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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Recently, the world-famous RM Sotheby's auction company announced that it will auction a rare and precious racing car in the world—Porsche Type 64 at an event held in Monterey on August 15-17, which represents The starting point of Porsche Motorsport.

In 1934, Porsche received an order from the German Automobile Industry Association (RDA), requesting it to design a “national car” for the German people. For this reason, Porsche developed a small car with the internal code name Type 60, which later developed into the world-renowned Volkswagen Beetle.

In 1938, Porsche received a new order from the authorities, requiring it to build a racing car based on the “national car” for the long distance race from Berlin to Rome, thereby promoting the upcoming mass production of the “national car”. The first “Berlin-Rome” race car with the internal code name Type 64 was completed in August 1939. Its streamlined body was made of aluminum, the wheels were of a closed design, and the power system was equipped with a modified Volkswagen horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine.

However, due to the outbreak of World War II, the “Berlin-Rome” race was forced to cancel, and the Type 64 car lost a chance to show off. Nevertheless, Porsche did not give up on the research and development of new cars. In December 1939, it manufactured the second Type 64 and used it as a test platform to further develop its own brand of sports cars. Regrettably, the car was already in May 1945 Monthly scrap.

Porsche has manufactured three Type 64s in total, of which the third is the most special because it was built using the chassis of the first Type 64 accident car (damaged in a traffic accident in June 1940), which is the one sold in this auction. Trolley. In 1949, Porsche sold the only surviving Type 64 to private racing driver Otto Mathé, who made the car's debut at the Alpine Rally.

The Porsche Type 64 was kept in the hands of Otto Mathé for 46 years, until his death in 1995. Since then, the car was changed hands twice, and the current owner has cherished the car for more than ten years. In August 2019, the Porsche Type 64 will be sold again, along with many original parts and a large number of precious photos and historical documents.