[YesAuto original test drive] Let's bring the lens back to the streets of China 15 or 20 years ago. At that time, cars were still in the category of luxury goods, and there were only a few brands and styles that could be bought. So a few varieties. Thank you for this colorful era and the rapid development of economy and technology. Today, every consumer can buy a car that he wants. At least we have plenty of room for choice.

After satisfying the basic needs, the segmentation of the market has begun to highlight its necessity. The new types of cross-border, crossover, and integration of various genes have gradually become accustomed to the Chinese people. So what do you think of this choice of highlighting individuality? What? Blurred envy or noncommittal ignorance? The editor recently took a test drive of the upcoming Guangzhou Automobile Honda Geshitu, which is another cross-border product. Tailors who all say that they don’t want to be a chef are not good drivers. How will this car perform? Let's find out.

Appearance analysis

    Appearance is undoubtedly the most controversial part of song pictures. It is difficult to have a unified standard for good-looking and ugly. After all, we cannot unify everyone’s aesthetics into a single judgment. Since it is positioned as a minority of elites, then I believe it The audience will also be a small group of people. As for beauty or ugliness, everyone has their own answers.

Although the length of the body is close to 5 meters, the visual effect is not obtrusive. From an oblique front perspective, it is a very ordinary mid-level car, but when you look to the side to the rear, you will find the mystery of the song. Due to the smooth flow of the back, the visual center of gravity can be retracted, so it seems that the whole car has a lot of flexibility.

The concept of crossover depends to a large extent on appearance. Among so many lines, the back is undoubtedly the most important thing. It is precisely because of its existence that Songshitu can formally enter the crossover in appearance. For the ranks of cars, the elevated chassis is an indispensable standard. The minimum ground clearance is 150mm under full load, and the passability is stronger than that of ordinary cars.

The ancient precepts teach us that we should not be in appearance, while modern etiquette tells us the importance of appearance. This is really a contradictory and unified system. Many consumers can choose their acceptance range only by appearance when picking a car. From this perspective, Songshitu will be abandoned by some people without hesitation, and at the same time it will arouse the eager desire of other people. As a crossover, its exterior design is very successful, allowing people to judge the real difference at a glance, rather than relying on some speculation kits that change the soup without changing the medicine. As for whether it looks good or not, there will not be a unified answer.

Interior configuration

Entering the driver's cab, a familiar breath rushes over your face. Isn't this the Accord? We have felt helpless and even sorrowful for BMW’s immutable interior design countless times. It seems that Honda is also following in BMW’s footsteps… But the benefits of doing so are also obvious. You don’t have to spend more. Try to get acquainted with the new design. Every function button and knob are clear and easy to use. For a model that serves the family, this is quite suitable.

To be honest, I personally don’t like the design of using wooden patches in the interior, but the one used by Geshitu is one of the few types that are not objectionable. Maybe it takes into account the target customer group. So many embellishments have been used for age and aesthetic needs, but would it be more suitable for a 3.5-liter engine if it is replaced with a metallic texture? For example, the steering wheel has both wood grain decoration and paddle shifters, this combination seems not so coordinated.

The low-end version of the edit test drive is not equipped with a navigation system, while the high-end version has this configuration. The system incorporates the human voice recognition function. After pressing the dialogue button on the steering wheel, the navigation operation can be carried out through the human voice. , After editing and trying it out, I found that the system’s recognition rate of human voices is still relatively high, which is very convenient to use.

Exquisite workmanship has always been Honda's strong point. Naturally, there is no need to worry about this in Geshitu. Every detail is handled just right, even plastic parts are very textured. The front and rear seats have a seat heating function, which is very commendable. It is a rare configuration in this level. It is perfect if the front seats are equipped with a ventilation function. After all, leather seats are still needed in summer. Dispelling.

The absence of the panoramic sunroof is regrettable. If no major deviation can be inferred, the price of Geshitu will not be less than 350,000 after the listing. It is a reasonable requirement for the model of this price to be equipped with a panoramic sunroof. I hope that it will be improved in the future. Can see it. In general, Geshitu's interior configuration can meet most of the needs of use, and the good details have inherited Honda's usual style. Of course, considering its future price, these things are reasonable.

