squeeze out more power while ensuring response speed. At this time, a two-stage or multi-stage turbocharger becomes even more important.

The greatest value of this two-stage or three-stage turbocharger lies in its matching with a four-cylinder or three-cylinder engine. Without fundamentally changing the exhaust manifold structure, a larger or smaller diameter is added. The blades, through the design of the air passage, use small-diameter blades for pressurized air intake when the engine is at low speed. When the vehicle is running at high speed, use large-diameter blades to help the engine take in more air to provide the vehicle with Greater motivation.

Other parts:

Components in other systems of the vehicle also include BorgWarner products, which are placed on a table for display, covering three areas: air conditioning equipment, emission control equipment, and thermal efficiency control.

PTC is currently a solution for new energy vehicles to obtain air-conditioning and warm air. In fact, it is an electric heating device, and the hot air is blown out by a blower. Although it has been popularized in diesel vehicles, the EGR valve is a key component for manufacturers to respond to future emission regulations. In contrast, the application of electronically controlled thermostats in engine thermal management has become very common.


Parts companies seem to be “small”, but they are able to burst out amazingly huge potential. We have confirmed this time and time again during this trip to the parts museum. Of course, the first half of this sentence was also mocked by Mr. Mike Stoller, Director of Public Relations of the Honeywell Transportation Department.

When passing by the Honeywell booth, it happened that he was preaching to the past people about the turbocharging technology that Honeywell is good at. Although there are still very few people who are in the mood to visit the parts exhibition hall, it is very rare. His speech still attracted many audiences, including me.

For people outside the industry, Honeywell International is not a well-known company, at least when I heard the name of this company, it had to be postponed until after 2010, and at that time, it was far inferior to Bosch and Continental in my mind. Industry giants such as Denso and Denso are more attractive, but a very accidental opportunity later gave me a new view of this company, and I am also very happy to share it with you.

Founded in aerospace, but playing a pivotal role in the field of automotive power, this is the best summary of Honeywell. In 1914, Honeywell launched the first autopilot flight controller; in 1954, it launched the first commercial weather radar system; in 1975, the first business jet turbofan engine was born from the company. Even if I’m not good at counting the past, I don’t need to over-list them. The achievements of this century-old multinational company in the aerospace industry are obvious to all. Talking about its accomplishments in the automotive field, I’m afraid it was turbocharged 60 years ago. The introduction of technology into the field of automobile manufacturing is the best example.

Today, Honeywell’s annual operating income has reached 40.3 billion U.S. dollars (2014). Although this figure still has a big gap with the Bosch Group’s 61.632 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in the same year, it is still close to TRW and ZF. Compared with the big brands of auto parts, Honeywell is obviously much larger. Undoubtedly, the performance contribution of the auto parts market is indispensable.

Looking around the entire booth, the small booth area is filled with all kinds of turbochargers. This is definitely their home field. From the voices of Mr. Mike Stoller from time to time, I learned that these turbochargers for display are not too big in their heads, and the largest of them is only the size of a microwave oven. The reason is very simple. The turbocharger used in vehicles is not too bloated, and the largest turbocharger currently produced by Honeywell is equivalent to the size of half a booth or a small bedroom, but these turbochargers are mainly used for mining trucks. , Not suitable for the atmosphere of this auto show, so did not show up.

Observe carefully, although the volume and parameters of the superchargers on this exhibition are different, they can be divided into two types. One is a turbocharger with a traditional structure, and the other is a turbocharger with a variable cross-section technology. (VTN) turbocharger, and the latter is also a trump card in Honeywell's hand. This kind of supercharger is actually no different from our traditional supercharger in appearance. At least I can't tell the two apart if I don't cut a corner of these exhibits.

