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[YesAuto Interview with Car Owners] “Old Car Owners Talking about New Cars” is a brand-new column of the shopping guide group. We have been accustomed to reading countless professional editorial car reviews and other content, but for the in-depth aspects of the use of a car, we as editors Not much is mentioned, after all, we never had it. Therefore, this column aims to change our perspective and evaluate the latest models of their cars from the perspectives of old car owners. Based on perceptual or rational evaluation, we can talk about the progress and shortcomings of new products in their eyes. Perhaps their views are not professional, but they are definitely true enough.

After the introduction of the column, let’s move on to the topic. The three guests we invited to the first issue are all Land Rover’s fourth-generation discovery owners. Let them talk to us about the “Five-Tastes Discovered by the New Generation of Land Rover”.

The whole new generation of Land Rover found that this product innovation is a real change compared to the previous model. It has faded from its tough appearance, put on “gorgeous clothes”, and has real progress in its heart. Many people may think that the new generation has lost the taste of old models. Is that true? Has the new generation discovered the advantages of inheriting the old models? Has it changed the deficiencies of the old models? The three fourth-generation discovery owners we invited today will discuss these topics with you.

The three guests we invited this time are all the old car owners discovered by the fourth generation. They are all from Beijing: the mature and sophisticated Mr. Jin, the young and beautiful Ms. Zhan, and the young and promising Mr. Wu. Their car has traveled at least 30,000 kilometers and the highest has traveled 85,000 kilometers. It can be said that they have a deep understanding of Land Rover Discovery products.

Three old car owners talk about their car

Speaking of their understanding of the fourth-generation discovery models, they have the most say, so before experiencing the new generation of discovery models, let's talk to these three owners about their cars. How do they “tie the knot” with their car? In their eyes, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the fourth generation discovery?

Regarding the fourth-generation discovery, the three old car owners all spoke highly of the appearance of the model. Regardless of the tough lines or the standard and atmospheric styling, they were the absolute reason for buying this model to a large extent. In addition to the appearance characteristics, the fourth generation finds excellent off-road and escape ability, which is also very critical. Coincidentally, the three car owners all appeared in the previous car purchase list of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class (now called Mercedes-Benz GLE), but the reason why they chose the fourth-generation discovery is that its styling is more hardcore. Won their unanimous affection.

The interior materials are also praised by the three car owners. Among them, Ms. Zhan and Mr. Jin made complaints about the multimedia system discovered in the fourth generation, believing that it lacks a sense of technology and the size of the multimedia LCD screen is not large enough. But Mr. Wu, who pays more attention to the fourth-generation discovery of playability, doesn't care about these “superficial” things. He always believes that the configuration is enough and the hardware in the bones is essential.

Ms. Zhan also added: “It is said on the Internet that there are many minor problems in the fourth generation, and there are even various news reports about these problems. But after more than three years of use, it is really not as wicked as what is said on the Internet. The problem is really exaggerated.”

Excellent seating space is also one of the characteristics discovered by the fourth generation. Whether it is the driver’s seating space, the field of view, or the seating space of the rear passengers, the performance is very good. Ms. Zhan said: “The fourth generation found that in addition to the appearance that attracted me, it was because it had a good driving vision that made me make up my mind to buy. In addition to the front row space, thanks to the stepped body design, the rear head, The legroom is also very rich, which is enough for a family like it with two children.”

But for the storage space, the three car owners all agreed that the front row storage compartments are few and inconvenient to use, but the second and third rows have been significantly improved.

The use of the storage space in the trunk of the three car owners really surprised us. Basically, everyone used the trunk space to its fullest. Mr. Wu gave us an example: “I had a family trip to Yunnan by car before, and did not book a hotel in advance. As a result, when I was looking for a hotel at night, I bumped into walls everywhere. The rooms were basically full. When he was worried, someone suggested that he might as well sleep in. In the car, he really tried it, and found that after the second discharge was inverted, it was no problem to put on mats, wife, and children to sleep. Since then, this location has become a place where children often travel and rest.” It can be seen that the fourth generation found it. The trunk space is really big enough.

Finally, regarding the power performance and daily driving experience discovered by the fourth generation, we also had a brief chat with the three car owners. They all said that, after all, the curb weight of this car has reached close to 2.6 tons, so the performance of this 3.0L supercharged engine with an output of 340 horsepower on this car is basically as they expected. The power output is linear. Not too explosive.

The three car owners also expressed a small dissatisfaction with the fuel consumption performance of this car, just as Mr. Wu said: “Although the fuel consumption is very high, he basically doesn't care too much, otherwise he would have long been in order to save fuel. Replaced the all-terrain tires.” Basically, I don’t care too much about this kind of thing.

After talking about the fourth-generation discovery for so long, I believe everyone can’t wait to know how they evaluate the new-generation discovery, so next, let’s quickly get to the topic.

How do old car owners view the new generation of discovery?

First impression of the new generation of discovery

Speaking of the first impression, Mr. Wu preemptively said: “This is the first time I have seen the discovery of the whole new generation. Just by looking at it, I think it is a lot more enchanting compared to the fourth-generation model.” Mr. Jin thinks that the whole new generation has discovered the whole The breath is obviously closer to the urban SUV. I have always loved outdoor sports, and Ms. Zhan, who loves hardcore SUVs, commented: “I have seen pictures of the new generation of discoveries on the Internet before, and I always feel a bit “mother”. I don’t like the fierceness of the fourth-generation models. I don’t like it. It’s not so exaggerated to see the real car, but the style has indeed changed.”

