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[YesAuto Design Decoding] At the 2018 Guangzhou Auto Show, Jeep Free Light brought its mid-term facelift. The original facelift that had been calmly received attention because of a pair of “big eyes” and a mechanical rear lock. What are the design changes of Jeep Free Light this time?

There is an interesting chain of contempt in the off-road bike circle. Of course, this is just a sigh and ridicule. Don’t be more serious~ If you drive a 5, Pajero will despise you. Isn’t it a great off-road vehicle? When you drive Pajero, Prado will despise you. What kind of hardcore is half the beam? When you drive on the Prado, the Wrangler despises you again, and has no feelings about God horses! Waiting for you to drive the Wrangler, FJ Cool Luze despises you, the comfort is too bad! When you drive on FJ Cool Road Ze, Mercedes-Benz G despises you, there are no three locks and no 8 cylinders! When you finally drive the Mercedes-Benz G, everyone despises you, and upstarts pretend to be underworld…

To give this example, I want to say that off-road vehicles are a very interesting circle, and when it comes to off-roading, there is a brand Jeep that can't be circumvented. This 77-year-old brand is very good at playing cards. What is interesting is the products of this brand. In the sequence, the design language of the model has always maintained two types of branches: one is the primitive and direct wilderness style, such as the Wrangler; the other is the comfortable and luxurious urban style, such as the Grand Cherokee and the free light.

● Open your eyes or squint, which one do you prefer

However, the current Jeep free light has not been accepted by people is the “squinted” split headlights, which may be due to the fact that Jeep designers rarely play cards according to common sense. But at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, it was remodeled in the mid-term. The new Jeep Free Light decisively eliminated the split headlights in appearance and integrated the LED daytime running lights with the far and near beam lights. We even made fun of it. The light “opened his eyes” again.

At the same time, compared to the current model, the front bumper also uses a wider lower air intake grille, and adjusts the shape of the fog lamps on both sides. At first glance, it even looks like a big commander. Of course, the ever-changing 7-hole grille still appears in the most conspicuous part of the front of the car.

As everyone knows, the most common and safest style for the design of car lights and car heads is the horizontal design, but thanks to the improvement of lighting technology and the evolution of processing technology, a handful of designers are beginning to feel uncomfortable. They are not satisfied with the simple horizontal or vertical stacking design of light sets. The split shape expression is more abundant, but it is also more complicated to use. It invisibly expands the dimension of the front of the car, so if you think the split lights in front of you are weird It is also bizarre, believe me, give the designers some more time, they will gradually understand the meaning of the split, and maybe one day, the free light may squint again.

to sum up:

Cherokee (Cherokee), a car series that has a deep meaning in the Jeeper group, from its advent to its later introduction into the country, and then walking to us as a free light, it also shows its changes and turns step by step. This time, the revised model has achieved a certain improvement in driving experience and passability, and presents more obvious family characteristics in appearance and interior design, which will help it to compete in the mid-size SUV market. But the final performance depends on the sales volume and the satisfaction of the car owners. (Photo/Zhang Yueyue, the home of the car)

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