However, the appearance is always full of confusion. Using an electronically controlled mechanical structure , this variable-section turbocharger can close the blades in the variable-section turbocharger when the engine speed is slow, and limit the exhaust gas flowing through the turbine. Flow, thereby increasing turbocharger power and boost pressure. When the engine speed is fast, the moving blades are opened to maximize the exhaust gas flow, thereby avoiding overspeeding of the turbocharger and maintaining the boost pressure required by the engine. In short, it is possible to actively control the working efficiency of the supercharger to improve the power level of the engine.

However, it is a bit regretful that for most domestic car fans, I am afraid it will take some time to use this kind of supercharger. Because the exhaust gas temperature of gasoline engines is too high, it may affect the life of the variable cross-section supercharger. Therefore, this type of supercharger is currently only used in diesel vehicles, and if you want to imitate the widespread use of diesel passenger cars in Europe, It is not a problem that can be solved in a moment, so all we can do right now is to quench my thirst and watch the excitement.

GKN Group

The most recent contact with GKN was at a technical analysis meeting of Rui Teng, and Rui Teng’s four-wheel drive system was provided by this supplier. This supplier deserves our attention. In China, GKN and SAIC have formed a joint venture to form GKN GKN (SDS). At present, all the drive shafts used in domestically produced cars are provided by GKN.

The drive shaft is only a basic business, and the two-stage reducer they developed for the BMW i8 at the door can show GKN's technical research and development capabilities.

At present, most manufacturers of new energy vehicles will match the electric motor with a single-stage reducer. Simply put, the entire powertrain has only one gear, and the acceleration and speed of the vehicle are completely matched by the rotation speed of the motor itself. , The powertrain may be restricted to a certain extent in terms of working conditions. As a sports car with an electric system, the two-stage reducer is also beneficial in terms of working conditions and electric endurance. This feature is comparable to the internal combustion engine. same.


Now manufacturers' needs for four-wheel drive systems are no longer limited to the performance of power distribution. Of course, performance in this area is still important, but they hope to reduce energy consumption. Previously, the ZF ECOnnect system that has been used on Jeep Free Light seems to be a good solution, and now GKN also has it.

In addition to the PTU, the RDU of the rear axle focuses on the dynamic control of the vehicle. The multi-disc clutches on both sides can control the power output of the rear wheels on both sides. It can help the SUV model to obtain better road driving dynamic performance. Of course, this design The same applies to cars.

Faurecia Group

Last year, we took the opportunity of visiting the Dongfeng plant to walk into their exhaust system supplier-Faurecia. Faurecia is the most important exhaust system supplier in the global automotive industry. In addition, their internal The decoration business is also very large. Under normal circumstances, this supplier will build factories around some car hinterlands, in this way, establish closer contact with customers, and at the same time, can improve logistics efficiency.


Compared with the cold mechanical parts of other booths, the Valeo booth was obviously much more interesting. Various types of electronic smart devices and technologically-sense auto parts can also make people stop.

Virtual key technology can be regarded as the star of Valeo’s booth. Of course, this technology is not publicly available for the first time. We saw it at the CES US Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. It’s just a close experience in China. Number for the first time.

Simply put, this set of virtual if technology (InBlue) is to use other electronic devices (such as smart phones) to unlock the vehicle or obtain vehicle information, and the above functions can be achieved through the pre-downloaded App. Many people may say that this function is not uncommon, and there are already many models that support similar functions on the market. Is Valeo cooking cold rice? otherwise! The difference mainly lies in the way of data interaction.

At present, most of the virtual key technologies on the market are mainly based on the mobile Internet to realize data transmission, and realize the remote control and information acquisition of vehicles through the built-in App of the mobile phone and mobile network signals. However, we can imagine that although mobile internet technology has been highly developed, there are still many places, such as deep underground parking lots, bridges, or claustrophobic trails lined with tall buildings. It is common to have no signal. In similar situations, the “key” Failure will make you embarrassed, but InBlue does not have such an annoyance. After improvement, Valeo's Virtual If technology can not only achieve vehicle-machine interconnection through mobile networks, but also communicate with vehicles through Bluetooth when there is no network signal. This greatly improves the reliability of the technology, so you no longer have to worry about it. Find a signal and use Teng Nuo Dafa.