Space performance

The abundant storage space in the cab is also a major feature of Japanese cars, and Geshitu seems to have not deliberately put a lot of effort in this aspect in order to express its high-end positioning, and only meets the needs at the basic level.

Although the items examined are not too many, you can still find a suitable place for the complicated and miscellaneous items you carry with you. That is to say, there will be everything that should be there, and many unexpected storage methods like Fit are rare in the cockpit. After all, Song Shitu's main attack is not in this direction.

The trunk design is a bright spot, reflecting a very delicate side. The traditional place for placing the spare tire has become a hidden storage box that can be easily taken out (the spare tire is moved to hang under the chassis), and the capacity of 53 liters is also large. The flannel floor can be turned over with the plastic side up, so that it will not be soiled when it rains. It has a very user-friendly design.

With a length of 5 meters and a wheelbase of 2.8 meters, most people can find a suitable sitting posture in the car with the size range of Asians. The net height of the experiencer in the picture is 1.68 meters. The front and rear rows can get a good space, but The streamlined shape of the rear of the car affects the rear head space. I believe that adult men will be a little depressed here. The pursuit of individuality always requires a price. This is an unchanging truth.

Driving experience

The 3.5-liter i-VTEC gasoline V6 engine has VCM variable cylinder technology and a 5-speed automatic transmission. I believe you are already familiar with this kind of power matching, and it is this system on the Accord 3.5L version. The editor once communicated with the person in charge of the manufacturer's technical development, and the answer was that the engine has been adjusted for the positioning of Geshitu, and the fundamentals are consistent with the Accord.

Now that almost the same power matching, the same suspension system, and the same body size are used, we might as well make such an inference: Geshitu is the crossover version of the eighth-generation Accord. In this way, you will have a clear judgment close to the facts about its actual driving performance.

The engine has a displacement of up to 3.5 liters, so the power supply is not a problem at all. Due to the use of natural aspiration, its output is very linear, torque and power peaks appear relatively late, and have been in a steady climb state before, so in most cases you can feel a steady stream of support from the engine compartment Emerging, the posture is not swift and violent, but a gentle filling, like a running camel. The unique variable cylinder technology has a very positive effect on reducing fuel consumption, but occasionally a small sound can be heard when the cylinder is switched, but fortunately, the effect is not large.

The performance of the 5-speed gearbox is in line with expectations, and the timing of up-down gear is more reasonable with the depth of the throttle. As for the frustration, this embarrassing mistake is difficult to detect. The fly in the ointment is that the adjustment of the S gear is too conservative. The more obvious changes are only delaying the timing of the upshift, and the downshifting action is not crisp enough, and there is no obvious sensory difference in the engine output. I think although there are sports elements in the positioning of the song. , But ensuring high-quality comfort is still its most important task, and I have to fiddle with the paddle shifters to entertain myself.

During driving, the vehicle exhibits good stability that is faithful to the ground conditions, and the excess lateral swing is well controlled. At the same time, the information feedback is rich but not complicated, allowing the driver to have a clear understanding of the road conditions under the premise of effectively ensuring comfort. Cognition. The adjustment of the chassis suspension is relatively neutral. It does not thoroughly pursue softness and comfort, nor does it deliberately create the so-called sports, which can ensure that the driver can move forward easily and make smooth corners. This is exactly what Geshitu should do.

Test drive summary

Judging from the various aspects of Geshitu's configuration, in the price range it is about to enter, there should be no direct competitors for the time being. This is indeed good news for Guangqi Honda. It will occupy the first opportunity in the auto market battlefield. initiative. However, being a forerunner will inevitably be under pressure. The degree of market recognition is still unknown. It is also unknown whether the consumer groups that Geshitu faces can readily accept the concept of cross-industry. These are the challenges faced by the Guangben marketing team.

Challenges often mean opportunities. As far as the product itself is concerned, Geshitu inherits the refined and delicate genes of Guangqi Honda. Every detail is well taken care of. Aside from the concept of cross-border, it is a model worthy of consideration. The product. Here is a suggestion, might as well exchange its engine with the 2.4-liter Dongbensi Platinum Rui, so that the real movement of sports, life more life.