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[YesAuto design decoding] As an important model of SAIC MG, MG 6 has been loved by many young consumers since its launch in 2017. Now three years later, the vehicle has also ushered in a major facelift. The design team of MG decided to go further on the basis of the original fusion of sports and practical concepts, making the new MG 6 a sporty sedan that is more combative and more attractive to young people.

The most intuitive first impression of the car is that it uses a very eye-catching apple green, which is officially called British track green. In fact, many British brands have a tradition of using green paint. If you put aside this history From the current aesthetic point of view, what green brings to people is a sense of technology and the future, such as the strings in The Matrix. Of course, if your mentality is not enough to bear such a high rate of return, there are 4 relatively common colors available for the new model.

In addition to the distinctive body color, the vehicle adopts a dark design style called the Black Knight. To put it bluntly, the entire vehicle is decorated in black. The usual shiny chrome strips are all replaced by black, and the visual effect is also very intuitive. The bright green color is very conspicuous at night. What attracted me the most was not the front of the car, but the large-sized rear wing and exhaust at the rear, which greatly enhanced the sporty feel of the car.

If the appearance is based on the visual experience, the interior should be carried out from the visual, auditory and tactile senses. Visually, the vehicle also adopts a bold color scheme, and the same bright yellow is added to the black-based center control. Embellishment, in addition to the central control, the stitching of the seat, steering wheel and door panels are all embellished in yellow. Visually, there is another point that the super sports mode uses a dedicated instrument and central control display. Hearingly, the vehicle is equipped with a sports exhaust function, while the tactile is the integrated sports seat used by the vehicle. In this way, the overall sporty atmosphere of the whole vehicle is enhanced.

Edit comment:

We are in a period of rapid development of the automobile industry, and the speed of updating and iteration is also increasing day by day. In order to make continuous breakthroughs and advance towards youth, the design team has ushered in another new life for MG 6, and has taken a solid step on the road of sports.