In addition, Valeo's virtual key technology also hides another very user-friendly function. In daily life, from time to time, a friend will ask you to borrow a car and take a walk, but if you happen to be busy with work or on a business trip and cannot deliver the key to him personally, you may be mistaken for being stingy. But using InBlue's built-in virtual key sharing function, you can hand over the key to your friend on time and on time no matter where you are, and you don’t need to go there in person. As long as you send an authorization, he can obtain a temporary virtual key permission. , It's simple, and it has a face!

Of course, Valeo's virtual key technology still has some stubborn problems that cannot be solved. For example, what should I do if my mobile phone is out of power? A word from the staff at Valeo's booth also made me drunk, “Find a place to recharge!” It seems that this is the only feasible way. However, according to his thinking, I have a better suggestion. Buy a power bank!

■ Bosch

When observing the layout of the venue before the opening of the car show, we once again found that Bosch's booth was different from most parts suppliers. It chose to arrange it in the car brand exhibition hall. This attitude is very consistent with its “identity” in the automotive field. . Unlike other vendors’ booths that put “fist products” in the most conspicuous position, Bosch’s booth did not seem to have reserved a place for star products. The reason is simple, that is, every product is a star. However, with limited time, we still discovered so many new products at a glance.

The first thing we discovered was the corresponding component developed by Bosch for the star technology at this exhibition-autonomous driving. It is a seemingly inconspicuous sensor.

At present, most auto manufacturers are positive and optimistic about autonomous driving. However, due to restrictions on technology research and development, market acceptance, laws and regulations, autonomous driving is still in the primary assisted stage or intermediate semi-autonomous driving stage. Regardless of the stage, the sensors that collect various road information are like the eyes of the entire system. All judgment instructions for the vehicle state need to be based on the collected information, so its importance is self-evident.

When calculating the distance to the vehicle ahead, the traditional camera mainly compares the size of the pixels in the image collected in the previous frame with the pixels in the next frame. The new binocular camera will directly process and compare the collected The image length, width, and height greatly improve the overall judgment accuracy.


While we were still studying sensors, Zhang Ge, who owns an iOS operating system and an Android operating system mobile phone, found a solution to his troubles. It turned out that due to the different operating systems, he often encountered the situation where the in-vehicle interconnection system could not recognize one of the mobile phones. Bosch's mySPIN solved his troubles.

mySPIN can play music, watch video, navigate and other functions through mapping. In addition, this in-vehicle system can also display the collected car data on the mobile phone, which means that it is a two-way mapping with the mobile phone. In the future, car owners can obtain vehicle maintenance information through their mobile phones and can find the nearest repair station.

Every one of us has secrets. We can choose not to talk about some secrets. However, the smart phones are as large as the bank payment terminal, as small as the phone book and call records, which are not something we can hide if we want to hide. Therefore, whether the system is safe or whether hackers can invade has become the content of every user's concern. Bosch engineers set up a “white list” for this system, and only certified mobile apps can enter the “white list” and operate through the in-car entertainment system. This is also the embodiment of Bosch's classic design concept of “the more on-board functions, the easier it is to operate”.

Column type electric power steering system

In addition to the technologies mentioned above, an electric power steering system was also arranged on the Bosch booth. The difference is that the servo unit is arranged on the steering column, which can reduce energy consumption by 90% compared with hydraulic power. This is very much in line with the current trend of vehicle development and design that pursues low energy consumption.


I bid farewell to the Valeo booth and walked alone. The Webasto platform not far away aroused my interest. Webasto is one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive sunroofs. Looking for it here may provide me with some reference.

Unsurprisingly, the entire booth is a sea of skylights. The various skylight exhibits of different specifications make the small booth more crowded. The first thing that stopped me was the modular roof system. Why is it so called? For example, generally speaking, a car is equipped with a sunroof. We can find this feature in a 4S shop. The car is equipped with a sunroof style, regardless of whether it is equipped with a sunroof. There is no difference in structure.

