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[YesAuto Connected Travel] What do you think of when it comes to Wutong Auto Union? I think it must have been a notice issued by Evergrande in mid-March, announcing the establishment of a joint venture company with Wutong Auto Union at a 6 to 4 equity ratio to develop on-board systems for Evergrande’s models. According to reports, the news broke that Evergrande's market value increased by 40 billion yuan, and Wutong Auto Union was also jokingly valued by netizens as worth 40 billion yuan.

Okay, let's get back to business, who is this 40 billion company? In fact, Wutong Auto Union is still a fresh face for most users. After all, it has only been established for less than three years, but Tencent and Changan Automobile behind it are no strangers. In fact, you can understand Wutong Auto Union as a provider of Internet of Vehicles solutions. Quotient, similar to the Zebra Network we know well. In the early stage, it mainly developed in-vehicle systems for a variety of models under Changan. Of course, as a car-linked solution provider, it must open the door to do business, and this has led to a series of later products. But as a rising star, in the face of a nearly saturated market, what will it rely on to fight?

On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, it brought a brand-new concept-a forward-looking solution for an intelligent networked vehicle operating system based on the potential of high computing power hardware. Are you confused? What is the relationship between computing power and on-board systems? What does the potential of computing power affect on-board systems? In fact, we often hear the computing power of the chip in the field of autonomous driving, and the computing power of the chip in the vehicle system is also very important.

In the cockpit that used music and navigation as the main functions, the requirements for computing power were not high, and it was also subject to cost control. The chips used by car companies were often five years behind the smart phone chips of the era. Nowadays, as the homogeneity of in-vehicle systems is becoming more and more serious, and also in order to seek a breakthrough, Wutong Auto Union has taken the lead in giving the concept of high computing power hardware in the field of auto association.

As it was a communication meeting before the Shanghai Auto Show, Wutong Auto Federation did not bring corresponding products. However, the organizer at the event site also roughly revealed several highlights of the new system. The powerful computing power (the flagship version has a computing power of 45,000- 50000) With the support, it can realize functions such as dual Face ID, multi-screen game battle, three-screen linkage, high-definition video playback, full-duplex voice, and dual-opening apps . In addition, an upgraded version of the on-board WeChat will also appear, and feedback on vehicle control functions such as air conditioning information will also produce better dynamic UI effects with the blessing of computing power.

In fact, if you have been paying attention to the ecology of my country's smart car association, you will find that these functions are almost not new, but what Wutong car association emphasizes is the user experience. With the support of high computing power chips, it will be stuck and unresponsive. The problems that greatly affect the user experience will be gone forever.

Written at the end:

In today's severe homogeneity of smart car associations, who can play new ideas, who can bring excellent user experience, will undoubtedly become the new king. A question at the event site deserves our deep consideration. Music and navigation are indeed the rigid needs of people in the car scene, but who stipulates that our rigid needs in the car scene can only be them? Could it be said that the car cockpit of the future cannot become people's game cockpit and VR audio-visual cinema like the VR experience cockpit that is popular in shopping malls. Today, the car life is becoming more and more abundant, the attributes of the car are gradually changing, and the smart car linkage will also be given A brand-new definition, and it will be computing power that determines all of this. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)