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[YesAuto Model PK] Since 2012, domestic passenger car sales have continued to maintain a growth trend, but the life of independent brands has not been easy, and both market share and sales have declined compared with the previous month. While the independent brands are struggling, we have seen that some old joint venture models that have been on the market for many years and are not technologically advanced are still selling well.

Is there really such a big gap between independent and joint ventures? Are our newly produced models inferior to those old joint venture models that have been on the market for 6, 7 or even 10 years? With such a question, we started this comparison, not only to explore the answer, but also to provide a platform for a fair display of autonomous vehicles.

Of course, everyone can be absolutely assured of the fairness of this comparison. We will not favor independent brands, nor will we just say good things for joint venture brands. Everything is based on data, and there are pictures and the truth.

This article compares models
Model Excelle
Great Wall C50
1.5T manual distinguished type
Selling price 10.79 million 91,800 yuan
Market Offer Around 20,000 yuan Around 3000 yuan
Price range after discount Around 8.79 million yuan Around 88,800 yuan

The two models to be compared are the Great Wall C50 (hereinafter referred to as C50) that has been highly evaluated by the Excelle, the domestic sales champion of compact cars, and the editorial department as of July. They also represent the best-selling joint venture old models and excellent quality independent new cars. The prices of the two cars are the same after the discount, and the comparison is in the same price range.

Appearance size: different styles, C50 leading in various sizes

Body size comparison
Body size Excelle
Great Wall C50
1.5T manual distinguished type
Length (mm) 4515 4650
Width (mm) 1725 1775
Height (mm) 1445 1455
Wheelbase (mm) 2600 2700

Excelle and C50 have different design styles. Excelle is calm and moderate, while C50 takes a dynamic route. In terms of body size, Great Wall C50 is in the lead, surpassing Excelle in terms of length, width, height, and wheelbase. In particular, the wheelbase of 2700mm surpasses Excelle 100mm, which may be more advantageous in terms of seating space in the car. .

Tire size comparison
Model Excelle
Great Wall C50
1.5T manual distinguished type
Tire size 195/55 R15 205/55 R16
Tire brand model Kumho POWERMAX 769 Cooper ZEON ATP
Single retail price (yuan) Around 310 Around 450

In terms of tires, the size of Excelle is 195/55 R15, and the brand is Kumho POWERMAX 769. The price found on the Internet is about 310 yuan. The size of C50 wheels and tires is also larger, reaching 205/55 R16. We compare The test car used Cooper ZEON ATP tires, which is different from the Giti tires that have been equipped before.

In terms of spare tires, the independent model C50 is more kind. The combination of full-size spare tires and aluminum alloy wheels is exactly the same as the original tires, which has better safety after replacement; Excelle's non-full-size spare tires are 185/ The cost of 45 R14 is significantly lower than that of C50, and the safety of replacing it with a spare tire will also be lower.

Comparison of sheet metal seams: Excelle seams are smaller

In addition to regular projects, we also simply compared the sheet metal craftsmanship of the two cars. We select the two sides where the engine cover and the body join for comparison.

By comparison, we can see that at the same location, Excelle’s sheet metal workmanship is indeed better, and the distance between the seams is smaller; the seams of C50 are also considered uniform, but the width of the gap is significantly larger than Excelle, and there is room for improvement.

Central control interior: Excelle uses better materials and more storage compartments

The interiors of the two cars are designed in different styles. The light-colored interiors of Excelle are very homely with wood grain decorations, while the interior styles of C50 are very common in independent models. The black countertops and silver decorative strips are more youthful and fashionable. , Can be accepted by more people (many people do not like wood grain interiors).

The joint-venture brand Excelle is more dominant in the interior materials. The soft material table top feels good, and the various parts from the workmanship to the seam treatment are also more textured. In fact, in the past two years, independent brands have improved the craftsmanship of their interiors. The same plastic parts have also begun to add textures to eliminate the sense of cheapness. For example, the Zhonghua H530 uses a center console covered with all soft materials, which is very worthwhile. Manufacturers learn, because buyers of cars will have higher requirements for the interiors they touch every day than in the invisible places, and making textures will also be a difficult problem that independent brands must challenge.

The storage space of both cars can meet daily use, but when it comes to richness, Excelle performs better. There are storage compartments on the left and right sides of the steering wheel, cup holders with limit mechanism, and double-layer central armrest box. , The glove box that can be used separately is very practical; C50 only achieves 60 points in storage, storage compartments, cup holders, and glove boxes are all available, but the quantity and practicality are really unsatisfactory. Hope for future changes Can be improved.

