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[YesAuto News] The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus is still under emergency prevention. During the epidemic, in order to protect consumers' needs for car viewing, car buying, and after-sales needs, Xingtu proposes five plans, including car viewing with peace of mind, rest assured exhibition hall, Intimate test drive, worry-free car purchase, warm heart and care.

Car watching with peace of mind: Xingtu provides online car watching services. Through the online smart showroom, you can watch and select cars at home. At the same time, Xingtu will also provide dedicated services, and Xingtu consultants can provide one-to-one consulting services.

Rest assured exhibition hall: Xingtu guarantees that all employees in the dealer's store can go to work after being tested, and at the same time disinfect the business area according to the process.

Intimate test drive: After each customer's test drive is completed, the vehicle will be disinfected immediately, and an appointment on-site test drive service will be provided.

Worry-free car purchase: Xingtu can provide door-to-door car purchase services and handle all car purchase procedures on behalf of customers. Customers can choose a designated place for delivery and disinfect the new car.

Warm-hearted care: Xingtu will perform daily disinfection to ensure peace of mind and rest assured service; provide 24-hour rescue services, door-to-door maintenance, pickup and delivery, and online renewal services within 20 kilometers; affected by the epidemic, the first warranty will arrive During the period, the vehicle cannot enter the station for maintenance, which can be postponed for three months; the station maintenance can be disinfected once for free.

Currently, Xingtu has more than 100 sales channels. According to the plan, it will increase to about 200 in 2020. With the further expansion of the channel, the situation that consumers in some areas have to travel long distances to buy a car will be resolved. (Compilation/Car House Li Na)