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[YesAuto Engine Technology] At the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of 2014, we conducted a technical analysis of the Hyundai Kia 2.0T engine. After more than a year, the above 2.0T engine has launched an improved product and was unveiled at the 2016 Beijing Auto Show. The new engine will be installed on Kia K5, all-new Shengda and other models in the future. What changes has Hyundai-Kia Group made with this improved 2.0T engine? How much improvement is there in performance? Through the analysis of this article, you can understand it.

From the perspective of power parameters, compared with Volkswagen's third-generation EA888 2.0T engine, the improved 2.0T engine still has an advantage in maximum power data. Compared with the old 2.0T engine, the new 2.0T engine only has a 3 Nm increase in peak torque. Obviously, improving the power output is not the improvement goal of the new 2.0T, and improving the thermal efficiency and fuel economy indicators are the core of the improvement work. What improvements have been made to this engine? Please continue to look down.

● Motor-controlled intake valve timing regulator

This improved 2.0T engine adopts a motor-controlled intake valve timing regulator, which can more quickly and accurately control the delay closing time of the intake valve during the engine compression stroke, thereby achieving precise control of the actual compression ratio. Ability to realize the Miller cycle like Mazda Chuangchi Blue Sky gasoline engine in the part of the engine load area, improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. (Click to see how Mazda Chuangchi Blue Sky gasoline engine realizes Miller cycle)

● In-cylinder direct injection technology

● Single turbo double scroll technology & motor-controlled exhaust bypass valve

From the figure, we can see that the exhaust bypass valve of the engine is controlled by a motor, which can more directly and accurately control the opening of the exhaust bypass valve, so as to achieve the turbocharger pressure control more quickly and effectively.

● External exhaust manifold

● Variable inflation system

Full text summary:

The power output parameters of Hyundai Kia's improved 2.0T engine are better than those of Volkswagen's third-generation EA888 2.0T engine. Compared with the old engine, the technical upgrades of this improved engine have limited improvements in power performance, and are more for optimizing engine operating efficiency, improving engine fuel economy and reducing emissions. I believe that with the upgrading of domestic emission standards, this new engine with better emissions and fuel economy will soon meet with consumers with the launch of new models, let us wait and see! (Photo/Text/Photographed by Chang Qinglin from Autohome/Reporting team in front of Autohome Beijing Auto Show)