Configuration comparison: C50 wins

In terms of configuration, the C50 is almost a complete victory. There are naturally reasons for the model. Our C50 test car is top-fitting, and the configuration itself is very rich. Excelle is currently focusing on practical routes. The original 1.8 high-profile models are no longer on sale. Let’s compare The 1.6LE model used is equivalent to the current top equipment. However, considering that their discounted prices are comparable, this comparison is reasonable.

Configuration comparison
Model Excelle
Great Wall C50
1.5T manual distinguished type
Tire pressure monitoring
Child seat interface
Multifunctional leather steering wheel
Steering wheel front and rear adjustment
Cruise control
Reversing radar
Reversing image (no radar)
Driver's seat lumbar support
Heated front seats  
Rear central armrest
Adjustable headlight height
Car window anti-pinching
Automatic air conditioning

From the long column of “-” and ” “, we can also see the difference in configuration between the two cars. In fact, Excelle does not have more advanced configurations such as navigation, DVD, and cruise control. After all, its price is relatively low as a joint venture car, but it is really unacceptable that there is no child safety seat interface. This is not Is it a typical family car? It is recommended that manufacturers be able to join in the next year model.

Riding experience: Excelle is more comfortable, C50 is more spacious

Before comparing the space, let’s talk about the ride experience of the two cars. Excelle’s perforated leather seats are very soft and comfortable, and the seats have more adjustment functions. This is definitely a bonus for those who enter the store to choose a car. .

In contrast, the C50 seat always feels that the padding is not enough. It is hard to sit up, and the leather texture is not so soft. In short, it is not comfortable to sit up. In addition, the C50 sits on a high posture and has little headroom. People who are taller must pay special attention when buying a car. It seems that C30 also has this problem.

The experiencer is 175cm tall, and the space above the head of the front row of the two cars is a punch and three fingers respectively. There is no problem with the front row space of the Excelle, and the C50 is still the problem I mentioned earlier. It feels more depressed on the top of the head. If it is a user over 185cm, it may directly push the head. You can try it yourself when you go to see the car.

In terms of rear space, the C50 has played a role compared to the 100mm wheelbase of the Excelle, so in the rear leg space, the C50 outperforms the Excelle with a punch and a half with two punches. However, the C50 is still not optimistic about the overhead space. The 175cm-height experiencer is sitting in the back row and has already rubbed his hair on the roof, and the Excelle still has three fingers space at this time.

The middle floors of the two cars are not high, especially the C50 is completely flat. However, when it comes to comfort, Excelle is better. First, Excelle’s seats are softer. In addition, the C50 has a rear center armrest, so it is inevitable that the back center backrest is harder.

Trunk comparison: C50 is bigger

Excelle’s trunk volume is only 405L, while the C50 is 125L more than it, reaching 530L. How did this gap arise? We look at the picture and analyze.

From the first set of small pictures, we can see that Excelle actually performs better in the height of the trunk, but the width is obviously not as good as the C50. The second set of small pictures clearly shows the difference in the depth of the trunks of the two cars. When the trolley box is pushed to the deepest point, there is still a lot of room in the trunk of the C50 on the right, while the Excelle is much more cramped. .

Power system: C50 has obvious advantages, but it is a pity that there is no automatic transmission at present

There is not much to say about the comparison of the power system, because the two cars use different air intake methods, and there is a big gap between the power parameters and the measured acceleration results.

Power system comparison
Model Excelle
Great Wall C50
1.5T manual distinguished type
Intake form: inhale naturally Turbocharged
Maximum horsepower (Ps): 110 1 33
Maximum power: 8 1 kW /6000rpm 9 8 kW /5600rpm
Maximum torque: 1 46 N·m/3600rpm 188N·m/2000-4500rpm

There is a big gap in the parameters of the engines of the two cars. Excelle’s 1.6L naturally aspirated engine has a maximum horsepower of only 110 horsepower, while the C50 has reached 133 horsepower, which is relatively close to the level of a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine in terms of parameters. . This is especially true in terms of torque. Due to the use of turbocharged air intake, the C50 has greater torque and arrives at an earlier speed. These are advantages that traditional naturally aspirated engines cannot match.

The problem with the C50 is that the power system is not complete. The current models on sale are all 1.5T and 5-speed manual transmission power combinations. I hope that automatic transmission models can be added in the future.

Maintenance: Excelle is more expensive

In the performance comparison of the previous link, the C50 equipped with a turbocharged engine can be said to have the advantage, so will this advantage be reversed in the maintenance cost link? Really not necessarily.

