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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owners] Speaking of the undisputed top spot in the domestic MPV market, the Buick GL8 is naturally the Buick GL8. Since its official entry into the Chinese market in 1999, the top few on the sales list will always have its presence, and at the same time It has almost become the first choice for domestic business reception. It is also difficult to count how many GL8s have been sold since entering the country and how many drivers are now driving it on the road every day. At the beginning of November this year, the brand-new GL8 was officially launched, and the new car launched 5 models with a price range of 289,900 to 449,900 yuan. The new generation of Buick GL8 is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, and for the first time adopts a multi-link rear independent suspension. All these have really given the new generation of GL8 a stronger product competitiveness. However, whether the new car is good or not, some people will definitely have more say than me. They are the owners of the old GL8. How much is the new GL8 better than the old one? How about driving the 2.0T engine instead of the previous 3.0L V6? Are there any more humane enhancements in the details? With this question, we asked three owners of the old GL8 and asked them to take a look at the new GL8 with us based on their years of experience in car use.

Master Yuan who runs 7000 kilometers a month

The first Master Yuan we invited was a full-time driver who belonged to a car rental company in Shanghai. He drove a 2011 3.0L GT luxury business TAG Heuer version. Master Yuan, as a highly experienced veteran driver, drove too much This GL8 model is also full of emotions for all generations of GL8 models. At present, the 3.0 GT luxury business TAG Heuer version he is driving has driven no less than 300,000 kilometers. It travels around the Yangtze River Delta every day. The mileage of a month is expected to be also At about 7000 kilometers. Hearing that he could get close to the new GL8 this time, Master Yuan did not hesitate to agree to our interview request and be invited.

It can be seen that Master Yuan is still very satisfied with the upgrade of the new GL8. From the overall improvement in configuration to the optimization of some details and workmanship, Master Yuan is very impressed. At the same time, he is also very satisfied with the GL8's new powertrain. Compared with the 3.0L model he drove, the gear shifting is smoother. In terms of space, it is mainly in the design of storage space, which is much better than the old GL8 he bought at that time. But Master Yuan also put forward a lot of his own ideas and suggestions, such as hoping to add a 12V power supply in the trunk.

● Master Wei who is also a full-time driver

Master Wei and Master Yuan in front are colleagues in a company. They drive a 2014 2.4L CT luxury business comfort version, and they have traveled as much as 200,000 kilometers. His car has been traveling between cities in the upper triangle for many years. Sometimes it's a day to go back and forth in Hefei. Master Wei said that the main purpose of his trip was to see how much the new GL8 has improved. After all, as a full-time driver, he will meet the new GL8 sooner or later, and wants to get familiar with this future car in advance.

Master Wei also has many unique insights on the new GL8, and he is still positive about the overall configuration improvement of the vehicle and the improvement of some details. For example, the use of LED headlights changed to a button-type electronic handbrake, as well as the second-row leg drag and electric seats, which further improved the comfort and convenience of the vehicle. At the same time, he added a new powertrain to the GL8. I also expressed my satisfaction. Compared with the 2.4L model I drove, the power is more powerful. In terms of space, it is mainly in the design of storage space. Master Wei also shared a lot of his own experience and tips, such as using the storage compartment on the side of the trunk.

● Mr. Bag purchased for home use

Finally, Mr. Bao we invited was the only home user, different from the previous two full-time drivers. Mr. Bao bought the car as the second car of the family. He usually takes his family and friends to go out for fun. The car he drives is the 2015 2.4L luxury business exclusive version. Now he has driven more than 40,000 kilometers. Relatively close to the intensity of ordinary household consumers. Finally, let us listen to Mr. Bao's views on the new GL8.

As the only family user, Mr. Bao, many of his views on vehicles are based on the perspective of improving the comfort of family members and the convenience of daily use. For example, multi-stage pedals can make it easier for the elderly and children in the home to get on and off the car, seat The equipped USB interface can charge the family's mobile phone when traveling at any time. The seat cushions can make the elderly and children sit more comfortable. At the same time, the three-zone air conditioner can also allow different passengers in the car to find a more suitable temperature. In general, Mr. Bao was very satisfied with the many configuration improvements in the car.

● Edit comment:

Judging from the evaluations of the three car owners, in general, they all hold a positive attitude towards GL8. The three car owners also expressed their views on the comparison between the new GL8 and the current models they have opened: The appearance, internal configuration and the entire powertrain have been greatly improved on the basis of the old models. For example, the newly designed styling, the cool LED headlights, and the standard keyless start for all systems, the high-end models use a keyless entry system, optimized storage and configuration details, and a more comfortable second-row seating space. The matching degree of the powertrain has also received unanimous praise. However, the structure of the wiper was changed, the lights in the trunk and the third row were cancelled, and the change in the position of the battery did not escape the eyes of old car owners. In the end, the three car owners shared the conclusion that the GL8 is still one of the best competitive products in the same level, whether in the business reception or home field. If there is a car replacement plan in the future, the GL8 will be considered first.

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