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[YesAuto Design Decoding] About two weeks ago, we did one thing by collecting spy photos at the time and imagining a new Xiaopeng car (click to enter the imaginary article). Today we did another thing, and took this imaginary picture to the headquarters of Xiaopeng Motors in Tianhe, Guangzhou to find the designer! Don't get me wrong, we are not here to play, so what have we done? Take a look at the text together.

We were sitting in the lobby of Xiaopeng Automobile's headquarters at 10 am in the morning. The 28-degree temperature in Guangzhou made us sweat. It was here that we met Zhang Lihua, the exterior design director of Xiaopeng Automobile. At the moment he was seated, I saw the number 00027 on the work card on his chest. Today, Xiaopeng Motors has thousands of employees, and this number means that the design director started his business in a private house from the beginning of its establishment. Came here.

Returning to the book, today we are here to talk about the P7, which is a pure electric car with the internal code name E28. After the G3, this is also the second pure electric car launched by Xiaopeng Motors. Different from the G3, the P7 is positioned in a car, and the body posture is more inclined to the coupe style.

Before talking about this new car, the design director asked with interest to take a closer look at our imaginary picture. Since it's all coming sooner or later, we have to watch it, so we turned on the power of the hand-painted board… let's see how much we can guess.

○ P7 and lightsaber 2.0

After commenting on the imaginary picture, we also saw the designer's own rendering for the first time. A lot of detailed questions lingering in my mind finally came to light. For example, the lightsaber headlights that we have referred to and assumed before have actually evolved into the lightsaber headlight 2.0 version on the P7. Earlier we mentioned that the design of the new car was inspired by the interstellar, and the split headlights of the P7 front reflect the “interstellar light”. The designer hopes to give life to the product with flowing light. The feeling from G3 to P7 lightsaber is evolving. , I tried interaction and communication. The designer said that both of them reflect the sense of science and technology, but we changed to a more clever way of expression.

Zhang Lihua said frankly that the P7's through-type headlights are an important part of human-vehicle interaction. When most car companies are still talking about bionics, such as Eagle Eye Headlights and Leopard Eye Headlights, the designers of Xiaopeng Motors will Attention shifted to the sense of technology. Not to deny bionics, but as a smart car, technology and science fiction are more desirable.

Of course, it's not just “cool”. The light language that P7 can achieve includes greetings, follow, and feedback. The through-type light strip also appears at the rear of the car, echoing the headlights back and forth.

○ “Small” design and “Big” design

When talking about P7, I had a feeling that the young designer in front of me has a rationality that other designers don't often have. We always say: Engineers are rigorous, designers are unrestrained. Zhang Lihua said that in Xiaopeng Motors, whether it is the engineering department or the design department, we are all serving for one product. So “dimension” is a very important issue. As a designer, I will jump out of the small dimensions of design and think more about design issues from the perspective of the product. Engineers have the same reason, so in Xiaopeng: “Engineers need to be divergent and bold, while designers need to be more rational and practical.”

The most talked about design, especially in the sketching stage, may be feeling and inspiration, and inspiration is fragmented, and how to integrate inspiration with logical thinking is what the designer should do most. In the field of design, its development is also subject to two major factors:

First, users. Second, technology.

Let me talk about the human factor first. At the moment, users’ car purchase needs are quietly changing, and people’s life scenes are more subdivided. Maybe we used to consider many scenarios and the various needs of several family members when buying cars. The final result is a compromise; but now, our own As a result, “my car must be different”. The individuality and distinctive needs are highlighted. The result is “my car must be different”.

Talking about technical factors. The innovation and iteration of technological means have achieved design in a sense, and design cannot be separated from the support of technology. For example, the thin and long light strip on the front of the current P7 could not be manufactured in the past because the technical level does not allow it, but now it has quietly appeared in the design of many electric vehicles.

If it is said how to achieve a good product, then it needs to be divided into two steps: First, achieve concern. Second, make a purchase. In the same way, a good design is far more than pure visual beauty. On the basis of good-looking, it can satisfy the functionality and achieve high cost performance, and finally achieve the purchase. This is like a supercar that is full of streets can achieve attention, but not many people will buy it, because it has not achieved high cost performance.

Therefore, the state that designers hope on P7 is: to achieve a high-quality design with less expensive means. Zhang Lihua gave an example. In the design of the G3 taillight, he used parametric design to achieve a hierarchical sense of science and technology through the structural changes inside the lamp cavity. Xiaopeng uses the same logic on the P7, which is more open than the G3 design. Lihua said that as Xiaopeng’s second car, he is not eager to solidify any elements on the P7. To create more possibilities, look at the feedback from the market to decide whether or not the design will stay.

As we finished the interview, we did not expect Lihua to invite us to lunch, of course, in the cafeteria of Xiaopeng's headquarters. To know how the opportunity of “Eating in Guangzhou” can be missed, it seems that this is also a windfall of our Xiaopeng trip.

Full text summary:

Chatting with designers is quite unreliable. Finally, we have talked from P7 to the category of “big design”, but we all say that the quality of a product depends on the height of the designer. In the conversation with Lihua, we saw Xiaopeng The car's emphasis on design also sees the determination of a new car company in the competition. P7 will be officially unveiled at this Shanghai Auto Show. If you are interested in it, you might as well come to the Xiaopeng Auto booth during the auto show.