But the biggest feature of this modular roof system is that a car, a body in white, can be loaded with a variety of sunroofs, through the modular design, different roof modules can be installed on a car, so that you can use different sunroofs Choose among styles. For example, if you buy an Audi A6 in the future, you may not need a sunroof, or you can use a normal sunroof or a panoramic sunroof. And the panoramic sunroof can be fully opened, or it can be customized with only one seam. This is true and advocating The preferences of young people with individuality are quite right.

Just as I watched, the staff next to me interrupted my thoughts and asked me what I was coming from. He told me ruthlessly that my father’s “classic car” could not be retrofitted with this system. of. Ok! Then look at others.

Have you heard of the sunroof with infrared absorption function? Perhaps some people have actually heard that it is available on the third-generation smart fortwo. This is true, but this sunroof is for the first time in a separate display in China. Unlike ordinary skylights, this infrared-absorbing skylight not only protects against radiation, but also uses shatter-resistant polycarbonate material to make its own weight only 9.8 kg, which is 50% less weight than glass skylights. . This sunroof can be regarded as a good choice for the design direction of various car dealers who spare no effort to reduce fuel consumption by reducing weight. Of course, if you want to buy this sunroof in the accessories market, it might be a little impractical. Therefore, as a spectator, the only thing I can do is to wipe my saliva here to quench my thirst.

The solar sunroof on the side is also a good helper for summer cars. By equipping the sunroof with solar battery packs, under the scorching sun, even if the vehicle is not started, it can also ventilate and dissipate the interior of the car through solar power. According to calculations, it can reduce the temperature in the car by up to 20°C, which means that when the temperature in the car is as high as 60-70°C at noon, the sunroof alone can reduce the temperature in the car. Close to 30%, so that the driver will no longer have lingering fears due to the heat wave on his face for three to nine days.

What I didn’t expect was that although I didn’t find the answer for my “Skylight Renovation Project” during this trip to the Webasto booth, I accidentally discovered another “exhibit that may not be here” -the new generation The parking preheating system Thermo Top Evo , it seems that in the face of the tide of electric vehicles and new energy vehicles, traditional auto parts manufacturers are also constantly undergoing self-transformation.

As we all know, the battery capacity of electric vehicles and hybrids that are fully or partially powered by electricity in winter will be greatly reduced due to low temperatures, and even affect battery life. This Thermo Top Evo high-voltage electric heating system is Webasto was developed specifically for this purpose. Through the use of its unique layered thermal film technology, the system’s electrothermal conversion efficiency is as high as 99%, and the car owner can directly start the car’s pre-heating system through the built-in software of the mobile phone no matter where he is, or start the on-board pre-heating system 24 hours in advance. Even in winter, the vehicle will not run out of power prematurely and break down halfway due to the influence of the external environment.

Joyson Electronics

To be honest, when we reached the last booth, none of us could walk anymore, but when we saw the exhibits on the booth, the interest of a few people was aroused again. Joyson Electronics, a name we don’t know well, but this company’s customer list is full of well-known brands, such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen…

Edit summary:

Compared with the 8 new car venues, the supplier’s venue area is not too large, but this trip actually took up an entire afternoon. Unlike visiting the new car venues, you will see some novelties at the supplier’s booth. Or something strange, it’s easy to pry open the door of your curiosity, and then you will constantly have new questions coming up. Fortunately, the technicians in the booth are very enthusiastic. When I turned my head inadvertently, I found There are a few technicians around, and they will join you in the discussion. This happened many times when we visited the booth. From this, I can feel that these young technicians are eager to share their results with others. Indeed, to engage in technology research and development must endure that loneliness, and only in this way can suppliers become the indispensable giants of that OEM. (Picture/Text Autohome Technology·Design Channel)