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[YesAuto] We have checked the most distinctive taxis around the world (click to enter), and we have also reviewed the domestic and imported taxi models that were widely used in China from the 1980s to the 1990s. When I checked American taxis, I started talking with Chevrolet Caprice and Ford Crown Victoria, but before them there was an old predecessor…

There used to be a wide and big taxi in the United States. Few people could call its name, but many people have seen it in American film and television works. It is Checker Marathon, with a life cycle of up to 20. Taxi for many years. Checker Motor Company is the parent company of Checker Taxi Company, and Morris Markin is the owner of the company.

In June 1923, Checker Motor Company's first car model specifically for the taxi market was born, and since then opened its monopoly in the American taxi industry. Checker Marathon (A9) was introduced to the market in 1961. This car is fully comparable to the popularity of London taxis, and it can also serve as a unique landscape in American metropolises.

Checker considered launching new models for the taxi market. Several new car projects including Galva were launched in the 1970s, but mass production was unsuccessful in the end. The old Checker Marathon can still keep the company profitable. With the passage of time, Checker Marathon did not keep pace with the times and still maintained the design of the 1960s. This has remained unchanged for more than 20 years. Due to the gradual decline in sales, Checker Marathon (A12) finally announced its discontinuation in 1982.

Finished, let’s talk about today’s protagonist. In March 1977, seven years after the death of company owner Morris Markin. The retired former General Motors executive Edward Nicholas Cole (Edward Nicholas Cole and car dealer Victor Potamkin) acquired Checker. After injecting fresh blood, Checker began to develop Checker Marathon Can you believe that the successor of the sturdy man will be the Volkswagen Rabbit (Golf)?

The plan to build the next generation of explosive taxis is like this. The company purchases Rabbits from Volkswagen's Westmoreland plant in Pennsylvania, and then delivers the cars to Checker's Kalamazoo plant in Michigan for modification. The modification plan is simple and rude, cut from the B-pillar, and then lengthen the body by 21 inches (approximately 533mm) and heighten the roof to meet the needs of the rear leg and head space of the taxi. The modified “Dachshund” Rabbit As a taxi sold to various rental companies.

The Checker-VW project is destined to be an unsuccessful project. First, Edward Nicholas Cole died in an air crash less than 90 days after joining Checker. Three months after the owner's death, the American car magazine “Road&Track” reported on the Volkswagen Rabbit taxi plan. Everyone was not optimistic about replacing the spacious and comfortable Checker Marathon with the elongated Rabbit. Therefore, the project was still aborted.

The brilliance of Checker Marathon continued in the following years, but no one will remember the lengthened prototype of the Volkswagen Rabbit taxi. Surprisingly, this prototype was found in a barn. As the only prototype of the Checker-VW project, the Rabbit’s extended engine and gearbox have disappeared, and the overall condition of the car can only be used badly. To describe it, the yellow paint of a taxi is faintly visible under the terrible gray paint. The discovery of a barn like this is very exciting every time. I don’t know how many treasures like this long forgotten in the history of automobile development are waiting for us to discover and save. (The picture comes from Li Haopeng, the home of the network car