Details of maintenance costs within 60,000 kilometers of Excelle:

GM Buick Excelle 1.6L model maintenance cycle and cost (use 3.75 liters of oil)
Air conditioning filter Power steering oil gearbox oil Spark plug
5000 Check every maintenance and replace as necessary free
10000 412 yuan
15000 346 yuan
20000 607 yuan
25000 346 yuan
30000 593 yuan
35000 346 yuan
40000 607 yuan
45000 346 yuan
50000 Lot 626 yuan to 731 yuan
55,000 346 yuan
60000 788 yuan
The timing belt kit is replaced every 90,000 kilometers, and the cost of materials + working hours is RMB 2492
1.6L manual gear car traveling 60,000 kilometers (three-year) maintenance Total cost: 5363 yuan
1.6L automatic block models with 60,000 kilometers (three-year) maintenance Total cost: 5468 yuan
The vehicle warranty period is two years or 60,000 kilometers
Note: ●: Need to be replaced ○: Routine inspection, replace if needed-: No need to replace
This survey is for GM Buick 4S stores in Beijing area, other areas may differ slightly, for reference only

C50's breakdown of maintenance costs within 60,000 kilometers:

Maintenance cycle and cost of Great Wall C50
Manual transmission models
Air conditioning filter Power steering oil gearbox oil Spark plug
4000 free
8000 free
13000 free
18000 free
24000 240 yuan
30000 185 yuan
36000 291 yuan
42000 435 yuan
48000 240 yuan
54000 481 yuan
60000 240 yuan
The total maintenance cost of the Great Wall C50 driving 60,000 kilometers (3 years): 2112 yuan
Maintenance-free timing chain
The vehicle warranty period is 5 years or 150,000 kilometers
Note: ●: Need to be replaced ○: Routine inspection, replace if needed-: No need to replace
The data in this article comes from Great Wall Motor 4S stores in Beijing area, other areas may have slight differences, for reference only

The results of the comparison are surprising. The maintenance cost of a mature model equipped with a naturally aspirated engine is actually much higher than that of a new model equipped with a turbocharged engine. The main reasons for this are as follows:

1. Buick's maintenance costs are relatively expensive among non-luxury joint venture brands, while the maintenance costs of independent models are generally lower, which is also the main reason for the large price difference.

2. C50 will give 4 times of maintenance when buying a car, that is to say, the car will not incur maintenance costs before driving to 24,000 kilometers.

3. We learned from the store that the engine oil used in C50 1.5T is mineral oil instead of synthetic oil, which is also an important reason why the maintenance cost is lower than we expected.

In addition, C50 has two advantages. One is the 5-year or 150,000 km warranty, which is much longer than the two-year 60,000 km of Excelle; the second is that the timing chain of C50 is maintenance-free, while Excelle’s is 90,000. It also costs nearly 2500 yuan to replace the belt when it is kilometers away, which is not a small expense.

to sum up:

Excelle’s advantages:

1. Brand; 2. Steady and modest appearance; 3. More comfortable riding experience; 4. Substantially favorable price;
5. More refined interior; 6. Richer storage space in the car; 7. With automatic transmission models;
8. Better sheet metal craftsmanship; more 9.4S shops.

Advantages of C50:

1. Larger body size; 2. More powerful engine; 3 Richer configuration; 4. More spacious riding space;
5. A more capable trunk; 6 a cheaper maintenance price.

From the perspective of the car alone, the advantages of C50 are indeed more than Excelle, especially in some real data, C50 occupies a clear advantage. The body size is larger, the engine parameters are higher, the fuel consumption is lower, the configuration table is more abundant, the trunk volume is larger, and the maintenance price is cheaper. From this, we have not only seen the concept of self-made cars, but also can really feel the key. Technological progress.

So so far in 2012, why is the sales champion of the compact car market the Excelle instead of the C50? This naturally has the influence of the reputation of Excelle after years of hard work, but it is more about Shanghai GM's precise control of consumer psychology, which is a manifestation of marketing capabilities.

You can take a look at the main advantages of Excelle, especially the top 5 items, all of which have nothing to do with data, but are more reflected in the grasp of consumer psychology. If you buy a car that looks good, looks stable, has exquisite interiors, and is comfortable to sit in front of you, it happens to have a discount of up to more than 20,000 yuan. How about a person over 30 years old, who is or has already set up How can family users treat such a car as nothing?

Speaking of this, everyone must think that I am a little schizophrenic. After a long time of comparison, it seems that C50 is obviously better, but at the end, a lot of advantages of Excelle are mentioned. Which one do you want us to choose? I can only say that the C50 is indeed better from the perspective of the car. This is also the original intention for this comparison. However, Excelle is still worth buying because it solves the problem of face and feeling very well. Whether it's the actual picture or the feeling is different from person to person.

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