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[YesAuto concept car real shot] For any brand, positive and continuous breakthroughs are the eternal theme. The press conference just held by Bestune unveiled its future plans, which also included SUV and sedan concept cars that had never been seen.

The role of the concept car is actually to show the future design direction of the brand. Since it is a brand new product, the natural underlying foundation will also be renewed. In the future, Pentium will build a new car based on the new energy architecture of FMA and the name tentatively designated as FME.

The two concept cars brought at this conference, one is a sedan and the other is an SUV, which are mainly designed by Chinese parties, and the European Design Center participates in the development. The overall design is quite literal. Let's start with the SUV concept car that is quite popular in the market.

The new SUV concept car has changed the tough design style of the Besturn SUV that is currently on sale, and the surface language and lines are more relaxed. If you use Chinese to describe it, I think it will be more subtle. Of course, if you want to make the shape smooth and natural, the follow-up manufacturing process is indispensable. Especially precision and tolerance control.

In recent years, the popular horizontal design has also appeared on these two concept cars. Although the line direction is similar, the horizontal line spacing at the front grille of the SUV is larger, which will help the front look fuller and conform to the SUV's due tonality .

It is worth noting that the car logo has also undergone certain changes. On the one hand, the overall shape is simpler, and on the other hand, the blue that appears in it makes people guess that they will be equipped with new energy powertrains.

The LED light source allows the headlights to become flat and slender, which can better match the horizontal grille design, so as to achieve the goal of increasing the visual width of the front of the car. This is also the best evidence that technology has changed the design.

At present, the official has not announced the specific size and positioning of the two models, and the SUV on the spot is a medium and large vehicle on the market. What's interesting is that its side lines create an obvious sporty style.

Family design ideas have been repeatedly emphasized by countless brands over the years. This is not only a specific feature, but also the overall style. According to the currently announced news, the silver decoration will appear on the C-pillar or D-pillar of the future Pentium models to enhance the sporty style of the vehicle.

As the most popular design in recent years, through-type taillights have also appeared on SUVs and car concept cars. What is interesting is that although the overall shape is similar, the SUV lamp cavity uses a three-dimensional relief shape, and the car uses broken diamonds.

Similar to the SUV concept car, this sedan concept car that has not yet announced its name is also a product of the sports design concept. The black roof and the silver decoration on the side create a suspension effect, and the overall look is light and sporty.

10 years ago, designers like to use chrome decoration to embellish details. After the technical innovation of the lamp set, they are all trying to use the light tape to guide the line of sight. The front glazing belt of this brand new sedan concept car shoulders the responsibility of connecting the headlights.

Like the SUV concept car, the horizontal lines at the grille of the car also have the effect of widening the visual effect. At the same time, because the lines are closer together, it looks more flat.

In addition to the car logo with changes in the details of the front part, another highlight is the addition of Pentium’s English language and the same luminous design, which is an expression of brand confidence.

As a concept car, practicality may be the last thing to consider, so don't be surprised by the exaggerated size of the front and rear 275/30 ZR21 tires. For them, being handsome is the most important thing.

As mentioned earlier, there are also obvious chrome-plated decorations near the windows of the car, which is part of the design language of the Besturn family in the future. How to reasonably reduce the size of components and reduce reflections in the mass production stage needs to be considered.

Electronic rearview mirrors also need to be “converged”. On the one hand, the cost of carrying them is high, and the effect needs to be considered. On the other hand, current legal restrictions will make it return to rationality.

The rear part of the car runs through the light group naturally and will not be absent. The details that are obviously different from the SUV model are the inside of the lamp cavity. This idea of seeking common ground while reserving differences is a consideration that a mature design team should have.

The following words: In this era of convergence and boring styling, the two concept cars produced by Bestune can be said to be brave to say goodbye to today. The pertinent detailed distinction between SUVs and cars allows the brothers to have a unified tone and unique personality, which also makes us look forward to future mass-produced models.