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[YesAuto New Energy] Earlier, we reported that Volkswagen officially denied that “the first batch of ID.3 was delayed due to software problems.” However, recent local media in Germany quoted an interview with Volkswagen insiders, claiming that the software problem of Volkswagen ID.3 is still serious. According to the report, Volkswagen may establish a cooperative relationship with Daimler in software development due to persistent software problems.

In December 2019, some overseas media revealed that Volkswagen ID.3 vehicles have encountered software problems, which may affect delivery. However, in February 2020, Volkswagen officials denied that some previous media’s comments on the “first batch of ID. 3 due to software problems” reported that the first batch of about 30,000 ID.3 will be delivered in the summer of 2020. However, a local German media interviewed a person within Volkswagen recently. The person said, “The ID.3 software problem has not yet been resolved, and the basic architecture of the software has been developed'too hastily'. As a result, many parts of the system have not been resolved. Can work together effectively, resulting in failure to work properly.” Another source also believes that ID.3 has not even reached the standard for industrial mass production.

Volkswagen ID.3 is a pure electric vehicle produced under the Volkswagen MEB platform. It has a brand-new software architecture, including an operating system. Volkswagen originally hoped to simplify the electronic architecture of traditional vehicles through a new electronic control unit. There are still some problems in the software system. According to the media report, Volkswagen may establish a software alliance with Daimler. Volkswagen has already held a board meeting without notifying the supervisory board or working committee. It is reported that they discussed the topic of whether Daimler and Volkswagen can jointly develop car operating systems. This not only saves internal development costs, but also maximizes the use of available expertise and personnel. (Source: electrive; Compiler/Car Home Jiang Tianshuang)