[YesAuto News] Recently, Tesla’s main battery supplier and partner of Gigafactory No. 1 Panasonic said that after Tesla Model Y is put into production next year, there will be a shortage of power batteries; Panasonic said it will increase the supply this year. Battery capacity, and Tesla may look for new suppliers.

A previous report stated that Tesla and Panasonic have suspended their investment in the expansion of Gigafactory 1. Tesla said it will continue to invest in the factory, but currently does not have enough battery capacity to satisfy Tesla's expansion business. Tesla CEO Musk said that although the equipment invested by Panasonic can meet the annual battery production capacity of 35GWh, the current output is limited to 23GWh, and then Panasonic said that it plans to increase the battery production capacity to the maximum this year.

If Model Y starts to be produced and sold next year, how will the battery capacity be resolved? This is one of Tesla’s current concerns; and at the end of this year, the Shanghai Gigafactory will also produce Tesla Model 3. Since Panasonic can no longer meet Tesla’s battery needs, this presumably will prompt Tesla to China seeks new battery suppliers. (Source: electrek; text/Autohome You Dongqing)