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[YesAuto concept car real shot] For a long time, concept cars often leave people with an unimaginable impression. It seems that these exquisite models that bring together designers' infinite inspiration never have to worry about “landing”, just need to accumulate the latest technology and profligate aesthetics, and shock consumers to complete its mission. However, in recent years, the concept cars released by many car companies have become more and more “pragmatic.” For example, at the just-opening 2019 Tokyo International Auto Show, Nissan showed a concept car that seemed very close to mass production. ——Ariya.

Edit summary:

The ancients said that “do not suffer from poverty or suffer from inequality”. In fact, the truth lies in the word “gap”, and this theory is still applicable to the automobile industry. Consumers may be attracted by the hyped concept for a while, but in the end their appeal is still to land an excellent product, and after it landed, it can still be as good as it was in the concept period. So at this point, the Nissan Ariya concept car seems to have realized some important points. Maybe it still can't achieve 100% non-shrinking mass production, but it can let consumers see that these excellent design concepts appear on the market at a good price after appropriate subtraction, and it is always better than those who push concept cars. The people at the press conference booth were much smarter. (Picture/Text Car Home Yang Peng)