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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] In recent times, the most popular MPV on the market is probably the new Touran L from SAIC Volkswagen. As a new generation of Touran models, Touran L is built on the MQB platform and adopts Volkswagen’s latest family-style design language. It is equipped with a lot of luxurious technology and equipment. It also launched a seven-seater, native child safety seat and electric tailgate. And other attractive elements, these really make our eyes shine. However, whether the new car is good or not and how much it has improved, I think some people will definitely have more say than me. They are the owners of the old Touran, or the owners of the Touran on sale. After years of acquaintance with Touran, a new guy suddenly popped up in front of him. Needless to say, these old car owners will definitely look at it up and down carefully.

● I was afraid of DSG failure, so I bought a manual transmission, Mr. Huang

Mr. Huang is a corporate executive. In 2011, Touran happened to undergo a replacement. The original 1.8T and 2.0L naturally aspirated engines were cancelled and replaced by 1.4TSI turbocharged engines and 7-speed DSG powertrains. to make. At that time, Mr. Huang was very excited and ordered a new car as soon as possible. Because it happened to be the stage where DSG failures were frequent, so after repeated consideration, Mr. Huang bought a manual transmission model. I heard that as the first batch of netizens this time, I had a close contact with Touran L. Mr. Huang did not hesitate to agree to our interview request.

It can be seen that Mr. Huang still has a positive attitude towards Touran L in general, especially the mention of Touran L's body, as well as the detailed design and humanized experience, which left a very deep impression on Mr. Huang. At the same time, he is also very satisfied with the interior space of Touran L, especially in the design of storage space and some comfort configurations, it is indeed much stronger than the old Touran he bought at the time. However, Mr. Huang also said that the seven-seater layout is not very practical for a home MPV of the size of Touran, and the price-performance ratio of the child safety seat is not particularly high. If you buy it yourself, you should still choose a five-seater model.

● Mr. Ma who likes to go fishing on weekends

    Compared to Mr. Huang, the next Mr. Ma will be a little older. He is a financial officer in the company and can be regarded as an old financer. He must be more selective in car selection and other aspects. careless. Mr. Ma’s car has the same configuration as Mr. Huang. Older consumers always have a special preference for manual transmission. Perhaps it is because of the driving habits left over when automatic transmission was not popular in the early years. I think the driving experience of manual transmission will be more free and open. So what does Mr. Ma think of the top-of-the-line Touran L?

Mr. Ma is not a particularly eloquent person, but for Touran L, he still confessed his praise for the new car. Like Mr. Huang, Mr. Ma also feels that Touran L looks obviously much bigger than his old Touran, but older consumers do need to be more rational. Faced with the ultra-high configuration of the Touran L in front of him, Ma The husband rationally expressed his opinion that he would not choose sunroofs, third-row seats and child seats. Regarding the latter, we jokingly asked Mr. Ma what is the highest price that you can accept if you choose to choose it. Mr. Ma replied with a solemn answer, “The price of this child seat cannot exceed 2,000 yuan, or I might as well go. Buy one in the market and install it.” It really is the old financial way of thinking. At the same time, Mr. Ma also praised the more space in the second row and the second and third rows of seats that can be completely flattened. He felt that when he was out on an outing, the old Touran he was driving could not be leveled. Not very convenient. The new car is much more humane, and you can buy a special mat, so that camping outside is not a big problem.

● Mr. Zhu who bought a high-end product and DSG has no faults

Compared with Mr. Huang and Mr. Ma, the next Mr. Zhu is the only veteran owner of an old Touran with a high automatic transmission model in this interview. Mr. Zhu is a company employee. To him, Touran is a tool used to commute to and from get off work every day. Therefore, in the face of urban congestion, automatic transmission is essential. Regarding the DSG gearbox failure that broke out during the purchase of the car at that time, Mr. Zhu said that his car has not encountered any problems so far, and the extended warranty measures of Volkswagen also made him more at ease, so he did not regret choosing automatic at that time. Block version of Touran.

Judging from Mr. Zhu’s feedback, since he was buying a high-end automatic transmission model, which already had automatic parking, sunroof and automatic transmission, the new configurations on the Tuan L did not make him feel. Too much improvement, but the ease of use has improved. However, he also mentioned that including LED daytime running lights, electric seats, larger and more comfortable second-row seats and electric tailgate are his favorites. Like Mr. Huang, he also expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of one-button lift for the second-row windows, and for the third-row and child safety seats, Mr. Zhu also said that it would not make much sense to choose an option.

Editor's comment:

Judging from the evaluations of the three old car owners, in general, they are positive about Touran L, especially the larger body size, more spacious interior space and the Higher configuration. Of course, it will cost more than 200,000 yuan to buy the top-equipped Touran. After all, such users are still few. Therefore, the three car owners also expressed their views on the detailed design and configuration. Such as LED daytime running lights, storage boxes on the left side of the steering wheel, reasonable entertainment system panel positions, larger door storage boxes, flat second-row middle ground, panoramic sunroofs and electric seats, as well as The flat second-row seats have received unanimous praise. Of course, details such as the size of the wiper blades, the structure of the accelerator pedal, and the lack of a 12V power connector in the second row have certainly not escaped the eyes of the old car owners. In the end, the three car owners shared the conclusion that the new car is bigger and more comfortable, but it is still recommended that you buy a five-seater version of the automatic transmission model. From experience, it is judged that the five-seater will be more practical than the seven-seater.

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