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Car home news At the 76th Geneva International Motor Show, Peugeot introduced all the models of the 207 series, including the 207 three-door version, the 207 five-door version and the 207 RCup concept car.

The Peugeot 207 was released in early 2006. It has a stunning appearance, and the bright green body is particularly eye-catching at the auto show.

Peugeot officially made the world premiere of the 207 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Speaking of the 207 RCup concept car, its design was inspired by the 20Cup tricycle that appeared at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. The most obvious is the red label from the front to the rear.

This concept car will not be mass-produced, but it will derive two mass-produced cars: 207 GTi and 207 RC, which will definitely be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next year!