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[YesAuto Model PK] Volkswagen LaVida has always been a model with very good sales performance in the compact class. In the same level, Hyundai Elantra has been closely behind, but it has not surpassed the sales performance maintained by LaVida. At the Beijing Auto Show, Beijing Hyundai brought a new compact car, Langdong. Its dynamic design has attracted the attention of many consumers. It seems that Langdong is already eager to try and officially launch a challenge to the Volkswagen Lavida. .

However, the Volkswagen Lavida is not waiting to die. The mid-term facelift model also appeared on the Volkswagen booth. The shape is similar to the shape of the Passat, giving it a more high-end feeling. Before the launch of these two cars, we will also preemptively make a simple comparison for everyone to see what advantages they have, and whether the new Hyundai Langdong has the capital and ability to defeat the Volkswagen Langyi.

The names of LaVida and LangDong are similar, but the appearance of the two cars is quite different. The lines of LaVida are classic German cars, with straight waistline, regular styling, and proportions in line with the aesthetics of most Chinese people. And the shape of Langdong is absolutely artistic. There is basically no straight line in the whole car, and every line is very elegant across the body. However, the two cars have one thing in common, that is, they are both reduced versions of their older brothers.

By comparing the body size, the length and height of the LaVida are 35mm and 15mm longer than that of the LaVida, and 10mm narrower than the LaVida. It can be said that the measurements are not much different, but the wheelbase of the LaVida is 90mm longer than that of the LaVida, which is very important for the rear space. Important, we will show the internal space in detail on the next page.

Lavida/Langdong body size comparison
Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm)
Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida 4605 1765 1460 2610
Beijing Hyundai Langdong 4570 1775 1445 2700

No matter in general or in details, Lavida is more mature and stable. There are no special highlights or exaggerations, but it looks more coordinated. The shape of Langdong can be described as very dynamic, and it is the same as the “fluid sculpture” style of Sonata Ba.

For the two top models at the auto show, the wheels of Langdong are 17-inches, which are full of sportiness. The wheels of Langyi are 16-inches, and the styling is relatively modest, but it can suit the taste of more people. For families pursuing comfort, large wheels may not be ideal.

Both cars use semi-independent torsion beam rear suspension, the classic family car configuration, but the length of the spring and the shock tube of the Langdong is significantly shorter than that of the Langyi, but there is no chance to experience the actual driving experience, will it be dynamic? Is it short and hard to get up to the sport style?

In general, the appearance of Langdong is more fresh than that of Langyi. Judging from the public's praise for the Sonata eight shape, Langdong's evaluation should be good, but the front face of the public is really too monotonous and somewhat aesthetically tired. However, changing to the Passat style this time can lower the average age of the customer base a lot.

The interior design is the same as the shape. Volkswagen Lavida adheres to a stable and atmospheric design style, while Hyundai Langdong brings more fashionable and sporty style into the shape of the interior. In terms of materials, Langdong has shown a higher level. Instead, the center console of the Volkswagen Lavida of these two cars uses hard materials.

The steering wheels of both cars have adopted the latest design elements of the family. We are already familiar with the style of Volkswagen Lavida, while the design of Hyundai Langdo is more attractive. The multi-function buttons of the Volkswagen LaVida are quite different from the steering wheels of other models of the Grand Master. The buttons are large in size and simple in content.

Both cars are equipped with one-button start and body stabilization systems. Volkswagen Lavida is also equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system to make active safety more comprehensive. In terms of comfort configuration, both cars are equipped with automatic air conditioning and seat heating. On this basis, Hyundai Langdong is also equipped with driver seat ventilation, temperature zone air conditioning and rear exhaust air vents. The overall performance is maintained in Korea. The high cost performance of the series.

In terms of riding space, the performance of the two cars is very close, and Hyundai Langdong, due to the influence of the roof shape, when the 180cm experiencer sits in the back row, there is no more headroom. In terms of seat comfort, Hyundai Langdong is significantly softer than Volkswagen Lavida, and in terms of riding experience, Hyundai Langdong is significantly better than Volkswagen Lavida.

In addition to the riding space, the storage space is also closely related to our daily use. The front and rear doors of both cars are designed with storage compartments. However, Volkswagen Lavida should perform better in terms of space and convenience. The storage compartment of Hyundai Langdo is narrower, and it is not as easy to use as the former.

Hyundai Langdong also designed storage compartments on both sides of the center control panel, and there is an independent 12V power interface on the side close to the co-pilot, which is convenient for us to charge the mobile phone. The user-friendly design is very good. The front row of cup holders has a more general support for bottled water, but it is still better than the Volkswagen Lavida, and the cup holder also has a sliding upper cover. In terms of design, it feels more attentive and attention to detail than the Lavida.

In terms of storage space in the trunk, it can be said that the Volkswagen Lavida has a comprehensive advantage, both in size and in terms of spatial scalability. Hyundai Langdong still maintains the feature that the rear seats cannot be placed. Although our usual utilization rate is not good, the lack of this design will affect the convenience of some daily use if needed.


Today we simply compared the Volkswagen Lavida and Hyundai Langdong. They fully exercise the design elements of the family. Due to the different styles, there is a big gap between the two cars in the age group. Volkswagen Lavida has maintained good sales in the domestic compact class. Although Beijing Hyundai has developed rapidly in recent years, its sales have been maintained below Lavida, and the launch of the new Langdong , Can it surpass the position of Lavida? At the same time Hyundai launched Langdong, Langyi also made a model change. It seems that the pace of the two people has basically been maintained. It seems that there will be a tough battle waiting for them in the future.

The calm and atmospheric design style of Volkswagen Lavida is more suitable for consumers over 35 years old, while the fashionable and dynamic style of modern Lavida is 10 years younger than Lavida, which obviously shows their own different market scope. However, as a family car, comfort and practicality are indeed equally important. After experiencing the two cars separately, I think the design of the Volkswagen Lavida is more acceptable and easy to use in use, and The storage space used and the more spacious riding space also make it more suitable for home use. Hyundai Langdong has shown strong advantages in terms of riding comfort and configuration. However, the appeal of the Volkswagen brand is something Hyundai hasn't been able to offer for the time being, so which car is more suitable for you depends on the needs of consumers.