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[YesAuto News] The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is still under emergency prevention. During the epidemic, to protect consumers' car viewing, car purchase, and after-sales needs, Jietu has launched five major car purchase and car services.

● Five major services for car purchase

1. Watching cars online without leaving home: Four major online channels for car watching and car purchases, and car buying online without leaving home; Jietu official website, smart showroom mini program, Jietu official WeChat service account, Autohome VR Panoramic view of the car.

2. Car home delivery and worry-free car purchase: Free car home delivery and new car disinfection services are provided to car buyers.

3. 0 down payment and 0 pressure for car loan purchase: 0 down payment for 60 periods, daily principal and interest starting at 50 yuan / 24 periods 0 interest / 36 periods ultra-low interest.

4. Replacement of original value and trade-in: 0 discount for old car, trade-in for new car at original price. (Limited to redemption for first-hand cars with a fare of less than 60,000 yuan, and the service life of old cars should not exceed 3 years and 60,000 kilometers)

5. Deposit appreciation, ten times doubling: 99 yuan deposit equals 1,000 yuan for the car purchase

● Five major services for car use

1. Considerate care and warm peers: Distributors disinfect regularly every day, and manage employees in strict accordance with national standards to ensure healthy employment.

2. Maintain peace of mind and travel with peace of mind: For customers who cannot enter the store on time due to the epidemic, the maintenance period will be extended by three months, regardless of time and mileage.

3. Online service and caring companion: Many-to-one exclusive WeChat service group, professional team (technical director, account manager, service manager) to provide you with guidance on car use when the vehicle is stopped for a long time.

4. Rescue guarantee and caring companion: provide 24-hour rescue, and provide customers with disposable medical masks, disinfectants and other materials.

5. Exclusive service, warm-hearted companion: Customers can enjoy exclusive four-free service during the period of the epidemic to after the end (free car disinfection and sterilization, free pickup and delivery, free inspection, free car wash)

JET has announced on August 27, 2019 that it has officially entered the 2.0 development stage. That is, starting from the 1.0 stage of monthly sales of more than 10,000 units and entering the top ten of Chinese car companies, we will start to move towards the 2.0 development stage. It is planned to achieve monthly sales of more than 20,000 units and enter the top eight camps of Chinese car companies by 2020. in. At the same time, its 2.0 development strategy will mainly focus on four aspects. Specifically, in terms of dealership construction, Jietu will move from high density to high quality, increasing dealer outlets and making the car purchase process smarter and simpler; in terms of experience upgrades, Jietu will achieve four in-depth experiences and participate in , Purchase, use, and surprises to provide consumers with a sense of pleasure throughout the process.

In terms of interaction, through the organization of various activities, the participation of all employees, sharing of car experience, sharing of new ideas of smart travel, and sharing of car owners’ benefits will be further realized; the “Travel +” cloud platform will be upgraded through smart research, smart manufacturing, and smart sales. , Zhifu and Zhixing provide travel solutions in five dimensions, allowing customers to participate in the full life cycle of R&D, manufacturing, sales, service, and car use.