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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Many people will inevitably leave a place for Ferrari in the Dream Cars list. In order to achieve their dreams faster, many people will choose to own a second-hand or old Ferrari. Ferrari is now innovating so fast that many classic models are no longer so eye-catching.

Being the owner of old Ferrari models does not mean that you will not be able to get exclusive services and user experience from Maranello. In order to let more old Ferrari owners and those who may become owners of old Ferraris in the future have no regrets According to his original decision, Ferrari recently launched a Ferrari Premium maintenance plan for its old models.

The Ferrari Premium maintenance plan is also conditional. Ferrari has made clear regulations for the models that can enjoy the maintenance plan. These old Ferraris need to meet the official certification conditions and obtain a certificate to enjoy this maintenance plan. This maintenance plan for the old Ferrari includes replacing vulnerable parts and providing a set of value-added exclusive parts package, which includes lubrication system, hydraulic power steering system, fuel system and brake system.

The models that can enjoy the Ferrari Premium maintenance plan include all models of Ferrari 360, 612 and F430, 456 GT/GTA, 456 M GT/GTA, 550 Maranello/Barchetta, 575 Maranello/Superamerica, 599 GTB Fiorano, 599 SA Aperta, 599 GTO And Enzo.

The oldest model in the maintenance program, the Ferrari 456 GT, was born in 1992, and the “youngest” 599 GTB was launched in 2006. In addition to the maintenance service, the old Ferrari that has obtained the certificate can also enjoy the recall and warranty service. Ferrari models that have obtained the Ferrari Premium certificate will also be awarded the Ferrari Classiche certificate in the 20th year from the date of first registration, which means that the old Ferrari in the hands of the owner has officially become a member of the classic Ferrari. (The picture comes from Li Haopeng, the home of the network car