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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Recently, the bicycle S-Works McLaren Tarmac, jointly built by McLaren and the American bicycle brand Specialized and sold in limited quantities, held a delivery ceremony at the McLaren Shanghai showroom. It is reported that the price of the car in China is 169,900 yuan, and it is limited to 250 units in the world and only 2 units in the country.

The Lightning brand was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Northern California. After establishing a cooperation with McLaren, the two parties have successively developed the S-Works McLaren Venge ultra-lightweight road bike and the S-Works McLaren TT helmet. This time, Joe Marsh, a composite material design engineer from MATL (McLaren Applied Technology Co., Ltd.), led the development of the new S-Works McLaren Tarmac.

The weight of the S-Works McLaren Tarmac is about 5.9 kg (without pedals). The model is based on the brand new S-Works Tarmac road bike of the Lightning brand. The carbon fiber lamination technology jointly developed by the two parties makes the frame forward. The total weight of the fork has been reduced by 9%-11% (depending on the frame size). In addition, the special edition CLX 40R tube rim equipped with S-Works McLaren Tarmac has reduced weight by 90 grams compared to the standard CLX 40 rim, and this special edition rim was also sent to McKay in Woking, Surrey, UK. Lun Special Operations carried out decals.

In addition to the frame size, the car also provides a complete set of accessories in various sizes to suit different users, ensuring that each user can choose the size that best suits his body. Including handlebars and seat cushions of different widths, stems of different lengths, and chainrings of different specifications. There is also a pair of custom-sized S-Works road cycling shoes and an S-Works Prevail helmet as standard equipment, both of which have the same color scheme as the whole vehicle. This well-designed and expensive S-Works McLaren Tarmac is destined to be owned by only a small number of elite fans. In addition to riding in the mountains, it is also suitable for display in the window as a set of collectibles.

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