How to evaluate the new generation of discoveries?

The three old discovery car owners took a closer look around the new generation of discoveries, and then looked at their car parked aside, but they had a lot of thoughts in their minds. Previously, the new generation of discovered models was mixed in the eyes of netizens. So how do these three old discovered car owners comment on it?

Nowadays, family-style design has become an indispensable part of car design. Combined with the positioning of the new generation of discovery, it tends to be more urban, so it is inevitable that new cars will no longer be extremely tough in styling. Therefore, the three owners of the fourth-generation Discovery model, which are hard-core styles, are not too cold with the new generation of Discovery. I think this is mainly caused by the difference between the two car owners.

But when they came to the car, the three old car owners obviously did not resist the appearance of the new generation of Discovery, and they appreciated the interior of the new generation of Discovery. What are the reasons? Let's continue reading.

The overall enhancement of the interior luxury sense has been affirmed by the three old car owners, and some details have been upgraded, such as the increase of the front USB interface, the rich and varied storage space design, and the clearer and higher layout of the center console panel. The blessing of technological configuration has indeed been significantly improved compared to the previous generation of discovery models.

In fact, for the new generation of three old car owners praised by the new generation, we have made a detailed comparison before, so let’s review it briefly.

Compared with the old model, the storage space has been optimized in all aspects, especially the open storage space has increased a lot. The driver’s personal belongings can be easily found in the storage location. In addition, the refrigerator design has been added to the central armrest. It's really convenient.

Three old car owners talk about road driving

After understanding the new generation of Discovery from the outside to the inside, the three car owners can’t wait to drive. They are looking forward to the new generation of Discovery that can give them more surprises in their driving experience.

The 3.0 V6 HSE LUXURY model tested is still equipped with a 3.0L V6 supercharged engine, with a maximum output of 340 horsepower at 6500 rpm, a peak torque of 450 N·m/3500-4000 rpm, and the matching is still an 8-speed automatic manual transmission. , The power parameter data is completely consistent with the old model.

As the first experiencer, Mr. Jin sighed that the new generation found that the steering wheel was much lighter, which was more convenient for daily use. Although the power has not changed from the old model, the new car is obviously lighter to drive. , The gear shifting connection of the gearbox is also in place. In addition, Mr. Jin also mentioned that the mute found in the new generation has indeed been improved, and both engine noise and tire noise have been reduced a lot.

As the youngest handsome guy among the three old car owners, Mr. Wu has a deeper experience of power, switching to sports mode to simply experience the power found by the new generation. He admitted that the new generation found that the light body brings a more radical power experience than in the past. Although there is not much change, the 3.0L supercharged engine with the same power output feels “stronger” on this car. It is more comfortable when overtaking and changing lanes. However, Mr. Wu actually likes to play off-road the most, this simple power boost has not yet reached the feeling that makes him happy.

When driving, Ms. Zhan pays more attention to the driver’s field of vision. After all, as a woman who is not tall, her feelings are very important. In addition, she has always believed that the group of female car owners is actually a group of female car owners like the fourth generation of this model. Very huge. After a simple driving experience, Ms. Zhan believes that there is no major problem with the driving vision, and the A-pillar blind spot problem has been improved, but the instrument panel is a bit obstructing the front. In addition, for the performance of the air suspension, Ms. Zhan thinks that it is “a lot harder” compared to the fourth generation, but it is still very comfortable, but it does not have the feeling of riding a boat in the past.

After experiencing a simple road driving experience, we also led three old car owners to a simple off-road test drive site to have some basic off-road experience and let them feel it.

Simple field off-road experience

Coming to the off-road field, first understand the four-wheel drive system of this test drive. It is equipped with Land Rover's second-generation all-terrain feedback system and is equipped with a central two-speed transfer case. This test drive is also optional The rear axle electronic differential lock, fully automatic control. In addition, the torque can be magnified 3 times in low-speed four-wheel drive mode. Therefore, there is no difficulty in dealing with some simple off-road projects.

The optional rear axle electronic differential lock costs 12,000 yuan, which is basically optional for users who love off-roading. The electronic suspension is the standard configuration of the whole system, which is very kind. Mr. Jin is still the first person to experience off-road. As he occasionally participates in some off-road activities, he is very much looking forward to the performance of the new generation of discovery.

In fact, like this kind of simple off-road venue, including climbing, wading and other experiences, you basically hand it over to the electronic system vehicle and it will do it all for you. The fully automatic mode is basically enough to deal with these small projects. This was found in the previous generation of models. This is already the case.

The off-road ability alone, the new generation found that it has not weakened at all, and many auxiliary information displays can also make off-road easier. But for Mr. Wu, it is difficult to accept without a non-load-bearing body in his heart, but from the actual performance, the new generation of load-bearing body found that the off-road capability has not been affected.

Full text summary

After a day of experience, the three old car owners also had a simple understanding of the new generation of discoveries. In fact, everyone's views are relatively consistent. The appearance is really unacceptable to these old car owners. They think that the new generation of Discovery, which has lost its tough style, has somewhat lost the foundation of the discovery model. However, the all-round enhancement of the interior luxury has made up for many shortcomings and made everyone feel very like it. As for the driving quality, the improvement of the power experience brought by the weight reduction of the car body and the work on the quietness are also the improvements found by the new generation. In the end, when the three old car owners were asked whether they would consider the discovery of the new generation if they changed their cars, they all gave negatives. The reason is not the product strength, but the feelings for the discovery in the minds of the fourth-generation car owners. Faded.