[Auto House Race] After a long summer break, from July 28th to 30th, the 8th station of the 2011 WRC season (13 stations in total) reignited in Finland. The Finnish Rally is a gravel track. This year's race has 22 stages totaling 314.39 kilometers. 21 cars participated in the competition, including 7 Finnish drivers. The French driver Loeb of the Citroen Team ranked first after the first race day, and he will also take the lead in the next day's race.

Results of the first match day of WRC Finland in the 2011 season
Stage Stage length Stage champion Overall leader
SS1 23.76 km Kotomar Kotomar
SS2 11.79 km Loeb Loeb
SS3 4.19 km Loeb

Before the game: Trial stage

During the 3.19-kilometer test on the morning of the 28th, Loeb, driving the Citroen DS3, set a benchmark result of 1:35.7. His teammate Ogier finished second in the stage with a time of 1:36.3, and Latvala was the fastest driver in the Ford camp. He drove the Ford Fiesta RS with a time of 1:36.6. third.

First day of competition: Stages 1-3

Stage 1: Kotomar, who drove a carnival car for 23.76 kilometers, broke a big upset and won the stage. Ogier won the second stage. Latvala did not make every effort to rank third on the stage. The cloth ranked fourth on the stage. Lantanen was the fastest driver in the MINI car, and he finished sixth in the stage. Sivonen suffered an accident at the end of the stage and lost nearly 40 seconds, and also damaged the right rear suspension and brake system of the car.

Stage 2: 11.79km. The final ranking of this stage determines the starting order on the 29th. Loeb leads Ogier by 1.7 seconds and is ranked first, which means that he will continue to play the role of scavenger on the second day. . Latvala and Kotomar deliberately slowed down to get a better starting position for the second day of the race. The hapless Shivonen suffered a puncture. He was already 1 minute and 30 seconds behind the leader. Lantanen suffered a car accident in this stage and the car was seriously damaged.

Stage 3: 4.19km Loeb led Ogier by 1.1 seconds. This stage ended and the lead expanded. Citroen's private driver Pete Solberg finished third in the stage, which also allowed his total score to rise to the second. Fives. Latvala still leads the Ford camp, finishing fourth in the stage, fifth in the Osterberg stage, sixth in the Kotomar stage, and seventh in the Henning-Sorberg stage. Shivonen, whose car was damaged, was 33.7 seconds slower than Loeb in this stage.

Summary: Loeb entered the second game day with an advantage of 2.8 seconds. Ogier was second in the game, and Latvala was third in the game behind Loeb by 4.4 seconds. Kotomar was unexpectedly fourth. Sordo, who drove a MINI car, was ranked sixth behind Pete Solberg, and he was 14.3 seconds behind Loeb. Driving a carnival car equipped with a naturally aspirated engine, Tanak ranked seventh in the Super 2000 category.