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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Now self-driving tours are extremely hot, but the destinations are quite different. Whether it’s a glimpse from the Internet or in reality, you can always see those hard-core off-road vehicles traveling long distances, climbing over mountains, dragging large “toys” to camping by the lake, or even going to places where ordinary people can’t go. . So for urban SUVs that also have the attributes of self-driving tours, can they only look at it eagerly?

In fact, by simply upgrading the vehicle and learning some necessary driving skills, urban SUVs can also go to some more distinctive scenic spots, and you can also find the feeling of off-road on some light non-paved roads. At the time of spring and summer, self-driving tours with the purpose of camping and picnics have become people’s first choice. For ordinary consumers, they often worry about what camping and picnic equipment to buy. Therefore, we specially plan a series of columns. “Travel Notes”, I will introduce/experience some of the supplies that you will use during self-driving camping. This is a trailer, and the detailed experience content will be provided soon .

Hey, it just happens that there is a Chevrolet Explorer long-term test car in the editorial department. The power combination, four-wheel drive form, and space performance are all in line with our expected models. So far we will “borrow the chicken to lay the eggs” and use this urban SUV to serve Everyone shows what preparations are needed for short-distance self-driving camping on weekends.

Why choose urban SUV

    First of all, we have to make sure that the number of urban SUVs occupies a large proportion in the Chinese passenger car market. In addition, compared with other models, they have the basic qualities of driving on non-paved roads-four-wheel drive, ground clearance and other advantages. As for the gap between each other, it varies from vehicle to vehicle. At present, whether it is a joint venture brand or a Chinese brand SUV, the price range is further dropped. Even if the budget is small, most consumers can buy their favorite models.

In fact, although the content is presented with the explorer car as a carrier, it actually represents a large class of models. The price is in the range of 200,000 to 250,000 yuan; the fuel consumption and power of daily commuting meet the demand; the four-wheel drive system has a certain ability to escape difficulties; even if the space is full, it will not feel very cramped. This type of urban SUV can satisfy the self-driving tour. The demand can also take into account the family car.


There are generally two types of camping trips. The first is more suitable for the elderly and children. In the morning, go out to find a place with mountains and rivers, set up a tent for a picnic, take advantage of the afternoon sun, and then pack up and return. The second type is more suitable for young people. Arrange for three or five friends to arrive in the afternoon, drink and talk in the evening, and sleep in the wild in the true sense of the night. No matter what kind of camping method, some equipment is indispensable. In the preview content of this issue Let me tell you first.

Driving on non-paved roads

    A brief preview of the content of camping equipment, and then talk about driving on non-paved roads. The so-called non-paved road driving can be simply understood as off-road, but off-road covers too much content, some playing mud, some playing rocks, some playing crossing, but what we want to talk about is a very light off-road experience, self-driving There will be some mild muddy, gravel, and potholes on the way, and these roads happen to be the limit that an urban SUV with good four-wheel drive performance can reach.

Written at the end:

     In fact, through preliminary preparations, for urban SUV self-driving tours, although the projects I have listed are more representative, they are certainly not all of them. In addition to a brief introduction to the follow-up content, this article also wants to ask everyone about your doubts when driving on self-driving camping equipment or light off-road roads. At the same time, if you have any other things you want to know, you can leave a message in the comment section. Follow-up We will also share the experience.

The series of “Travel Notes” uses the introduction of SUV self-driving tour to share the above-mentioned car supplies, modification and driving experience on complex non-paved roads from the perspective of practical experience. In this way, everyone can arm themselves and their car before “going out” (picture / car home Li Xiang)